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Heroes of the Storm - Kerrigan (Queen of Blades)

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Version: AoM: The Titans
UPDATE 12/27/2017 (Download Again)
Bug Fix - Changed some code in the anim files for Kerrigan - Kerrigan (Primal Queen) - Kerrigan (Queen of Ghosts). Now the purple/pink glow on there wings show up correctly!

!Credits for Blizzard!

I did a lot of 3ds max modeling and protox/anim editing to make this happen, to make the fourth hero from Heroes of the Storm reach the AoM Editor.

This modpack contains the original Kerrigan + all of her skins. All her skins have different color variations wich you can see with a right click in the editor!

These heroes have:
* New animations
* HQ Textures
* Original Voicelines
* Good quality portait icons
* History Files
* New Special Attacks
* Data (protox, soundsets-xpack, unittransform)
* 1 extra ability for Kerrigan (Countess)

I tried to keep the statistics of this hero as balanced as possible, referring to the statistics in HotS itself.
The original Kerrigan hero is the weakest but she's getting stronger when transforming into another skin in exchange for gold and favor.
I gave all of these heroes a special attack based on the idea of a original attack in the game itself. It's not exactly the same due to the limited engine in AoM but you will enjoy it!

Special Attack: Summons psionic spikes out of the ground, dealing quick and powerfull damage to enemy heroes.

Kerrigan (Primal Queen)
Special Attack: Summon Ultralisk. Can summon an huge Ultralisk Torrasque who can help her in battle. (Good against Heroes) After the Ultralisk creature is killed it leaves a Torrasque Egg behind. When the enemy destroys the Torrasque Egg, two Zergling creatures will reappear.

Kerrigan (Legion Mistress)
Special Attack: Summons three huge tentacle creepz out of the ground, dealing damage to enemy heroes for a reasonable amount of time.

Kerrigan (Cheerleader)
Special Attack: Has the exact same ability as the original Kerrigan hero.

Kerrigan (Queen of Ghosts)
Special Attack: Summon Metallic Ultralisk. Can summon an huge "different colored Metallic Ultralisk" who can help her in battle. Good against Heroes.

Kerrigan (Succubus)
Special Attack: Has the exact same ability as Kerrigan (Legion Mistress)

Kerrigan (Countess)
Special Attack: Summons spiky cemetery fences out of the ground, dealing quick and powerfull damage to enemy heroes.

Special ability -- Ability to transform into a bat and vice versa. Gaining movementspeed!
In Bat-form she can't attack but can not die either. Transforming into a bat is free but to transform back you need to have gold and favor.

Put all the files in the corresponding folders.
Then you should be good to go!

Download now, enjoy and please comment!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 5
HERO OF THE STORM my favorite .

Thk you very much Wollie..you Nailed awsome.

My rating:
10 texture and i like it.s not a small hero; 10 action play; 10 to All.

Additional Comments:
I didnt find any bug, and i dont know how you do it but have special attack like in game.

FAN Wollie.
Fan hero of the storm.
Legion111 Thank you for Kerrigan, i love.

I dont have sound to kerrigan.

First i put all in the same folder like archive:model;texture;sound;history and anim.

Second i open data folder and i copy unitransform, data to protox.

My question - where i put soundsets-xpack.xml ?
Legion111 I copy and paste your soundsets-xpack.xml to my soundsets-xpack.xml in folder sounds and nothing change
File Author
You need to do the same thing just like you do with the protox.xml.
* Copy the data bit and paste it at the bottom of your protox.xml
* Open Unittransform.xml and copy/paste it at the bottom of your own unittransform.xml
* Open soundsets-xpack.xml and copy/paste it at the bottom of your own soundsets-xpack.xml.

DON'T copy it straight into the sound folder!
That should do the trick.
Legion111 I got it work now, thanks buddy!
Heroes from Nexus looks better than LoL or Smite.
File Author
I'm glad you got it to work.
Explain what you mean by "looks better".
Or are you just more of a fan of Heroes of the Storm..
Legion111 blizz. had the same idea as you, got heroes from other games and created nexus, as you do now. The whole concept is more suited to nexus heroes to aom .

*First nexus heroes here in aom have high quality details then smite.

*Second the most popular games have very good stories. Nexus by far have better stories then smite or lol.

*In the third line with nexus heroes here in aom, you can build your armies as nexus, because hero of the storm is multiplayer only.
What I can not do in the nexus, I can do it in aom with your mods. Actually now I really play more aom then hero of the storm

[Edited on 12/02/17 @ 10:57 AM]

Legion111 Thank you for listening my opinion.
File Author
Yes that's true the Heroes of the Storm game developers put characters from different franchises into one Moba-game. So yes i'm kinda doing the same thing for AoM. I always had in mind that I wanna port the characters form different moba games and make an AoM moba-ish game with Smite/LoL/HotS characters fighting each other with cool abilities and spells. Would be awesome to do so in AoM but unfortunately i'm unable to do so as i'm not a scripter.

About the quality of the character model/textures...

I can tell you in all certainty that the character models of HotS are not at the same quality as Smite models qua polygons and vertices.
The textures though and in this case the actual detail you see on the models in AoM are different.

I think that HotS textures are brighter then smite textures so they look more colorfull and fit in the AoM game much better, but the actual textures of Smite are much more detailed in terms of cosmetics and the mythological lore-like colorschemes. What I mean by this is that the textures of the Smite characters are more realistic and more accurate so somewhat darker because of it.

So yes HotS and LoL characters blend better in the AoM engine.

Glad to hear you play AoM more now. And to say i'm now working on an HotS hero not sure when i'll release him.

Also take some time to review some of the characters. I like to hear your feedback!

[Edited on 12/02/17 @ 03:07 PM]

Legion111 That was my feedback.
An observation:

I saw a lot of players write to you, so I have an ideea for you ! Why you dont make a forum post Topic Subject: HotS/LoL/Smite
it will be easier for you to answer, now to each mod somebody write something else, and you said "" I always had in mind that I wanna port the characters form different moba games and make an AoM moba-ish game"" with a forum post you create a community that is always involved. It's a shame to make great heroes and have so many players who play with your mods and not to unite them.
Or are you just more of a fan of Smite :P
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