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Ring of Fire

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Version: AoM: The Titans
**UPDATED again on 3/24/2018**
This map should now have a description and a more appropriate icon.
This map should now have only 1 medium gold mine per player, but also have a second large gold mine and unowned settlement per player, making the map be more balanced for the atlanteans.
**UPDATED again again on 11/03/2018**
there should now be half as many serpents and shades as before, enabling AI opponents to more often advance past the archaic age

Ring of Fire, by Garn, made in RMS Creator 2.0.1 beta

Unlike MapGen, RMS Creator 2.0.1 beta allows you to place objects within a certain radius of each player's spawn area, so you can, for example, put chickens and/or berry bushes, medium gold mine(s), and trees close to every starting town center, which I did.

This RMS is intended to be a regular version of ensemble's erebus RMS, except that all of the land is in a huge, thin ring, and everything else is lava, and theres more or less objects on the map, and there are also chickens and such near starting TCs so that the AI won't bug out.

This map should work with between 2 and 12 players, but its very thin with 2 players, and not so much with 12 players.

Please inform me via this map's comment section if something is wrong with this map that is not already listed below.
Do NOT contact me by e-mail; I used a temporary address.

-chickens, a medium gold mine, and trees near every starting TC
-2 large gold mines, a relic and 2 unowned settlements on the map per player; they're both supposed to be somewhat far from your TC, like on an ensemble RMS... but I had to place unowned settlements in clusters of 2 to make sure that every starting location has 2 settlements near it, and those settlements may ignore the AvoidPlayerAreas constraint if the map is set to 2 or so players on a normal-sized map
-some distance from your starting TC are packs of boars, and some serpents and shades; you can kill the shades and serpents with your villagers, just 3 had oughta do it for one enemy, and with no casualties
-a shorter distance from your starting TCs are clusters of trees, instead of proper forests; there should be quite enough of those trees now that I've updated it
-UPDATE: there should now be enough resources on the map for a 2 player game; there are significantly more resources on the map than the first version of the map had

-the ensemble AI rarely acts really stupid as far as aging up and such goes because the wrong guy gets killed by a shade or serpent, but that presumably can happen in ensemble's erebus RMS too
-the FairLocs function doesn't work, and sometimes settlements ignore the AvoidPlayerAreas constraint on a 2 player normal map or a map of a slightly larger size
-I hadn't gotten the foresting tool (New Area->Type=Forest) to work the way that I wanted to work, so I placed clusters of trees instead, which actually worked out pretty well
-if you play this map with 2 players on normal, causing the map to not be very big, titans are gonna have a hard time getting to the other side of the map, but they should be able to get there, at least if you cut down trees
-the map isn't a perfect circle, but its close enough to be mistaken for one
-the RMS generator does not support triggers, so I'd used none; if I could use any, then I'd have any(non-scout?) flying units that get too far into the lava instantly die, whether around the edges or towards the center... and also, rocs and offensive flying units are very strong on this map, so perhaps some players would choose to make gentlemen's agreements to not abuse them on this map

installation instructions:
step 1: go to your AoM directory that has the .exe file that starts the game
step 2: go to the rm2 folder
step 3: put the .xs and .xml files that you downloaded into the rm2 folder
step 4: if AoM is currently running, reboot the game, then you should be able to play the map after you start the game back up

Ring of Fire.RMP is the file that I used in RMS Creator 2.0.1 beta to create this map; you can just delete that file if you want, or you can download RMS Creator 2.0.1 at the below link and load it up to edit it!
Big thanks to Hermes_D for making that program.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 4
Meh... Firstly, extreme lack of resources. This 11 ugly chicken- just enough for advancing, and then you need to farm, farm, farm, again farm, thousand more times farm. I understand that it`s nowhere to insert deers or elks, but at least it should be something more to eat.
Secondly, lack of space. I had extreme difficulties while moving peasants. IT IRRITATES! Sorry, but need to do something with that.
Also, I would recommend using more apropriate icon.
Additional comments: Very tough anyway, I liked it! Maybe some updates?

[Edited on 03/22/18 @ 04:00 AM]

File Author
Well, maybe I could increase the number of boars and increase the 24 circle sizes from .014 to .015, but I don't want the circle to be too wide for 12 players.
Also, there are boars some distance from the player starting areas, in the places where you can also find relics, settlements, large gold mines, and shades and serpents.

I guess that I could add some more boars to it, but I don't wanna have 2 large gold mines and settlements per player cause its not gonna place them so fairly with alot of players; heres how the game would place em if I used 3 settlements and large gold mines per player with 12 players.

I'll update it in some minutes to have 3 boar clusters per player instead of 2, an extra average boar per cluster, and to decrease the maximum distance from the player starting areas that they can be at from 200 to 120, and to similarly decrease the maximum distance for serpents and shades, and to increase the width of the ring by ~14.3%.

[Edited on 03/22/18 @ 11:02 AM]

File Author
Bah, I can only edit comments once; I meant to have that quote there to help me reply, then I forgot to get rid of it twice, and I meant to change the link to https://postimg.org/image/eruqetcyf/a1baa953/ since that one didn't work.
I'm also adding an extra medium gold mine per starting area.

And as for the map's icon, RMS creator 2.0.1 beta doesn't support changing that, and the map description field doesn't work.

[Edited on 03/22/18 @ 11:10 AM]

FunnyMaster Very thanks for update, that was really better!
Regarding the icon, you can edit it as text in Ring of fire.xml. just find something like this:

imagepath = "ui\ui map vinlandsaga 256x256"

And make it like:

imagepath = "ui\ring of fire 256x256"

the .tga icon file should be in your AoM textures\ui folder.

You can also make details by using

mapinfo detailsText = "insert details here"

[Edited on 03/23/18 @ 02:27 AM]

aom expert
you can edit comments as many times as you want, just refresh the page to see the changes. if you still can't see the edit or you get an error, use Ctrl + F5
aom expert
Hey Garn, please update your account with an actual email that we can use to contact you.

Quoted from the Code of Conduct:

"You are required to keep your forum account's email address up-to-date. If a warning sent to the email address on record bounces, your account will be banned and you will have to fill out an Unban Request Form to have your account unbanned"

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