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Age of Mythology: Expanded v1.3 (The Titans)

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Version: AoM: The Titans

The Aim of AoM: Expanded is to give a new look and feel to AoM, while keeping it's concept, and features intact, don't expect much to be taken away.

The Improvement mod is an Unofficial Age of Mythology: The Titans version of the Age of Empires III Mod:

The New units, techs, and changes in the AoM Improvement Mod are based on various sources, such as the Beta, AoE:Online, AoEROR, AoKTC, The African Kingdoms, Empire Earth, Alpha Beta, Community feedback on AoM itself etc

How to Install:
You must own Age of Mythology, and It's expansion, The Titans (Gold Edition or Ubisoft-distributed etc) will work fine, THIS DOES NOT WORK WITH EXTENDED EDITION, AND DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT LACK OF EE/TOTD SUPPORT
Everything in the "Age of Mythology" Folder should be put in your Age of Mythology directory (i.e /Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Mythology.


To uninstall, just uninstall and reinstall the game, and delete left-over folders, legit the best advice I can give you since how large scale Expanded Mod is.
- More Embellishment Objects - EmerjR
- AoE Units - Therog
- Agrinian Scout - SkyllNH
- Cretan Arcus - SkyllNH
- Spartan and Immortal from 300 Modpack 2.1 - Leto II
- Mods Compilamation - Leto II
- Centaur Wars - Leto II
- Cataphract - Tarion_31
- Greek Commander - Dan_Swordsman
- Cataphract - Dan_Swordsman
- Celt Chariot Archer from the Age of Celts - Skystrider
- New Editor Objects Mod - Cheezy_Monkey
- SPQR - Master Foozle
- Horse - The_Modsmith
- 3D Farm - The Modsmith
- Back-To-Beta Modpack - Fire Giant
- Mameluke - C_J
- Phalangite - Andriod GRR
- Improved Priest Projectile - WarriorMario
- Light Beam Variations - WarriorMario
- Ancient Units Modpack - Cerberus013
- UPDATED: Two New Citadel Styles - Ben42
- Nubian Elite - By Karpunk
- Praetorians Peltast - Falconian
- Wildlife Variety Mod - Enki
- New Outpost Textures - RoMu84
- Sun Temple - Sepreath
- Improved Wrath of the Gods Mod - Captain Obvious (aom expert)
- Unit Textures from Improved Egyptians - TwistedMercy
- 11 Relics Modpack - Larmir
- Numerous Nick3069 Texture packs and of the related (and egyptian shrine model) some converted other from EE
- Misc Objects and Improved Greeks - ind10s
- Probably some other s*** that I forgot about
- and Finally Microsoft Studios, Forgotten Empires, Ensemble Studios and the many fans of Expanded Mod.

v1.3 Changelog
Added many new units and technologies
(Attempted to) Balance(d) a bunch of units
Fixed Various Issues.
Other new features are not disclosed for spoiler reasons (Spoiler: I'm not giving spoilers so ping off)
Norse and Atlantean AI will refuse to advance beyond Classical, beats me why, I don't study the AI, although you could force the AI to advance using Nottud's Super Editor Pack (although this breaks compatibility with Ekantra UI stuff, and by extention Caravan Trading)
Several units and Techs lack icons, and simply use blank icons, others
Since the Scen. Editor has a load of units that aren't used in RM/Campaign, many of them aren't supported and thus will be under/overpowered, may lack textures, and lack names.
Bug Fixes
Fixed an Issue where the Siege Catapult's Boulder wouldn't render.
Fixed an Issue where Winged Messager didn't affect Scout Harpies
Fixed the Hirdman and Heavy Cavalry not correctly having their proper bonuses.
Fixed a texture bug with various crappy shield textures
Fixed a issue where Baskilon Guards texture would change to Champion Hoplites on secondary attacks (shield bumps)
Removed Useless code from a bunch of techtree and proto related stuff.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 5
What can I say.. Easily the best mod for this game. Thanks for creating this mod and bringing a new life to this game.

Additional Comments:

I have been playing this mod for sometime and I found several bugs, but since I don't see anyone complaining about them I don't know if they are bugs that came with the mod or were accidentally created by me.. So I will leave what I found down below.

Major bugs I found:

1. Gaia AI is unplayable, they take ages to develop. The AI starts by building a temple, then they advance to the 2nd age (they don't develop further than 2nd age). Then they build a market, random Town Centers and sometimes Counter Barracks and thats all. They also don't create units from any military buildings with the exception of Automatons from their temple. On Deathmatch mode, instead of creating automatons, the only military units they create are Egyptian Vultures (1 AI had +27 in 1 game). They also randomly suicide Villagers and destroy buildings, this was more noticeable on Deathmatch mode.

This is actually a big thing (at least for me), because most of the times I just play this game with the AI and this bug basically removes 3 civs from my offline gameplay (I can still play them normally, but the AI can't).

2. There is a bug related to resources (when u get to the 4th age), villagers don't collect wood and gold at all.. they chop/mine but they don't actually gather it, when I pressed the trees/mines I realized that they were always at the same resource value and it wouldn't drop to 0.

Minor bugs:

1. For some reason AI recognizes Egyptian vultures as an offensive unit and tries to attack with them.
2. The AI has a building named Tavern which gets destroyed as soon as he deploys it for construction.
3. Tech tree crashes the game, worked on the previous version of this mod but now just crashes.
4. At some point of the game farm Villagers just collect 1 food resource, this is probably caused by all of the new techs that were added. I don't think its intentional so I will leave it here.

I have the mod installed in the correct game path not in My games folder.
I installed and reinstalled Aom and TT several times.
I Deleted every single file including the Documents folder and the registry.
I Tried to install the previous version of this mod then install v1.12c over it.
But I still get these bugs.
Did I do something else wrong?

Anyways.. maybe you knew about these bugs or maybe not, I will still leave this here, hopefully it can improve the mod gameplay in the future.

I really enjoyed this mod.. great job on this one, if you need help on something don't hesitate in contacting me. I will be following more of your work, and again, big thanks from Portugal!
aom expert
Rating: 4

Well, here we are. There is so much to cover in reviewing this - it's difficult to remember specific things I wanted to touch on, so I'll speak in general terms.

A lot of units are taken from other mods, so I can't credit you for that.

Some sounds and icons are missing, which isn't a big deal I guess, but just makes it seem incomplete.

The prices for everything seems okay, fair. The odd thing is having upgrades in buildings that have nothing to do with the building itself, or just seems like an odd place to have them.

I don't think civs should have access to other civ's units, like priests. Or at least the model should be changed.

There's a few virtually duplicate techs that you could probably do away with; techs that affect the same units in nearly the same way.

The sight of alpha/beta units is a really great thing to see, and you did well in incorporating these into the civs.

I'm not sure how I feel about AoE techs and concepts in AoM, it just doesn't feel right. They're separate games and I think that's how they should stay. That's just me though.

Being able to garrison units in almost any building is pretty cool. Definitely something I've always wanted to see.

As far as balance, it looks good. Everything is surprisingly a well thought-out price. Balance overall is quite a difficult thing to determine as a modder when it comes to civs, but there are a few cardinal sins that everyone should avoid (most of them have to do with the civ/units being too tough too early). You did.

Good stuff.

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