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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Phoenixborn v11noMusic - Save Azarath! Pray to the Maiden Edition.

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Phoenixborn v11noMusic - Save Azarath! Pray to the Maiden Edition.

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# of Players: 3 + 1PC
Version: AoM: The Titans
This is a campaign for 2-3 players playing together. This version takes little above 1 hour to play through.

EE Version available on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1473024445
You might have to move a file to be able to host it though (check description).

- Choose one out of 4 Heroes.
- Recruit troops based on your hero.
- Defend the gates of Azarath.
- Solve mysterious statue riddles.
- Choose a coop secondary hero which will change player after death.
- Run around for your hero quest to get a ship.
- Resettle to another land.
- Questing 'n stuff. Maybe even level up once in a while.

I learned from my mistakes in LongRoadHome and LongRoadNorth. In Online Testing I found a lot of mechanics where hard to understand without knowing about them. Thus I tried some new stuff that isn't as complicated anymore:

- As known from other hero maps, the market is now a seperate place where you can buy units/food using a Theocrat. You dont need to be afraid of making a purchase on running up to anyone anymore.
- The troop recruitment system from LongRoadHome is gone. In the market you pay with food/gold and population for troops. The Army Spawn is always close to the active Hero Monument Spawn Point.
- Look out for P0 Healers as you know and love them, making all units healable when you have access to such.
- Personal Quests are better explained, also shorter. Following the green symbol shown in your recruitment area you don't even need to read anything quest related. Just move your hero to the symbols and collect them.

Hero Overview:

On 100 favor your hero levels up and you get a chat message on what has been improved by how much. XP is gained +1 per killing, 1 for medusas gaze, 100 for each gathering quest (Villagers, Ships, Donkeys) and about 50 to 100 for personal hero quest milestones.

On Level Up the heroes get the following stat modifications:
Atalanta: 3 ATK, 21 HP, 3 Hack Armor
Starting Units: Militia & Arcus
Bellerophon: 1 ATK, 16 HP, 3 Income
Starting Units: Hypaspist & Hero Catapatles
Scorpion Man: 2 ATK, 50 HP, 1 Pop, 1 Income
Starting Units: Mercenary & Chariot Archer
Medusa: 2 ATK, 12 HP, 1 Range
Starting Units: Toxotes & Ulfsark (Heavy Call of Berserker Swine Array)

Economy Overview:

The Food and Gold Redistribution has been done for the first 3 chapters. The resources found are distributed evenly among all players. So if one player finds 12 gold, on singleplayer he keeps all, on 2 players everyone gets 6 gold, on 3 players everyone gets 4 gold. (P2 should be P2 for two players, so dont put a bot for P2 unless you play alone or want to play on 3 players difficulty with the secondary hero bugged when p2 gets him and doesn't use him ever).

To have easier numbers I worked with a "BaseAmount". For Singleplayer x6 is what he gets. For 2 players x3 is what each player gets. For 3 players x2 is what each player gets.

Area 1:
BaseAmount of 72 (50food, 22gold): ~70% food here.
-- 6 civilians hold 5 BA food each. (30)
-- 4 crate deposits hold 3 to 9 BA food. (20)
-- From 12 corpses 0 to 1 BA gold can be gathered. (9)
-- Killing various enemies and structures accounts for the rest.

Transition River and Area 2:
BaseAmount of 50 (30food, 20gold): 60% food here.
-- 5 supply boats hold 5 BA Food each. (25)
-- 1 crate deposit hold 5 BA Food. (5)
-- 12 donkeys hold 1 BA gold each. (12)
-- 4 corpses and enemies account for the rest of gold. (8 )

Area 3:
BaseAmount of 30 (30 gold): 0% food here.
-- 3 donkeys hold 1 BA gold each. (3)
-- 1 crate deposit holds 0 BA food. (0)
-- corpses hold 8 BA gold. (8 )
-- area quest grants 19 BA gold. (19)


For 2 players 3 times per area, for 3 players 2 times per area the players will get their income. Income starts at 17. For Atalanta, Bellerophon and Medusa it's food. For the Scorpion Man gold.

+7 Income: Choosing Theseus in Area 1 as Secondary hero.
+1 Income (Atalanta) when recruiting Archers. (+5gold when recruiting Pilgrims).
+7 Income (Bellerophon) on level up.
+1 Income (Scorpion Man) with increasing population (which he gets when he levels up, so +1pop & +1income on level up for him).
+1 Income (Player) for getting one of the 3 rescued civilians to the city alive.


Buying the pack of 2 units costs food and 1 pop per unit.
Buying the elite unit costs gold and 2 pop per unit.

Regular army starts at a cost of 30 food. (Hard Difficulty)
Elite army starts at a cost of 30 gold. (Hard Difficulty)
Atalanta Elite Archer Heroization costs 30 food. (Decreases with Atalantas Quest, first to 15, later to 5).

+5 Army Cost - Players fail to defeat the starting ram in time.
+5 Elite Cost - Players fail to defeat the starting ram in time.
-5 Army Cost - Atalanta finishing Area 1 Quest.
-5 Elite Cost: Choosing Hippolyta in Area 1 as secondary hero
+5 Elite Cost - Heroes & Secondary Heroes accumulated 30 deaths.
+5 Army Cost - Heroes & Secondary Heroes accumulated 35 deaths.

Population Overview:

Free population starts at 6 for 2 players, at 4 for 3 players.
-2 Pop (All): Failing to rescue the 3 Azarathians from execution.
+1 Pop (Player): Getting one of the 3 rescued civilians to the city alive. Every player can get +1 Pop this way.
+2 Pop (Player): Choosing Jason in Area 1 as secondary hero grants +2 Pop for the player owning him. (Rotates on death through all active players)
+1 Pop (All): Medusa finishing her Area 1 Quest.
+1 Pop (Scorpion Man): 1 Pop per Level Up.
+4 Pop (Atalanta): Finishing her Area 3 Quest.
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