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Long Road North: Beta v04

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# of Players: 3(+1PC)
Version: AoM: The Titans

This is an early version with bad balancing and probably some bugs. It was never played yet and will probably be pretty hard to beat. Please report any bugs and suggestions you might find in the comments below.

WARNiNG: Each player needs to pick a short name [max. of 9 letters], otherwise a sync error will happen within the 1st minute of playing.


Pick one out of 6 available heroes to play with.

NOBILITY: Jason and Hippolyta focus on leveling and military.
CLERICS: Bellerophon and Atalanta have divine quests to fulfill and have to pay gold to holy men for lifting their curses.
MYSTICS: Chiron and Medusa have a tighter population limit and consume food making it more difficult to mass up military.


Your hero will respawn at hero monuments and heal at great campfires with no foes around. Healing will be blocked if you are cursed. Activate monuments by going close to set them as your new respawn spot.


Gather gold from enemies and corpses to upgrade attack, armor or health at certain spots explained in the tutorial video.
Gather food from crates/wooden boxes to recruit armies with. Military is available at certain spots marked with a green symbol. It costs as much food as population.
Get Experience shown in your Favor-Counter. You will automatically level on 100XP gaining a free Attack- and HP-Update. Follow your quest to gain more XP.

Hippolyta: Gold tickle, but looses all gold on death. Hold onto up to 500 gold for some extra updates. Whenever any hero gets a hero level up, she gains 10 XP aswell.
Iason: XP tickle, but looses all XP on death. Every 2 Hero Levels he gains a Reputation Level increasing his Pop Limit. Dying reduces his Reputation Level/Pop Limit.
Bellerophon: CURSED on death. Curses prohibit healing at campfires and recruiting armies. Pay Hallows (Egyptian Priests) 20 gold to remove the curse. Disappeared ones might come back there later in game.
Find the Prophetess and bring her the holy relic if you can get hold of it.
Atalanta: CURSED on death. Find the scrolls of life and defeat the necromancer before he can awaken the Prophet King.
Chiron: Gets Rogue (hostile to allies) for 90 seconds on death. Going rogue might be triggered otherwise to fulfill quests aswell. Pay food at campfires to upgrade him and his centaurs.
Medusa: Her DEVOURING-Trait activates when she's hurt, activating Monstrous Rage and Mythic Rejuvenation until she's at full HP again. Devouring activates only if she has food however, starts consuming food after 25 seconds and to do so each 25 seconds.

There are two additional heroes available. One as main hero, a second one as respawning secondary hero for one character.
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aom expert
Yea I was just about to post before you updated I tested with an amigo and it was fine, no oos.
File Author
Just played with 2 players, while the second one was AFK a lot. It took 2 hours 30 minutes to complete >_> .. I died 67 times, he 34 times. Stats are nice. Also I got a first list of bugs to fix. o.x

So, what I learned about Sync-Outs here: The players are not allowed to have names which are longer than 9 letters. I use {playername(1)} a lot for showing who leveled and so on, so too long names break this chat-function and thus the game. I did put that in the warning.. but maybe I'll have to rewrite that stuff, otherwise it'll be even further away from being able to become viral some day X_X
Lewonas Weird, I've never seen or heard of the {playername()} function causing OoS errors. Normally when the player's name is long and exceeds the character limit of a chat message, the message is just cut off. OoS errors should only occur when something on the world map, techs, stats, or anything else that has an impact on the gameplay have changed that isn't synchronized (fast enough) with the other players (meaning the world state is out of synch).

But if you're sure that somehow the playername function is causing the error, you could shorten the message that includes the playername function and put additional text in a seperate message. Example for a level up message:

Message 1 (spoofed): {playername(1)} has leveled up!
Message 2 (spoofed, sent to player 1): Your hero has gained 20 hitpoints, 2 hack attack and 1 level up token to spend at the level up shop.
File Author
I'm not so sure the playername is at fault anymore. Another try of playing with short names just synced out right after the intro-cinematic again.

I wrote own effects which increase the size of the chat-messages however, to structure an Icon before the text easier. So the parameters are like "%iconcode% %message%". The input often looks more like this:
(icon=20(some iconcode)) {playername(1)} reached attack/health/armor/hero level "+trGetRessourcecounter(Gaia, Food)+".

Therefore the content for reading is pretty short, the code for getting that information and having 4 different icons for 4 different kinds of leveling is pretty long though.

Maybe thats still not too good, Stats which are synchronised a lot are like the gaia-foodcounter used for showing level progress. Everytime any level is shown gaia gets -9999 food, then a qvar amount of food and the same thing again for other heroes whenever they level anything up. Though that doesn't happen right away causing that sync out so fast.
Another suspect might be the XP-Counter, which is a QVar regular put into the favor counter of players for display, so they get -200 favor and then a QVAr grant favor a lot. That would fit the timing. I dont know how that would be fixable without removing it though.. =/

[Edited on 01/01/17 @ 10:46 AM]

Lewonas I don't understand why you use resources as opposed to quest vars to track the XP/level progress. If XP comes from killing enemies and completing objectives, you could simply modify the quest var that holds the player's current XP by the amount of XP gained. Increment the quest var that holds the player's current level by one once the threshold XP value for the next level is reached.

You could show the player's current XP and level in a lot of different ways. I think you're currently using a so-called "pull" method to pull this information from the game's knowledge base and show it every X seconds. I would like to suggest implementing a "push" method that shows and updates this information continuously so players can more easily keep track of their hero's progress. There're two ways to do this:

1) use two unused resources to keep track of the player's XP and level (update the amount of resources whenever the amount of XP or level changes), or better yet

2) use a "fakecounter/text for player" effect (I forgot the exact name) to display this information for every player personally at the top right of the screen (refire the fakecounter/text effect whenever the amount of XP or level changes)

[Edited on 01/01/17 @ 08:56 PM]

File Author
Ah, nono, the levels are saved in QVars. It's just that if you try to print them you get a bunch of zeros after the comma since they are a float value. I read somewhere that for printing QVars putting them into a resource counter and asking that value converts them into an integer which works fine. That's the only reason people read "icon player reached hero level 1." instead of "icon player reached hero level 1.000000000.".

I have 4 kinds of level for each player and the XP, that would be 15 unused resources required.

Fakecounter sounds good, though I need a lot of Timers over the game. Trying it once messed with the Timer I believe.. but I would still need to convert the float into an integer (or sth like this) using some resource counter of player 0.

What is shown now:
- A chat message everytime a hero levels up
- Amount of XP in the favor counter, always -200 favor & + qvar favor.
- The "Hero Level" inside the players wood counter. Attack/Armor and Health level are not displayed permanently.
Sword of Scarlet "icon player reached hero level 1.000000000."

Use "+1*trQuestVarGet("YOURQVHERE")+" instead of "trQuestVarGet("YOURQVHERE")+"

to get around that

File Author
Thx, will be worked in :)

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