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Horde Onslaught

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Khan And Steak
File Details
Version: AoM:Tale of the Dragon

Hey all, I got bored on the weekend so I made a Random Map Script. I was watching this AoE2 vid and thought to myself I could make this in AoM... as a Random Map Script!

So I did.

Basic Premise
After 4 minutes, enemies spawn continually until you either survive or die. Build a base up and upgrade your buildings/units to survive.

Athena is holding back an evil summoner for eons... but her power to restrain him is almost all gone. As soon as her gets out he will start summoning the horde and gaining power.
You must survive for long enough for the evil summoner to overdose on the power that he is gaining - then Athena can lock him away once again.

Map Design
The map design is loosely based on this map. Apparently it's from a book or something? IDK I sure haven't read it. But I did google fantasy map and that's what came up.

  • Opening cinematic!
  • Waves of enemies get harder! More enemies. different types of enemies and they also get harder to kill
  • A shop mechanic! In a freaking RMS! You can upgrade your buildings by moving a unit to relics in the top corner of the map.
  • Horde player can be an AI or a player.
  • Difficulty of AI affects difficulty of game.
  • Works with Chinese!

    VERSION 2.0:

    The game is now more difficult across all difficulties.

  • Enemies recieve a HP and speed boost at Wave Difficulty level 5.
  • Enemies gain a small amount of HP and attack every spawn on harder difficulties after Wave Difficulty level 4.
  • Starting Roc's have been removed.

  • Boss units now spawn at Wave Difficulty level 3, 5 and 7 (These are currently just roided up beefcakes - more exciting boss units will be created when I get time to create them ^_^)

  • How much the shop costs is now displayed in the corner of the screen at all times.
  • Clicking on a relic will now display what it does and how much it costs.
  • Gaia Monument now stops players from casting GP's at the shop.
  • Shop terrain has changed to an unbuildable Mining Ground (may change to a hades terrain as seeing a relic is now harder)

  • Starting Prisoner is now invincible
  • Priests, Hersir's and atlantean heroes now all have a limit (10 priests, 10 hersirs, 2 of each Atlantean heroes).
  • TC's and fort buildings now gain 2000 HP with every Wave Difficulty Increase
  • AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Rating: 3.5
    A great game needing just a little bit of polish. With a small amount of work and fixing this game can be made really good!

    -Nice concept hiding around and building up a base and surviving the hordes.
    -Quick to set up a base with a starting roc and fast TC build speed. The roc is probably not needed and has a small issue (See cons)
    -The AI attacking functions well - some maps the AI units tend to get stuck but not in this case.
    -Despite what is mentioned in the description I thought the eyecandy was fine - any more I don't think would add much and probably get in the way.
    -The shop mechanic was neat scaling the upgrade costs as the game time goes by compensating for a stronger economy.
    -Seems to work fine with any player number despite the description but not checked the difficulty.

    -All units myth meaning to win just build lots of heroes - especially if Egyptian get priests.
    -Some bugs with the messages - the timers did not match up with what was happening - they seemed to be out by a level. The timers were one level ahead of the messages which was a little confusing - especially at the end when the victory counter ended and you don't win for a while after.
    -You can cheat and fly the roc into the shop and become immune (Although killing the zombies at the end could prove difficult). Also you can use a transport ship. Could be other exploits...
    -Was a little bit easy even on the Titan difficulty

    Polish potential suggestions:
    -Tip to improve the shop - use the unit selected condition and display the info on selection either with a message or overlay text. Would be nice to see how much the upgrade improves by.
    -Make the map more "random" where the layout of the map is actually random for improved replay value.
    -Throw in some uncertainty perhaps with some surprise attacks/powers to disrupt a strategy working too well.
    -Make the difficulty curve steeper - fun to lose a game being close than to win. Make that win seem almost impossible!
    -Relating to the last section - perhaps add some single unit "bosses"
    -Add some cinematic music and make the game music play after the cinematic finishes as it felt quiet.

    Additional Comments:
    Fun game which a little bit of polish and tinker will be great.
    Khan And Steak
    File Author
    Wow, thanks nottud! That review is low but I feel it is fitting. As I said this was a bit of a rush job over a weekend.

    You have made some very good suggestions that I did not think of (maybe I've been out of the scenario design game for too long ^_^ haha). I think this version is a little older than the one on Steam Workshop which had it's difficulty ramped up on all difficulties but more so on Hard and Titan.

    Bosses are a great idea and I will be adding those! The relic selected is also a sweet solution to the change-name bug in RM's so I'll put that in as well. I'll replay more on the forum post :)
    Rating: 4
    Very funny, but needs some updates that allow you TO WIN! Now I`m died after Nighogg has spawned. No matter how many soldiers I have, fire giants kill me. And my ally AI ignores everything, just stands and dies. Additional comments:
    Waiting for update soon!

    [Edited on 03/22/18 @ 04:59 AM]

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