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Vin_RuleZ v L_Clan_Trippin

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Mediterranean
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: 1.0
Total Game Time: 20min
Player 1's Name: L_Clan_Trippin
Player 2's Name: Vin_RuleZ
I got in touch with Trippin he commented about the tourny and his games with RuleZ. This is from a 20 player tourny, too see more games from the tournament go to www.aomgeek.com
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File Author
Sorry every one and Vni_RuleZ I spelled the name wrong lol. Thats the real Vni_RuleZ who made an awsome comback to the no 2 spot at ESO. Good job RuleZ.
Rating: 3
A rather simple game. RuleZ suffered an unrecoverable blow to his economy by losing his food cart and gatherers and was forced to resign.

Additional Comments:
Geographically this game is different than the previous two, because by the late archaic age it was clear that there would be no sea battle in this game. The choke point in this game is closer to RuleZ's base than Trippin's, giving RuleZ a clear disadvantage, but only because RuleZ's building structure came out that way. Sending gatherers to the choke point to hunt for food seemed like a poor choice on RuleZ part. There were bunch of birds to the east which would've put his gatherers out of the harm's way. Overall this is a very close game, but again Trippin's superior tactics won out, which includes getting raiding calvaries to flank his opponent's axe throwers, a logical adaptation to the previous game not recepicated by his counterpart. Both players displayed perfect early build order, but Trippin won the rush by a somewhat superior scout and build pattern, an adaptive troop selection and a precise battle tactics in manuveuring.
File Author
This is a very Good anylis of these games. By the way in my Robinhood game im playing loki and applying some things I learned from Trippin. I guess its a bonus follow up game that I recommend. I posted the game Trippin vs pG_fire also just to demenstraght how effetive his rush is. All the players in the tourney are rated higher than trippin. So sometimes an eso rating doesnt always determine whos the best player. Some players seem to excell in dif settings.
File Author
Another point I noticed as far as a dif in the 2 players games is the scouting. I noticed that trippin has a better system. From watching expert games and my own experience I learned early that scouting is very important. Poor scouting can cost you the game and good souting can win you games. Coke
Hexeon Hi Coke. Regarding scouting patterns, Trippin has a very logical system of gradually increasing radius of a circular sweeping pattern. RuleZ does that too, but he gets distracted at times. You can say it's initiative but it could also be interpreted as a lack of focus (on the level they are playing at of course). I think these games are very revealing about the two players' styles. Both players have perfect economic builds. RuleZ is slightly more of a boomer, who likes to amass a concentrated force early on and launch an allout attack while continuously building reinforcements. He pays more attention to economy than battles. His weakness is that he is less patient and methodical than Trippin, but it is also this impulsive initiative in strategic choices that is his strength. What I mean is that RuleZ doesn't just build enough to overcome a specific tactical problem, he builds until he totally overwhelms the opponent, it's like he hits the panic button every game. To the unprepared, he's truly a devastating opponent. Compared with RuleZ, Trippin's style is an adaptive tactician, who favors committing troops whenever they become available, yet very precise in judgement that he never wastes his troops due to insufficient numbers. He is very methodical and systematic in dealing with the various stages of the game, and the most aggressive player I've ever seen when it comes to gaining ground. Trippin's weakness is perhaps this over aggressiveness at times, but this calculated aggressiveness is also his main strength, for very few people are prepared to battle him so intensively from the very beginning of the game til the end, it just totally throw people off their game plan, even very good players. Against most people, RuleZ's method is always devastating, it's almost like playing against 2 titan AIs at the same time. Perhaps only Trippin's over aggressiveness should be the bane of his style.
File Author
Hi Hexeon, couldnt have said it better my self lol. I think I got mixed up with Vni_Salska with the scouting. I watched the games from Trippins point of view maybe I should watch again from RuleZ veiw. I noticed that RuleZ has this ablity in the game to turn on the magic and pull a rabbit out of the hat so to speak. I think that might be the reason why hes in no 1 right now. One of the draw backs I think about being a tactioner player is you know what to expect. I asked Trippin in an email what he thought about playing RuleZ he said that his Loki rush was stronger and that he felt he had a better water game. But he also took pride in his ability to play other civs which he said was more fun for him. He said he played loki in this tourny cuz he felt he was slightly stronger with loki. Good point about RuleZ overpowering when he booms its like a freightTrain that you cant stop lol. Very good anaylis of these players. You have an ablity to interpret the emotions of the players and the game in your comments.
File Author
Just to add to that I find it interesting that you can have two very dif hard hitting styles. I copyed Trippins game excatly. I won many games at my rating with his rush. Some of the players I knew were better than me over all, they just couldnt stop that rush. But I find its hard to remember everything exactly and its very intense playing that system.(on such a calculated economy) I think a person has to find there own style. Its good to copy someone and learn new things but you have to find your speed and your magic. Another funny point is I found Trippins personality to be simmilar to his game when chatting with him in emails. Thats Trippin its the way he is and he plays like that 2. However he did say that becoming an expert took alot of work and pratice going back to playing AoC. However its good to point out simmilaritys as well and thats agresive offencive play that wins games for both players.
File Author
Just a follow up to the prevous comments. My Game Robin Hood (next one up) is a follow up game to these games. Im playing loki and using Trippins rush. Its a good watch I recomend it. Coke.

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