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Arkantos blessed and Arkantos God

Author File Description
Saluster Warning, this can and will make the game either too easy and unbalanced... Or both.
Remember to backup original files: Protox.xml and Techtreex.xml
Might add, this is just some text mod, I edited the Protox and Techtree so ALL three of the Greek gods have ALL of the Greek Heroes (about 3 each age), all the three special units (Myrmidon, Gastraphetes, which may be found as "Crowssbowman" and Hetairoi) plus Arkantos at the third age, Camos at the second and Gargarensis at fourth age. I made Arkantos have 500 hp instead of 300 and inceased its hack and pierce armors from 50% to 60%, his damage remains untouched.
Made all of the greek heroes have a <flag>HeroDeath</flag>, so all of them die and will revive after a while if any unit comes around, just as the campaign heros did (didn't add any animation for this, I lack the experience to make them myself) and all of them regenerate at a slow rate of 1.0. The AI WILL NOT use all of the heroes, only those made for the major God it is using, but it WILL use Gastraphetes instead of toxotes once it reaches fourth age.
Also, if I'm not wrong, I made the Son of Osiris (may be found as Pharaoh of Osiris in protox) regenerate at a small rate, just as the common Arkantos did.
Anyways, the reason for this mod is I always wished you could use all of the campaign heroes, such as Arkantos God in random games, so I lowered its damage a LOT (12 hack damage, common Arkantos has 9), made its special attack stronger (200 hack damage, 200 pierce damage and 200 crush damage), its recharge time longer (30 secs), lowered its regenerate rate from 25 to 4, lowered his pierce and hack armor from whatever it was to 60% and made it so he can heal other units really fast and increased his bonus damage against heroes, so it isn't so OP, yet worth training.
Made the Arkantos god/uber unit really expensive, yet they can be trained at any age.
Arkantos God (which speaks in Atlantean "language") and Kastor Adult can be trained by any Atlantean god, Blessed Arkantos (which you have heard) can be trained by any Greek god.

On second thoughts, just modified some more things:
Made every single hero but Polaris (the big polar bear hero) available on their respective cultures in different ages.
Made mercenaries permament (have no lifespan) AND quite more expensive.
Removed the HeroDeath flag I added before from Greek heroes, so they WILL NOT revive anymore. Only those heroes that are supposed to revive (heroes from campaign) will do, any other will die and you'll have to train them again.
Made the Pirate Ship trainable by all the Egyptian Gods.


Made the "Titan Atlantean" protounit (Common Titan) regenerate at a fast rate and have 175 crush damage instead of 70 and 85 hack damage instead of 60. This makes it harder, if not impossible to kill it, but the secrets of the Titans tech are even more expensive now, increased its price from 800 of each resource to 2000 of each, which is quite cheap for such an OP unit.

ALL Egyptians have Setna at age 1, Amanra at age 2, Theris and Kemsyt (may be found as Shaba Ka) at age 3, TOTALLY UNLIMITED and really expensive Sons of Osiris and Pirate Ships at age 2, just like the common Kebenit ship.

ALL greeks have Arkantos Superior/Uber/Demi-god (Arkantosman) at age 1, as I said, not so OP as it originally was, but it CAN kill a Titan really easy, as I gave it a high bonus against titans (25.0), all of them have ALL greek Heroes at every age, plus Kamos and Arkantos at age 3, Gargarensis and General Melagius at age 4, all three special units: Myrmidon, Hetairoi and Gastraphetes (may be found as crossbowman) plus the original Cataphract, which I increased its bonus damage against every infantry unit from 1.5 and 2 to 2.5. That said, it's clear the Cataphract is the only Counter-Infantry cavalry unit, can be trained at the Stable.

All Atlanteans have Arkantos God at age 1, same as the one the greeks have but with a different texture and sounds atlantean, Kastor Adult at age 3 and increased the Fanatic's (May be found as Royal Guard) hack damage by 1, so it may overpower any other special unit anytime.

All Norse have Eitri and Brokk at age 2, Reginleif at age 3, Ornlu (the wolf hero, resembles a Fenrir wolf) at age 3 and King Folstag at age 4.

All the units mentioned above can be trained at the Town Center or Citadel center and, if playing Greek, in the Fortress. I left most heroes stacked in a single button in the Citadel Center, so you have keep clicking and they'll train.

Appreciate any comments and thoughts, sorry for my poor english.
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mike_taffy Brother, this a very cool mod.
BUt u have made everything very expensive. CoUld U plz tell me hOw to Change tHeM.
But thiz is a very seriously cool mod but expensive
File Author
1. Open Protox.xml
2. Clic on edit, and look for something.
3. Write the name of any unit you want (ask me for any unit you want to change), for example "Arkantosman" for arkantos blessed, the one used by the greeks.
4. Keep clicking look for next until you find something like unit id="636" name="Arkantosman"
5. Once there, scroll down a little until you find
cost resourcetype="Food"
cost resourcetype="Gold"
cost resourcetype="Favor"
6. Change the number that is found after that to any value you want.

If you need protounit names, for example:
Arkantos blessed may be found as Arkantosman.
Arkantos God may be found as Arkantos God.
Gastraphetes (hades' special unit) may be found as Crossbowman.
General Melagius may be found as General Melagius.
Kemsyt may be found as Shaba Ka.
Son of Osiris may be found as Pharaoh of Osiris.
Ornlu may be found as Ornlu, well, hope you get the point... If you want to change any value and you can't find the protounit, just ask for it and I'll give you the name.

[Edited on 02/19/15 @ 12:17 PM]

Ryanaphos For me only one thing is working, and that is the Greek Heroes. The mercenaries die, there are none of the Norse Heroes available and I cannot see them.

What am I doing wrong?

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