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Age of Middle Earth

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# of Players: 8
Version: AoM:EE
Age of Middle Earth is a scale reconstruction of Tolkien's mythical land based closely on his writings and sketches. Explore and conquer the most canonically and geographically accurate map of Middle Earth ever made for Age of Mythology!

Players start on the doomed island of Numenor which is suffering a cataclysmic volcanic eruption as it sinks into the sea. Each player has a single transport (Great Eagle), two Atlantean villagers, two human heroes, an elf, and a dwarf to fight off any creatures encountered in Middle Earth. They must make their way to the safety of the mainland.

This is a multiplayer scenario. As such, there is no functional AI. However, some parts of the map, of either strategic importance or resource abundance, are populated by hostile units for the purpose of balance. For example, Dwarf mines that contain abundances of gold are guarded by various Gaia units in order to prevent players from rushing these locations. Knowledge of the geography and populations of Tolkien's Middle Earth will greatly benefit players.

The resource layout of the map is roughly divided into two regions: north and south. In the northern regions of the map, gold is sparse outside the walls of Dwarven mines and sustaining production will require players to either eliminate the units guarding these mines (which may be of considerable force) or resort to trade. In the southern regions of the map, resources are more evenly distributed but are not in massive supply as is the case with wood in Mirkwood or gold in Erebor, for example.


- Unprecedented geographical accuracy

- Settlement locations & names corresponding to actual cities and towns from LotR

- All unit names correspond to their LotR counterparts

- Face off against the most feared creatures of Middle Earth including: Smaug the Dragon, the Balrog of Moria, Mumakil of Harad, and the legions of Durin's Folk

- Use the Palantirs (Seeing Stones) of Anor at the Tower of Ecthelion, Orthanc at Isengard, and Elostirion in the Tower Hills to watch over your enemies

- Explore locations including:

- The Lonely Mountain
- The Mines of Moria
- Minas Tirith
- Mt. Doom
- The Argonath and Falls of Rauros
- The Forest of Mirkwood
- Lothlorien
- Rivendell (Imladris)
- The Grey Havens
- The Shire
- Weathertop (Amon Sul)
- Dagorlad (Dead Marshes)

The map has dimensions of 1300x1300. It is extremely large and can accommodate up to eight players. I would recommend playing with no fewer than 4 players unless you just want to explore the map.

Please ask before editing. If you are interested in helping develop this project, please message me or leave a comment. I welcome all comments and suggestions of any nature.
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aom expert
Sounds fantastic! Will definitely have a look.
File Author
I have just posted Update 1.1 for Age of Middle Earth. This update includes:

- Starting heroes now have the names of notable characters from the Lord of the Rings universe. Character names become more obscure as player number increases. Thanks to phdorogers4 & others for this suggestion!
- Players now start with a raven for scouting
- Improved gold balance in the southern half of the map
- Improved wood balance in extreme north of map
- Fixed Erebor (Lonely Mountain) settlement placement for usability
- Fixed Lune River crossing at mouth of Grey Havens
- Added several roads in the far east for ease of navigation
- Completely overhauled the visual aesthetic of Rivendell - much new eyecandy
- Fixed lighting issues in the Belegaer Ocean
- Added the Eye of Sauron (huge mirror towers) in Mordor

This map is also supported in the AoMEE Steam Workshop where you can find many additional screenshots (including of the minimap) and current information.
File Author
Update 1.2
May 16, 2015

- Gaia guardians now have names from the Lord of the Rings universe including High Elves, Wood Elves, Longbeards, Wargs, etc. (I'll leave the discovery of the rest up to the player)

- Settlements now have their actual names from the lore

- Removed ravens for balance reasons

- Minor texture edits
File Author
Players can now use Palantirs located in Elostirion, Isengard, and Minas Tirith which provide large line of sight and grant 4 vision powers (which can be regenerated again if the Palantir is lost and recaptured).

- Callistonian
File Author
Update 1.3

- Players now start with a fast Roc (Eagle of Manwe) in place of the transport. This is to promote settlement in the inland regions of the map. Eagles depart after 3 minutes.
- CPUs deleted after 3 minutes (will result in automatic victory if playing alone) - WARNING: do not remain on Numenor or your units will also be deleted in the doom
- Minimap flashes location of Palantirs for all players when one is used
- Reduced Palantir granted Vision powers to 3
- Slightly reduced Palantir line of sight
- Added second Isen River crossing and Carnen River crossing
- Minor texture edits
- Fixed north/south map edge ugliness

File Author
Update 1.4

- loop Palantir visions
- coastal texture edits
- better guardian units
bigboss26920 Not work for me can't load the game.

[Edited on 06/20/15 @ 03:50 PM]

File Author
@bigboss26920 - you have to copy/paste the Middle Earth.scx file from your downloads folder to your scenario folder. If that doesn't work I'm not sure what to tell you. There are no problems with the file itself as far as I am aware.
File Author
A major update to this scenario was released on the Steam Workshop a couple months back. It includes 12 canonical factions, an interactive encyclopedia, canonical unit names, faction specific units, technologies, and buildings, and music from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films.

Please check it out on the Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=475421259&searchtext=

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