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Myths of Abundance RPG (Demo)

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# of Players: 4
Version: AoM: The Titans
**The Following Specs related to the map are subject to change**

Myths of Abundance is a big open world RPG I've been developing since April. Some of the initial goals I had were:

-Most likely biggest map size for an open world RPG (1000x1000)

-The most quests ever in an open world RPG, with a minimum of 100

-A player investment system that lasted hours

-The player chooses their Myth Unit, from a selection of all the land based myth units

Please keep in mind that this is a demo of the final game, set for release on December 2nd. Despite being a demo, there's still a TON of content, estimating 2 and a half hours of playtime. The overall goal with this project was to create a scenario that you and a few friends would come back to and complete through multiple sessions, via the save game feature.

This decision in design was made by the fact that I'm developing so much content, that in the final game, completing everything will take at least 8-10 hours. I also wanted a scenario with longevity, and one that always had something new to be discovered on your 5th, 10th, and pretty much every successive play through. So how about the story?


In Myths of Abundance, your chosen by the gods to protect the city of Avilas, and reclaim your lost abundance. The demo does not touch upon the main story too much.


The city is big, and is divided into 3 sectors, each with a leader; The King, The Sorcerer, and The Architect. The main story is pretty generic, but when you complete enough quests in a particular district, that districts leader will allow you to align yourself with them. In the game your only allowed to align yourself with one leader. After this decision, you follow the rest of the story through that leaders quest line.

What this means is that in order to see the three stories, you have to play the scenario 3 times.



Very early in the project I decided not to have music in the scenario, other than subtle audio cue's for leveling and new quests. Here's why:

- I'm majoring in Media Arts and Animation at the Cincinnati Art Institute, and this project is pretty much a part time job. I have to be considerate of my time, and given the amount of content there is, it would be unrealistic to go through all the music files. I'd rather focus more of my efforts on the content.

- Hardly anyone plays the game with their music turned on.

- Given that this game is 12 years old, the games music is pretty stale at this point.

- What I hope is that the player plays their own music to help shape the experience.



Players 1-4: Human, Team 1, any god
Player 5: CPU, Team 1, preferably Greek
Player 6: CPU, Team 6, God doesn't matter


Feedback is very welcome, I've spent around 120 hours so far on this project and I ask that you be respectful with your opinions. Most of the quests are written already, but who knows, through feedback your idea may make it into the final game. I primarily play on Voobly, and I'd love to play with some people and hear your guys thoughts!

AOM:EE ? ?

I have AOM EE, but I have not yet ported the demo, and I'm unsure if I will do so. The final version of the map will be ported, however.

>>UPDATE: August 3rd

Please re download if you have already downloaded the map before August 3rd. Some extra quests have been added, and roughly 20-30 bugs fixed :)

>>UPDATE: November 1st

So its been a few months, and with going back to school my time on this project dwindled greatly near the end of august. In late August I hit a road block with the map development. Every time i would produce more content and go in for a test with a friend or just myself the game would crash and I would be returned to windows with the 'Age of Mythology has unexpectedly shut down' message. This has been met with frustration, to say the least. I attempted to figure out if it was a trigger or something that caused the problem, and for about a week I probably saw that game crashed message 40-60 times. Eventually I went into the map file properties and noticed that its file size was 1.65 mb and that every other normal map file was somewhere around 500 kb. I came to the conclusion that the map file was simply too big for the game engine to launch.

For most of september and all of october i walked away from the project, haven't opened AOM or played the game on Voobly since. That's not to say that I hadn't been thinking about it. I love designing game experiences, and its unfortunate that my idea for this RPG was simply to grand in scale. Just the demo itself offers 2-4 hours of gameplay. Just that in itself is a bigger experience than most AOM scenarios.

In the last few weeks I've been thinking about how to condense the scenario into something smaller, but I simply don't want that. I wanted an experience where you'd discover something new on the 10th, 20th, and every play session onward for a great amount of time. I've also thought of other smaller, different scenarios.

Having just now turned 22 and in the second half of my major in college, I've come to the realization that map making and AOM is just something I have to let go. The game was my childhood and I miss it greatly, but I have to move on. I hope that you guys had a good time with the scenario, and Ill check back on here every now and then.

If I do find time to come back Ill be sure to post on this thread.

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