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Build a Hoplite 2 (Updated)

Author File Description
Dr Doom
File Details
# of Players: 2-4
Version: AoM: The Titans
Please read the following before downloading...

The Sequel to Build a Hoplite (By Dr Doom) is finally here!

*If you have already downloaded please download again, you may have missed an important update such as Myth Unit Relics or Major Bug Fixes!*

*Go to Forums>Outside Discussions>Build a Hoplite (By Doctor Doom) News and Updates for information about the game*

How to Install/Uninstall:
- First, the file is NOT a zipped file!
- To install just click download, click "save", then click open folder. Drag the file to your AoM Scenario Folder (make sure it's the titans expansion) and that's it!
- To play just host a multiplayer game, have 3 of your friends join, add a CPU and make him Isis (for the Shop), load the scenario and everyone click ready!
- To Uninstall just delete the Build a Hoplite 2 File from your Scenario Folder.

*NEW Update:
Myth Unit Relics!
Pick one up with a priest for a free myth unit!

See how this scenario is played here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1QYz7Kt9ow

Get the original here: http://aom.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=11371

~Paste one of these links into your search bar.

NOTES: If you have the original Build a Hoplite scenario (by Doctor Doom) then you should really download this one, you will have a blast!

NOTICE: THERE IS NO AI, this is only for Multiplayer use! BUT: You must have 1 CPU to be the shop and his Major God MUST be Isis.

- Priests are no longer "invulnerable".
- Added relics around the map that will give you a myth unit if picked up by a Priest!
- Switched Buy HPs and the Colossus' places so that they are with each other's groups.
- Player 4 is Yellow now!
- Fixed the bugs where Flag Bearers will still buy units after they disappear.
- Fixed all bugs where ranged units & some others lose LOS when bought.
- Added grey terrain dots inside lava pools so that they cannot be mistaken for the red player anymore.
- Fixed the bug where Priests and Colossus lose LOS when bought.
- Flag Bearers no longer get destroyed when the battle starts, instead they turn into cinematic blocks and change to player 5 so that the Unit Losses Stat will be exactly accurate!
- Added Priests.
- Deleted Hippikons.
- Over All Upgrades are now numbered and bought in order to spare the game of glitches.
- Fixed Unit Mods, again.
- Player 1 is light green.
- Player 4 is yellow.
- Workers will disappear instead of dying when the battle starts so that Unit Loss stats are correct!
- The game will tell your Army Count when the battle starts!
- The game will now tell you how many units you lost after the battle!
- The game will now tell you how many enemy units you killed after the battle!
- The game will now tell how much you spent at the shop (tribute sent) when you die or win!
- Villagers will now die when the battle starts, to spare the game of lag.
- Changed Tornado to Chicken Storm, there is no tornado anymore!
- Ultra Mining Upgrade is cheaper!
- Changed Buy 1 Hoplite to Buy 25 Hoplites!
- Fixed Colossus modifications.
- Buy 10 Hoplites is cheaper: Now 2,000Gold for 10, was 2,500Gold for 10.
- NEW Daylight Cycles: Eclipse, Dusk, Olympus, & Fimbulwinter to give the gameplay a slight tang.
- Ultra Mining Upgrade is cheaper!
- Villagers go to work right after being bought!
- Hypapists are cheaper: Now 3,00Gold for 5, was 5,000Gold for 5.
- Huskarls are cheaper: Now 3,000Gold for 5, was 4,500Gold for 5.
- Hippikons are cheaper: Now 2,500Gold for 5, was 4,500Gold for 5.
- Over All Upgrades work for all units now, even myth units!
- Human Soldiers get extra tougher when Over All Upgrades are done!
- Myth Units will now upgrade when Over All Upgrades are done!
- Villagers go to different mines (in a patterned sequence) when bought to make things less annoying and so you don't have to manage them as much.
- NEW Neon Based Player Colors! (P1: Light Green, P2: Purple, was Dark Blue, P3: Cyan, P4: Yellow.
- God Powers are set to loop, which means infinite chaos!
- Colossus have more Crush Attack & HPs.
- Frost Giants have more HPs & attack.
- Minotaurs have more HPs & attack.
- Monuments in unit spawn areas to stop griefers from escaping with god powers.
- Gold Upgrades are set to loop, which means more Gold!
- Player 2 is now Purple!
- The Shop is now Brown!
- The Camera Cut starts in the shop now.
- Villagers work immediately.
- Renamed the monuments in the shop to, "NO GOD POWERS HERE"
- Flag Bearers have -17 LOS, they don't need it.
- Smoothed out the fog along the shop cliff (with revealers) for a more professional look.
- Colossus are cheaper! (Now 7,500Gold, was 25,000Gold)
- Lightning Storm God Power is cheaper! (Now 6,000Gold, was 10,000Gold)
- Meteor Shower God Power is cheaper! (Now 6,500Gold, was 15,000Gold)
- Flag Bearers are Start Positioned Better.
- Flag Bearers are faster! (+3+4 Speed)
- Minotaurs are faster! (+1 Speed)
- NEW Battle Area designed for better chaos!
- NEW Player Death Messages.
- NEW Player Victory Messages.
- Replaced the Manticore with the Minotaur.
- Unit Spawn Areas are bigger now! (3x larger than before)
- Less time until battle for the chaos to begin sooner! (Now 11:39, was 16:25)
- Many Bug Fixes!
- New God Powers: Implode and Chicken Storm!
- Unit Modifications are better now!
- Cyclops are cheaper! (Now 3,000Gold, Was 5,00Gold)
- Toxotes are faster! (+2 Speed)
- It doesn't say "You bought +1HPs" when you buy +25 HPs anymore.
- Shop Statues to prevent griefers from destroying the shop with god powers.
- Deleted the Flaming Weapons and Frost God Powers in order to put in Implode and Chicken Storm.
- Deleted the Pegasus Test Object from the first release (v2.01).
- And much more!

*Depending on the number of players (2-4), this scenario can get quite insane with massive armies clashing at each other's throats!
*God Powers to change the battle rules!
*A huge organized shop packed full of a lot of units and important upgrades to choose from.
*Myth Units: From the Minotaur, to the Cyclops, to the Colossus, to Frost Giants,
and Fire Giants,
*Looped Gold Upgrades: Infinite Upgrades to get Gold much, much faster!
*Special Units: Make special units, already beefed up for battle (only over all upgrades effect these units) and ready to counter any enemy: Huskarls, Priests, Hypapists, & Toxotes.
*Infinite everything: As much gold as you want, as big an army as you want, as mighty or strong an army you want, and anything else.
*More than half of the entire map is the Battle Zone: this is where the chaos will take place.


Hundreds of Messages in the Chat:
Every time you buy anything it will tell you what you bought, and it will tell you if another player is buying special units.

If you buy a whole lot of speed your hoplites will fly through things and onto cliffs, into ponds and heaven knows where else!
Just try not to buy too much speed.

If you are playing with 4 players and a lot of god powers start to get used, plus the massive armies it will get laggy.
This may vary depending on your type of computer and its operating system.

Placing Prosperity:
If you buy a gold upgrade you will receive a certain number, depending on how good that upgrade is, of the prosperity god power (to make mining faster) and gold related upgrades and the quest var modifier will fix them up to give you more gold.
BUT, you cannot place the Prosperity God Power in the shop, or where you get gold because of Griefer-Resistant statues, so you must palce them elsewhere on the battle field or in your box.
It is the same no matter where you palce it, but you will have to move to another location to use it. This might get annoying.

If you buy a gold upgrade, you will get a certain number of the Prosperity god power to use depending on how better the upgrade is. I think that if you use 2 of them at once it is no different than 1. So just use 1 Prosperity at a time.
FIX: Just use 1 Prosperity at a time.

4 God Powers:
If you have bought a gold upgrade and have Prosperity, then don't buy 4 battle god powers. Only buy 3 because the fourth will become your last one and that one will disappear for ever. You will see what I mean if you don't listen, and you will be angry. So listen and only buy 3 Battle God Powers.
FIX: Don't buy any gold upgrades so you can get 4 battle god powers. Who's gonna do that?

Losing Units:
This may not happen anymore because the Unit Spawn Areas are much larger...
But If you have a giant army you'll have to squish them together because if there is no room your troops will have a SUPER HIGH chance of not spawning and you'll lose Gold.
It is very unlikely, but they may just spawn outside of the box.
FIX: Space your units by the walls to create more room for spawning units.

- Added Relics throughout the Battle field that will turn into myth units when picked up by a Priest!
- Terrain Updates and Fixes.
- Added more Neutral enemies throughout the battle field.
- Priests are fixed/ no longer "invulnerable".
- Minor Bug Fixes.
- Major Bug Fixes.

This multiplayer scenario was solely created by Doctor Doom.
Subscribe to me on YouTube!

ANNOUNCMENT: Doctor Doom is working on a NEW single player RPG scenario, which will probably be released in mid-June!

- Doctor Doom, 4/26/18.
Last Updated Saturday May 5th, 10:00 AM, EST USA.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Comfortable, no stuns. Howerver, even when I kill 1 enemy hoplite, in final stats it says that he lost 3 units, maybe villager and whatever-it-is bearer are counted?
Balance: 5
You are informed about whatever the enemy is doing, so... No problems.
Creativity: 5
This can be, actually, an 1.0 update. Whatever...
Map Design: 5
New terrain is good, however, red lava on minimap confuses with red player. Very tough.
Story/Instructions: 5
Detailed and clear.
Additional Comments:
Battle area could be even better if it was randomly generated. But excellent anyway.

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Map Design5.0
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