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Some of Zeno's triggers

Author File Description
Zenophobia Here's a bunch of custom triggers I've written to help with designing. Most of them require the trigger loader.


Z Distance to Unit 3 OR
Basically, distance to unit for three units. Will return true if the center unit is "distance to unit" for either of the three targets.


~=~=~=~Stuff that's probably duplicate~=~=~=~

Conditional Distance to QV Vector
I don't know if someone else has written this before but I couldn't find it on the forums so I just wrote it myself. Checks the distance of the unit from a quest var vector.

Conditional Quest Var Difference
I'm pretty sure someone's already written this one but like the previous effect, I couldn't find it on the forums so I just wrote it from scratch. Pretty self-explanatory. Finds the difference from the first quest var subtracting the second quest var and compares it with the parameters.

Conditional Quest Var Check NOT
Checks to see if the quest var doesn't match the parameter.

~=~=~=~Random stuff~=~=~=~

Move to Army
Moves the unit to the army. lol

If you don't know what this is, don't worry about it. :p

Z Choose Unit Random 4
Chooses one of four units at random and sets a quest var to a number from 1-4 based on the unit chosen. Automatically ignores the unit if it is dead. WARNING: If all four of the units are dead, then this will trap your scenario in an eternal while loop when it runs. Make sure to have a condition that checks if at least one of the units is alive.

Z Pick Closest Unit 4
Chooses the closest of four units to a center unit and sets a quest var equal to the number corresponding to the unit. Automatically ignores the unit if it is dead. Returns 0 if all the units are dead.

Z QV Set Distance to QV Vector
Sets a quest var equal to the distance a unit is from a quest var vector.

Z Show Leaderboard
This is based on a trigger that Yeeb made that was based on a trigger system that I made so I'm taking the credit for it. XD Takes the quest var scores of four players and sends a chat that shows the scores and places of four players.

~=~=~=~RPG stuff~=~=~=~

Z Cinematic Mode Bundle
Combines Fade To Color, Cinematic Mode, Render Fog/Black Map, and Fade Out Music/Play Music. When ON, this will fade out to black, enter cinematic mode, turn off fog and blackmap, and fade out the music. When OFF, this will fade out from black, exit cinematic mode, and turn on fog and blackmap, and play music.

Z Send Chat RPG
Combines Flash Unit and send chat and makes it prettier. Select a unit to make it flash and send a chat. User may choose the message displayed, the image of the chat sender, the message, and the name.


Z Get Unit Vector in Direction of Unit
For those of you who don't know, a unit vector is the X and Z coordinates of a vector of magnitude 1. This will find the unit vector from a center object to a target object and store it in an X and Z quest var.

Z Unit Vector Modify by Angle Radians
Modifies a unit vector by an angle (in radians) and stores the new coordinates in new X and Z quest vars. The previous quest vars are unchanged. I couldn't get it to work with degrees for some reason.
Conversion from degrees to radians: (degrees) x pi / 180

~=~=~=~v triggers~=~=~=~

v Unit Position to QV Vector
Sets a quest var vector to the position of the searched unit.

v Condition Damaged by amount
Checks to see if the unit has been damaged by x amount since the last time it was searched. If set on loop and high priority, this will check every instance of damage (i.e. if the unit is attacked by another unit with a certain amount of damage) and compare it to the threshold.

v Condition Damaged by amount 2
Same as above but checks a threshold between two numbers.

v Condition Distance to QV Vector
Checks to see if the unit is a distance to the QV vector.

~=~=~=~y triggers~=~=~=~

y condition units in Area
I dunno why nottud didn't write this. Maybe he did and I just have a really old version of y triggers.

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Nickonhawk First download lol
File Author
second :p
nikakostya Hi Bro, can you please make trigger code like this?

Do you know what i mean? I'm working on an adventure scenario and i want my warrior to send randomed chat and play randomed sound, every time he kills an enemy.
I can make it with Stat Value, but it doesn't work correct. How to reset Stat Value again, after killing an enemy? I hope you can help me. sorry for my bad English.
Carabosse Tell us what Z die insect means.
File Author
If you try to edit one of my multiplayer maps, like Hero Build Fighters, you'll see. :p

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