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Tree Death Beautifier 5.0

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Version: Both
~> Tree Death Beautifier <~
Update: 5.0!
+ Added Official support for AOM:EE

What does this mod do?

It adds a newly crafted particles to the falling tree animations (when chopped by villager or GP), all types of trees are supported and each tree type has own unique particles.

What is the purpose?

Do you like cutting trees? No?! Hell, you will love it now!
This makes AOM more realistic and beautiful, there aren't many mods that target nature details.

What tree types are exactly affected?

Pine tree dead (erebus), pine tree snow, pine tree, savannah tree, oak tree, oak autumn tree, marsh tree, palm tree, tundra tree, aspen tree (gaia).

Extra features?

Some animations use 'VariationLogic' to select different version of particle each time.

Can i use this new particle effects directly?

Sure you can, they are accessible as any other particle visuals. You can use them in animation files or create a new protox unit to make them accessible in editor. Simply use particle names in 'models' folder. Ex: 'sfx a pinetree death 2'.

Is this ONLINE compatible?
Yes, it should be fully compatible online. There is NO protox modification, I have only modified animation files in compatible way and added new particles and textures.

See images on imgur.com
See GIF images on imgur.com

WARNING: Mod WON'T WORK in "Low settings" as that is using low-polygon models and I didn't change them.

Rate, comment and report any bugs here in comment section.
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gabriel_vlad_201 incredible work, how have you created the particles? it's something that I can not decipher yet
File Author
Hi, particles can be created and modified very easily by 'AoM PRT Converter' (did not knew that too), search for it here in AOMH. First use AoMeD to extract models.bar or models2.bar (models contain also particle files) and then filter in windows explorer all the '*.prt' files. After you have find your .PRT file simply Drag&Drop your file on 'AoM PRT Converter.exe' that will convert it into XML after you edit it you can do the same thing to convert it back into PRT format.

BTW: I have released new version of Tree Death Beautifier, particles in anims are now correctly attached to the existing CHIN attachment on all the tree models, so you should see particles on the treetop instead of ground spot ;)

[Edited on 08/11/18 @ 01:07 PM]

File Author
I may release some simple tutorial how to quickly modify or add new particle effect into game, but I'm quite lazy for that currently :D.

Texture can be changed like this in particle XML:

1) Search for 'Appearance' xml section.
2) There you find 'AppearanceFiles' tag.
3) It contains child tag 'string' change value to your texture name.

[Edited on 08/11/18 @ 01:06 PM]

File Author
Thx for review, I will try to update this mod as soon as possible. There is still a way to improve it a bit ;)

[Edited on 08/15/18 @ 05:59 AM]

File Author
Thanks, that gif you made looks great, how did you make it? I wanted to add something similar so everyone can see how it looks in action.
Yiome @Loweless
Please, give me your Discord account or e-mail.
WollieWoltaz @LoweLess

You did an awesome job on this one. Thumbs up.
I have some questions for you...

1. Did you edit existing .prt files?
2. How did you change the shapes of the particles?
3. How did you manage to make the particles appear when the trees are hitting the ground?
4. Wich parameters do you change most within the .prt file?
5. Could you make a video guide about editing the .prt files?

File Author
@aom expert Umm, favorite mod? You must rate, its mandatory ;)


1. Did you edit existing .prt files?
- Yes I did, as this is the most easier way to add new particle effects into the game, first look for any SFX effects in game that have same shape as your new particle should have (remember that particles are just 2D textures), later you can modify the attributes to your bidding.

2. How did you change the shapes of the particles?
- To my knowledge its possible to change scale, opacity, fading, velocity, natural forces that affect particle (gravity, wind), color alterations, some special flags for interaction.
- Ex.: in the pine snow SFX I have changed: initial velocity (particle speed), scale with 2 stages so it starts smaller and grows bigger and checked flags for random orientation and direction.

3. How did you manage to make the particles appear when the trees are hitting the ground?
- This was rather easy, first you need to pick some ATTACHPOINT on the model for the actual particle to be attached to. I used 3DSMax + ABE + AoMeD:
0) I have found all the tree anim files, opened them and quickly found out all the tree model names (each tree have multiple types: A,B,C..).
1) Extracted and filtered all tree models + particles that were useful for me (Note: Only tree DEATH models, there is also IDLE, FLAIL anim)
2)Opened 3DSMax and converted every tree model via ABE plugin into compatible 3DSMax model, added ATTACHPOINT of type CHIN into scene and synced animation of falling tree model with the CHIN attachment via KEY-FRAMES. (Now we have attachment added and synced with the animation of the falling tree)
3) Now the magic part you were asking for. To sync particle with the tree anim you have to modify XML-PRT tag "InitialDormancy" (tells particle to be in dormant state for some time), I have set 1.25s which is actually a time taken by a falling tree to reach the ground, particle is then VISUALLY emitted in game (not sure if particle life is already counted by the emitter or not). Note that you HAVE TO SYNC the attachpoint with the animation of the model otherwise particle could be spawned on the start of animation in game (this can be seen on one of the palm tree models as I didn't fix that and for some reason I was unable to do so, I have a theory that it could be a bad keyframe).

4. Which parameters do you change most within the .prt file?
- Texture used by particle (more than one can be used, I haven't try this)
- ParticleLife, EmissionRate, EmissionTime, MaxParticles, Loop, InitialDormancy
- InitialVelocity, InternalGravity, Scale Acceleration, Shape, Opacity
- If it should or not pass through the ground in game (TerrainInteractionType, TerrainHeight)

5. Could you make a video guide about editing the .prt files?
- I guess I could but I'm very lazy person ;). I don't know ".prt" XML format fully (yes, PRT is nothing more than XML in binary form = serialized), there is documentation from EE developers to my best knowledge (didn't read it :P). Just "READ" each XML tag, most of them are quite clear to understand and test the modification in game. It would be gr8 to have some simulator for this ;).

[Edited on 08/22/18 @ 06:54 PM]

File Author

GifCam worked gr8 ;), I have added link to the GIFs before downloading the mod. As this is publicly accesible website I will not post any personal mail here = spambots are real.

I can post temporary Discord or mail? I'm not using any permanent discord acc at the moment, not a gamer anymore ;).

[Edited on 08/22/18 @ 05:51 PM]

WollieWoltaz @LoweLess

Thank you for answer my questions. I do know all the stuff with adding attachpoints and animate the attachpoint by adding key frames. I did this for a champion's bored animation. I moved the attachpoint at a specific frame to the right position and it looked good in Max but yeah like you said some particles show up right away when you spawn a unit in the editor so thanks for giving me information about what the parameters in the .prt files actually do especially the "InitialDormancy". I will definitely fiddle around with the other tags you said.

I do have some more questions about different particle effects... especially about wich parameters I need to adjust to get the right effect that i'm looking for..

Some particles do only show up once, like fore example the "SFX lampades bolt" particle will stay in the editor untill you delete it but for example the "SFX a generic dust" particle will show up and then it fades away and It will NOT show up anymore when playing the same animation. You need to delete the unit and spawn it again to make the particle show up again.
I hope you understand what i'm trying to say..

This also applies for special abilities. I've made a couple of characters and added special attacks with particle effects and when this character does his special attack, the particle effects show up correctly. BUT after his rechargetime is over and does his special attack again the particle effects WON'T show up anymore. Just like the other example I have to delete the character and place it again to make the particle show up.

Damnn I hope i've maked myself clear.

All in all.. I would like to know wich paramters has effect on this issue?


EDIT: I think this is something you meant with syncing the attachpoint with the animation right?

I used this method to make this character spit fire out of his mouth at a specific frame.

[Edited on 08/23/18 @ 04:01 PM]

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