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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Ascend the mountain - Lateral thinking puzzle series

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Ascend the mountain - Lateral thinking puzzle series

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Version: AoM:EE

Ascend the Mountain

Prepare to take on the ultimate set of mini puzzles where you need to think deviously outside of the box to achieve your goal. The challenge - get onto the top of the Mountain and complete the task to win.

Each of the mini maps requires a different trick to solve it.

(1)All can be completed without the use of cheats
(2)None of the solutions involve any sneaky triggers to activate
(3)Some of the maps use game oddities or quirks
(4)The Scenarios are not ordered by difficulty - if you struggle try the next one. You might get new ideas for the earlier ones later
(5)DON'T SPOIL THE SOLUTIONS TO OTHERS - but feel free to discuss the problems and ask for hints

Prepare to put your thinking skills to the ultimate test - good luck!

If people enjoy this mini series I may add more puzzles in some updates.
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WinterGod I solved the first scenario because of a glitch. Villager moved up the hill because there was huge pile of villagers near the canyon.
I am not sure about the second puzzle. I stopped there. Actual in-game hints and objectives could have been helpful here. I solved the third or the fourth one. If there were hints it would have been more fun.

EDIT: Ok I solved quite a bit of them, including the second puzzle. But still more hints would have been appreciated. And sometimes it was quite difficult to achieve some of the results even when I knew what to do. Still not sure about those double hill ones.

[Edited on 02/19/19 @ 11:41 PM]

File Author
Thank you for the feedback. Adding ingame hints via objectives is a great idea and not something I thought of. I will do an update Thursday evening if I remember as that is the next time I am free. I can put the goal in the objective, hint in the hints and solution in the spotlight.
The first puzzle yes the solution is not to glitch a villager up the hill.

Lost track which is the third/fourth. I think one of them you play as Egyptian? That one is probably one of the easier ones. The other one is the forest one which was probably the one you didn't solve as it is super cruel.


First Scenario: considering the map is the same setup as the rest minus anything you can use. What "tool" do you have at your disposal which you don't have on any of the other maps?

Double hill with heroes: This one is probably the most difficult map in the pack. You need something ranged to kill the obelisk and you need to get there. Which units can achieve one of those conditions? Is there a way to put the two together even if it seems impossible to do so. (I admit the solution is based on a strange game quirk!)

Other double hill: You probably figured out how to get up the first hill. Can you think of a way go reuse your solution - maybe indirectly to get up the second?

[Edited on 02/20/19 @ 02:44 AM]

Thanks for the hints. Solved the Egyptian and the Forest one.
Double Hill Heroes must be a very strange game quirk. There is something I heard about Amanra a long time ago. Maybe it's that.

For the second double hill, I think I know the solution. But it is hard to achieve it.
File Author
Yep it does indeed involve a quirk with Amandra. :) Let me know if you want more hints for that puzzle or any of the others.

[Edited on 02/20/19 @ 05:55 PM]

Ok solved all of them except the first one. The later ones are so much easier. (In the final one my units phased through the trojan walls) not sure about that one.

I solved the one with Amanra.

I don't fully understand the first one. We can build a wonder is that it?

Stalagmite one was too easy.

As for the second double hill, I trying to do something but it's not working.
File Author
Extra hint for the first puzzle: Think starting god plus use of a minor exploit.

Trojan wall one - one of the walls is intentionally "fake" - see the minimap.

Clearly sounds like you need further challenging - I will see what I can think up. :)

[Edited on 02/21/19 @ 07:25 AM]

File Author
Yea that is not the solution. Moving a building is part of it but you need to use a different mechanism in conjunction with the moved building to get the unit across.

(Additional hint: only works with very small distances)

If you figure this out you will have a new trick up your sleeve for escape maps. :)

[Edited on 03/14/19 @ 03:49 AM]

Nice little brainteasers.
Couldn't manage the osiris cow or hoplite hill.
Mazeppa I like the concept, but I seriously think you should've added a txt/word file documenting hints and solutions to these puzzles, and an explanation on why such a solution exists, and the game's quirks on said solution.

Sharing that info allows players - both who can solve the puzzles and those who can't - to appreciate this kind of knowledge of the game, and not just those who have over 10 years of AOM experience under their belt.
FredFefe It sounds so very intresting!!
But I can´t seem to play them.
I downloeaded the folder, extracted the files into the Scenario folder... But they don't open.
Could you guys help me?
I really wanna play those puzzles!!
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