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Long Road Home: New Passages II

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# of Players: 3 (+1 Computer)
Version: AoM: The Titans
Long Road Home:

More imagery here: http://aom.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=ct&f=13,29813,,20

What to expect: Three players pick their heroes and try not to die while progressing through the enemies and the map, gathering some gold and food, get some updates and finish (or fail) their personal hero plots. Since there is respawning, dying is allowed but comes with penalties. Fun!
The game is focused on the heroes and their progress.

WARNING: If you play with Chiron, put "All Chat" as setting because he might go Hostile and then he cant read you anymore.

Big THX to Lewonas for Bugfixing Trigger- and Army-Validation-Issues. :)

Up to 3 Human Players, for P4 you choose a CPU. Also you should try to have 3 Human Players, otherwise progress in this game might be really slow.
You dont need to set diplomacy settings, they will be set automatically by triggers in game. Teaming up with P4/AI is not recommended though I think I fixed this issue, while not really tested it. It's not gamebreaking but triggered like all the announcements of people you should meet later because they were in LOS for a second. (Timer before activation should have fixed it)

Hero pick: Pick your Hero by going close with the old man you start with.

TUTORIAL: Click on the signs to read the tutorial.
> Gather Supply (Food) from Crates/Boxes around the map. [stay a while close to get the food] It doesn't matter which of the players gathers it, all players get the same amount.
> Recruit military on Jarls Halls, you can only have one army so you dont get a new one if anyone from the old one is alive. Each time you recruit an army it costs you 10 food. If you dont have the food, you dont get the army. [stay a while close to the buildings to get your army]
> Respawn at Hero Monuments. To set them as new spawnpoint go close with your hero (works only one way now, so no choosing earlier monuments..).
> Regenerate heroes health at friendly campfires (with the Healing-SFX) while no enemies are close by.
> Gather gold from corpses. It doesn't matter who of the players finds the corpse, everyone gets the same amount of money. [stay a while close to them]
> Upgrade your attack at dwarven smiths for 100 gold per update. [stay a while close to them]
> Upgrade health by visiting graves. Unlike with the corpses and crates each hero has to go there himself to get the update. [stay a while close to them]

Visual (+ audio) feedback for getting gold from that corpse.

Age 1 & Age 2 Heroes get stronger updates than Atalanta and Bellerophon. If you play not-Hippolyta and found all the corpses in the game, aswell as killed the bosses which grant money, after getting all dwarven attack-updates you will finish the game with 0 gold.
Max ups from gold/graves: 5*Graves, 8*Dwarves. 9*Dwarves for Chiron, Various for Hippolyta.
Ajax: +9 Attack per 100 gold from dwarves, +80 HP from graves. [Max: +72 ATK, +400HP]
Jason: +9 Attack per 100 gold from dwarves, +80 HP from graves. [Max: +72 ATK, +400HP]
Archers: +7 Attack per 100 gold from dwarves, +40 HP from graves. [Max: +63 ATK, +200HP]
Atalanta: +7 Attack per 100 gold from dwarves, +50 HP from graves. [Max: +56 ATK, +250HP]
Bellerophon: +6 Attack per 100 gold from dwarves, +40 HP from graves. [Max: +48 ATK, +200HP]


Easy Heroes:

PLOT: Medium. [Randomized Location on the lost brother]
TRAIT: Gets really strong, especially when you max out by visiting all the smiths on the map. [Tutorial Unit does not count]
DEATH PENALTY: Not too bad, after dying two times someone else should take care of the myths.

PLOT: Easy, just like in real life.
TRAIT: Fair, allows to waste some armies.
DEATH PENALTY: Doesn't get a penalty for dying himself, so just take care of the important ones.

PLOT: Medium. Can be hard to find, but you get rewarded on the way.
TRAIT: Nice one. Can level up more and sometimes faster than other heroes by filling up the required but not yet available gold. Attack level 10 should be possible though I only got 9 cause I died once one game. Not sure if the bonus army is that useful.
DEATH PENALTY: Counters the trait, so not too bad if you remember getting dwarven updates.

Medium Heroes

PLOT: Medium. Can be hard to find.
TRAIT: Fair. Grants finally one additional attack-level, more importantly fills up the missing gold on the way to up faster.
DEATH PENALTY: May get bad. After dying two or three times you cant really fight on your own, so stay close to your armies or allies to see anything.

PLOT: Hard. Most likely you will fail this plot and get punished for it.
TRAIT: Worst.
DEATH PENALTY: Blocks everyone from advancing in this game, may kill your allies, also missing updates/armies might be bad.

Difficult Heroes:

PLOT: Hard. Most likely you will fail this plot early mid-game and get cruically punished for it.
TRAIT: Good. Gets worse on death/punishment by increased recharge time.
DEATH PENALTY: Mostly the recharge time on the special, but also the losing of army and starting with half health are bad.

Secret Heroes:
Good Luck. xP

There are some secrets on the map, so have fun finding them! (By starting to try and complete the hero plots maybe.) I have only seen the Iason- and Ajax-Plot completed till now, while mostly completing Iason myself.

v2: Gather Supplies (food) from boxes, pay 10 food per recruited army. Explained in the ingame tutorial. Ajax' freedom speech grants 30 additional supply per speech.
v3: Path issues fixed by removing invisible gates. Camp Fires now heal only if there are no enemies around. Ranged Unit 'KI' tries to hit&run (thx aomheaven-forums). 100 more gold available on the map by killing minor heroes. More enemies and some enemy spawns. Also gaia units shouldnt be able to block crucial spots on the map anymore.
v4: Focus on visual feedback for monuments/halls, also a proper tutorial showing which are the easy heroes.
v5: Minor improvements, telling people to choose a hero and turning them into vulnerable villagers if they dont want to. (since the PC didnt want to attack old men..). One new Shortcut, better organized defense at the kings bridge, less ulfsark-hazzle in the beginning, idle military banner now usable and not occupied by non-relevant units (having no units doesnt kill you either way since the victory conditions are off .. or so he hoped).
Also Counters and Announcements regarding Attack- and Healthlevel.
v5Fix: One issue with p2/p3 Atalanta not respawned at Monument 2 fixed. Checked for all other heroes/players.
v6: Major update: More Speech included, like belle was quiet until now, Quests improved (esp. Hippolyta), Rebalanced Heroes. Ajax: Only 10 food from freedom speeches, Death Penalty on the important characters is now Health Decay 2hp/sec. Hippolyta can buy one other type of army for 20 gold. Chiron Plot Rangebonus is now +2 per progress (not announced but nice to know x_x). Atalanta additional Death Penalty 5Food/5Gold for offerings and a small ingame-hint about her plot. Also another hint about one big secret included and one tiny annoyance which (hopefully) shows that there is a secret to be found.
--Forgotten Versions inbetween, Synch errorous--
vX: REstartet from Version VI which had no sync errors, try to fix the p3 issue with just priorities.
vY: Priorities remodeled, fixed Ulf Unit Count for ajax-armies X_X - I do believe this version is finally bugfree now. Issues with triggers breaking for P3 and restarting on their own, while they should be working all the time, should be fixed with priorities now.
vZ: Forgotten Sound Fired. [Belle at the gate] Also Afterscore added, showing each players:
- Health Level
- Attack Level
- All successful plots [Marriage only if she didnt die afterwards]
- All Players which survived the whole game without dying.

vPerformance: Removed all Loops without Timers. Added Hero-Killing Hypaspists to the map, removed and rearranged some enemies. Advanced Heroes are now more hidden. Final Dwarf offers a Ferry as Shortcut. For the performance-Fix thx to Lewonas: http://aom.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=st&fn=13&tn=29571&st=360#post361
vFinalFinalFinalFinal: Quest Failed message on ajax marriage death, fixed hippolytas quest to be solveable again.
vFinalFix: Army Validation Fix thx to Lewonas: http://aom.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=st&fn=13&tn=29571&st=376#post377
vMessenger Edition: Use Messengers to recruit armies from far away. InfantryMessenger in Valkyrie&Centaur Camp allows for Infantry Recruitment, CavalryMessenger in Centaur Camp allows for Valkyrie Recruitment. They still recruit in their bases and would have to walk all the way, but the hero wont be occupied the whole way along anymore.
vRogue&Messengers: Messengers now also work if you havent used that army without before. Rogue edition takes the better death penalty mechanic for Chiron (as planned for the next Long Road Map) instead of this No-Fun-LOS-loss.
vNewPassages: Left route is open right from the start, Ajax e.g. could get a first army there before getting the food from the Heracles hero. Also Death&Respawn-Sounds and Visuals added.
vNewPassages2: Shortcut between 3rd Monument&2ndSmith, Bugfix for Atalanta Quest Solving
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
(Insert Playability analysis here)
Is this where I instert my playability analysis??Perfect. Well, the game was quite playable with beautiful design. Bugs are still quite rampant so there's bug testing, design improvement, and more stuff still to come. Tremendous, but for newer players, it may be harder to follow along.

Balance: 4
Very well made, the game truly requires teamwork to make it to the end. Enemies are quite hard too, excellent for an RPG map. One of the smaller imbalances is that the heroes are pretty different in strengths in the beginning, and I'd just say there are tiny things needed for the heroes to be more alike strength-wise.

Creativity: 5
Creative stuff! This map has great potential to become enjoyed by many players in the community.

Map Design: 5
Great map design! The map itself is literally in the shape of a road, so from the design to the map as a whole, the road theme is complemented well.

Story/Instructions: 5
I couldn't have done it better myself. Thoroughly detailed, and even unique side quests for each character!

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Map Design5.0
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