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All Heroes, Titans, and Gods Update v2.3

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Version: AoM:EE
Have you ever played through AOM, saw Kronos, Prometheus, God Arkantos, or Osiris, and thought, "I wish I could play as them!" And wanted to have every civilisation able to train them?!

Well wish no longer! With my proto and techtree mod, you will be able to train the following units from a shrine:

- Kastor, both young and as an adult.
- Circe (no spawn limit)
- General Melagius
- Chiron
- Odysseus
- Servant of Kronos
- Gaia
- Kronos
- Prometheus
- Ajax, both original and older
- Arkantos (Hero)
- Arkantos (Demigod - no spawn limit)
- Arkantos (God - no spawn limit)
- Amanra, both original and older
- Theris
- Agamemnon
- Hero of Ragnarok (no spawn limit)
- Nidhogg (no spawn limit)
- Polaris (no spawn limit)
- Reginleif
- Ornlu
- Eitri
- Brokk
- Setna
- Kemsyt
- Pharaoh of Osiris (no spawn limit)
- Kamos
- King Folstag
- Gargarensis
- Osiris (no spawn limit)

All the units are extremely high powered, for example Gaia now has 2500 hack and crush damage, and all units have 99% hack crush and pierce armour.

All Greek heroes for Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are trainable at Town Centers and Fortresses. As well as special units (Myrmidon, Hetairoi, and Gastraphetes) being trainable and can be trained at all Greek military buildings. The Cataphract, initially only allowed in Editor, can now be trained at the Stables, looks exactly like Achilles (Hero).

You will also be able to build a Statue of Lightning, you can build more houses (100+ population for each house until you reach 300), infinite watch towers, each tree has 20000 wood (Gaia forest tree 25000), gold mines can have upwards of 600000 gold, and villagers and fishing ships gather more of all resources.

Both guardians and the walking Poseidon statue will spawn at your temple at Mythic Age, so long as you already have a temple built, they also spawn at enemy temples and can even be seen in cutscenes.

Be wary that your enemy AI can and do build the shrine and train, so far it is usually only Kemsyt, Prometheus, and Servant of Kronos. They can build lightning statues, but I have not seen them do so.

Some issues may arise, such as starting villagers not being able to gather resources, but training new villagers will gather just fine, you may have a flashing black bar at the top left of the screen. I'm unsure how to fix these, I am quite new to this, but as soon as I am able, I will fix them.

I may also soon release a version with all units having normal damage and armour.


- Most if not all problems appear to be fixed
- Caravans gather more gold
- Priests build much faster
- Pharaoh can be trained at Egyptian town center and no longer have a train limit
- Krios can be trained at Atlantean town center and has no train limit
- Theocrat can be trained at Greek town center and has no train limit
- Krios and Theocrat have very high stats, and although they cannot attack they can be used as very effective distractions against powerful units such as Prometheus and Kronos
- All units at Shrine available at Age 1, including General Melagius in all civs
- Militia can be trained at Academy at Age 2
- Statues of Lightning attacks faster
- General Melagius can now be spawned in all civs, and has a hero death, meaning he can be revived. Not sure if this will cause problems for the Greetings from Greece campaign scenarios.
- Titans can now garrison ships and are not deleteable.
- Pharaohs and Priests are significantly stronger.

- Dwarves can build the Dwarven Forge. Don't believe it serves much of a purpose other than aesthetics. Just thought it would make sense that a dwarf should be able to build a Dwarven Forge.

- Berry Bushes now hold 100,000 food, all herding and hunting animals have 100x their initial food, so pigs and goats hold a maximum of 30,000 food. This should make gathering food in the first New Atlantis campaign scenario significantly easier.

There may be more obscure or outstanding changes I forgot to include in the list.

- Krios/Theocrat can now fight, Athena can be spawned at the shrine, she now attacks and turns into a minotaur, and the boar versions of Arkantos and Ajax can now be spawned at the Shrine as well.
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Amr Khan
Rating: 4
(it's so great although they are over overpowered but it's great work)

Additional Comments:
please make it work with tale of the dragon edition pleeeeeeeease

Edit : changing protox and techtreex to proto2.5 and techtree2.5 make it work only with the new atlantis compaign
random game everything just dies

Edit 2 : that's what happens when I open the game

[Edited on 10/13/18 @ 04:16 AM]

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