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Age of Heroes II Getorix Demo

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Version: AoM:EE
Its basically and RPG where you play as Ajax's son and Reginlief's twin brother from Age of Heroes I and age of heroes II, Gertorix. Something like a age of heroes II bonus. Just the beginning of a long campaign. If people like it, I'll release it sooner and add more characters to the rest of the campaign. I'm just a newbie in triggering, and I didn't add a lot of eyecandie, but I will in my next release. If you think something went wrong or I need to add more stuff, feel free to tell. By the way, it's not even as nearly as good as the original because it is currently demo.

Credits: Dope, Cinematics guide(still haven't gotten the part where i need to trigger events in cinematics)
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File Author
Will update this one in a week probably, making the full one of getorix part 1 and part 2 at the same time. Part 2 has a lot of eyecandy compared to the first one
File Author
Tell me of it doesn't work I'll try to fix it
File Author
No comments? About how easy it is, or how bad it is or something?
File Author
Part 2 is about to be released in a few days. Sadly, it requires a mod pack, so you can't just randomly play it. It requires much anim mod from steam to play it, because I currently am not good at modeling and texturing, but the 3rd one might have some of my own stuff.

[Edited on 07/07/16 @ 11:29 AM]

WollieWoltaz what kind of mods are you want to use or make?
File Author
I really didn't understand what you asked, but if your asking what mod I am going to use for part 2 it's umc anim mod found on steam workshop for aom ee. It has a few new dwarfs that I'm kind of focusing on part 2, plus some new human units and 3 new buildings. Tell me if I should include a Greek human trader small city/island or if it will just waste it all. I might make my own models for part 3 because most good models are for the Titans and vanilla aom, and aren't good with ee, but currently I'll use a few mods.
File Author
By the way, is the scenario working? And, wolliewaltz, heard you have a lot of wow modpacks, do you have any focusing on dwarves, or beasts that live in the snow, or something about the Norse I could use, even if you do, can I use them? Well, I think you might not have one, could you make one for me, I really have barely any experience and could use some help.

[Edited on 07/08/16 @ 07:02 PM]

File Author
Type too much. Part 2 is is almost done, only a few triggers, 1 more tribe too finish, and a few buildings, and lots of eyecandy , which isn't really a problem because I've got lots of time. My aom screenshots don't work so I had to use f12 steam shortcut, which is too large to upload at aomheaven, so it's at my steam: vadym.20033
WollieWoltaz I can try and make some snow creatures or dwarves. Maybe give some ideas and I can look if it will work. If you want to use some of the mods i uploaded already for your scenario you have my permission. but give me credit.
So let me know what you want for creature and what kind of attacks he can do..

And no I did not played your scenario i'm more into moddeling. Maybe will try it out this weekend.


[Edited on 07/11/16 @ 05:59 PM]

File Author
I think yetis, furbolgs, wolvars, tuskarrs, magnataurs(not sure if they're good for this)should do. And please try to make a lich King because I was making a wow scenario a few years ago and he was the main bad guy there.He will have the same ability as folstag, and will fight with his sword. I think tuskarrs' ability is be able to walk on water and/or fish. They fight enemies with spears. Furbolgs use their claws to fight enemies, and wolvars too, though wolvars have an ability to bite their enemy which deals high damage. Yetis are like heka gigantes, but have the appearance of a yeti, meaning the have the same attack and ability. Magnataurs are fast and fight with fists. Also worgs, looking like grey Orc worg mounts, but without a rider and the thing you sit on, basically large wolves. Forstsabers have the ability to leap like anubites at their enemy, and fight with claws(like most animals do). Dwarven Warriors, wearing steal armor, and iron axes, they fight like warriors in wow do. Their special ability is they are stronger in numbers like ferris wolfs, and have a battle cry that damages the enemy. While the others are dwarf Paladins, who wear golden and white armor, and use hammers. Their special ability is to heal.If I asked too much, you could do half of that.

[Edited on 07/12/16 @ 03:04 AM]

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