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Zeno's Amusement Park

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# of Players: 2-4
Version: AoM:EE
4-player minigames by Zenophobia

Video Trailer

Get ready for my wildest scenario yet!

Welcome to Zeno's Amusement Park! This is my take on the minigames genre, featuring over 20 different madness-inducing minigames!

Here’s the twist: You can spend the points you’ve earned from each minigame on permanent stat upgrades. In order to win, you must spend 100 points to enter the Boss Finale minigame, where you transform into the final boss and the other players have to defeat you. If they fail, you win the game!

To host: Players 5 and 6 must be CPU with No AI! Teams don’t matter.
NO GAIA OR ODIN. The lush and regin screw up a lot of minigames.

Without further ado, let's jump right into it!

Guerilla Tactics

Welcome to a game of tactical jungle warfare!

Each player controls a squad of 8 archers and 4 guardians. Archers shoot bolts in straight lines, which can be blocked by terrain or enemy guardians. Guardians have very high armor and regenerate health over time, but they have 0 attack. Utilize the terrain and LOS advantages to kill the enemy squads!

After two minutes, a shrinking circle of lasers will descend upon the arena, vaporizing everything it touches!

Catan Lite

A game of Catan played in AoM! There are only three resources in this version, and three spaces generate resources each turn instead of two. In addition, the game automatically ends after 12 rounds, awarding points to players for their village and city count.

  • Spend 2 food and 1 gold to build a Village.
  • Spend 1 wood to build a road.
  • Spend 3 gold, 2 food, and 1 wood to upgrade a Village to a City.

Soul Guides

Inspired by Scragins, this minigame tasks you with guiding poor lost souls to HeavenGames!

Souls are hostile and will chase and attack anything in sight. You must lure them to your angel, who will ferry them to HeavenGames, awarding you with points. The more you ferry at once, the more points you get!

Relics will randomly spawn throughout the map, granting players abilities to help them as well as screw over their opponents.

Bumper Bash

Four bumper cars and some perfectly elastic collisions. Each player drives a bumper car and their goal is to ram their opponents into the sides of the map, wrecking their bumper cars. Press SPACE to launch yourself in the direction of your cursor. Your dash has a short cooldown, but you can store up to two at a time.

Exploding Thieves

It's time for some thievery and explosions, inspired by Yeebaagooon! Each player is given five villagers worth points. They can choose to forfeit up to two of these villagers, turning them into BOMBS.

After everyone is finished setting up their bombs, all their villagers and bombs transform into relics and we enter the stealing phase! Players are randomly assigned another player's relics, where they must choose to steal one. If they steal a relic, they get all of its points, but if they steal a bomb, they explode!

After 5 rounds or if everyone has exploded, players will receive points from their remaining non-bomb relics!

Hide and Snipe

All players are thrown into a small circle with 0 LOS! Their only weapon is the ability to call down barrages!

Press SPACE to call down a barrage at your cursor, which will permanently reveal the target area to EVERYONE and also kill any players standing in it. But beware! After firing a barrage, your speed will be reduced for several seconds, and more importantly, enemies can deduce your location from the angle of the barrage!

Dungeon Duelers

Inspired by a scenario by Nickonhawk, this minigame pits two teams of two against one another to build the perfect maze. First, each team builds a maze by excavating walls out of a grid and placing down buildings, which transform into enemies. Next, the teams swap mazes and race to see who can finish their opponents' maze first!

Yeebaagooon Says

Each player stands on a 3x3 grid and must follow Yeebaagooon's instructions or be obliterated! But beware! Imposters like Yoobeegaaan or Yaabeegooon will try to lead you astray! Don't listen to anything they say!

Angry Rocketmen

Inspired by the classic Chicken Dodge, this minigame throws the players into a small circle where angry rocketmen will fire rockets at them from every direction. The longer you survive, the more points you get!

Memory Madness

A simple memorization game. Memorize as many glyphs in a row as you can to earn points. If you get even one glyph wrong, you get brainalized!


Like the classic game of Snake, except it's multiplayer. Wherever you walk, you leave behind a trail of fire. Touch any fire and you die! Collect glyphs to increase your trail length and earn more points.

Body Snatchers

You play as Body Snatchers, evil spirits lacking a body. Being exposed to sunlight will slowly burn away your health. In order to survive, you must take over bodies, but there are only a limited number in the arena! Kill the other players to win!


The classic game mode done in minigame style. Press SPACE to drop a bomb at your feet, which will explode after 3 seconds, destroying walls and players in the vicinity. Pick up power-ups to increase your bomb length or the number of bombs you can carry. Killing another player will grant you all of their buffs!

Zombie Rampage

Two teams, two zombie hordes. Build towers and walls to defend yourself from the infinite horde of Zombies!

Killing a Zombie on your side will spawn a Zombie for the opposing team. Beware of Mega Zombies, which are impervious to pierce damage, and must be taken down by your own hands! Killing them rewards you with resources for building more buildings.

Cowboys Shootout

A skillshot-intense battle! Press SPACE to fire your weapon at your cursor. Press R to reload. All bullets are one-hit kill, so this will be a game where skill wins over all! Relics will also randomly spawn on the map. Pick one up to equip a unique weapon like a Shotgun or Grenade!


A hilarious game of magnetic soccer. Two teams of two face off to try and knock the Graviball into the opposing team's goal.

Walking generates negative charge, while touching the ball generates positive charge. At -100 charge, you can press SPACE to gain a brief burst of movement speed. At +100 charge, you can press SPACE to kick the ball in the direction of your cursor. First team to 3 goals wins!

Battle Auction

A battle of wits, bluffs, and finances! Each player is given a pool of units that they can spend. Then, the bidding begins!

Each round, a random number of units and points will be put up for auction. Next, each player will choose how many of their units they want to commit to the upcoming fight. Then, the chosen units are teleported to an arena, where they fight for control over an Osiris Piece Cart. Whoever captures the cart and successfully brings it back to their pad earns the random units and points!

Beware! Units you bid won't come back, so spend them wisely! The game lasts for 10 rounds, with better units and more points being offered in later rounds.

Chariot Tag

Each player controls a chariot which gains speed when moving in straight lines but loses speed when travelling in curves. Oh, also one player has been strapped with a BOMB!

Pass the bomb to another player by touching them before time runs out! Each bomb explodes in 20 seconds, and once a bomb explodes, another one is randomly strapped onto a surviving player. Last man standing wins!

Lava Floor

The floor is lava! Players stand on a field of platforms which begin to disappear one by one. Cast Vision to summon an Arkantos God at the target location, which can knock players into lava. Last man standing wins!

Stymphalian Dogfight

Quite literally a game of warbirds. Each player controls a dogfighter, which gains speed when travelling in straight lines but slows down on sharp turns. Press SPACE to fire your forward-mounted gatling-gun, which has a short cooldown. Strafe and gun your way to victory!

Spellduel Gauntlet

Time for some fast-paced 1v1's! The two last-place players face off in a 1v1 duel, with the winner moving on to face the next best player, and so on so forth. Each duel, players have access to two spells, which cost mana and are activated with hotkeys:

  • SPACE (5 mana): Throw an energy bolt at your cursor. It explodes on contact, dealing damage.
  • R (15 mana): Instantaneously teleports you to your cursor.
Players earn mana (wood) each second, but more importantly, whenever a player casts a spell, their opponent gains 5 mana, so spend wisely!

Seeker Hunt

One player is the Seeker, and their goal is to collect relics. Each relic gives them points. The other players are the Hunters, and their goal is to kill the Seeker! Whoever kills the Seeker becomes the next Seeker, and can start earning points by collecting relics themselves.

Whenever you jump, you cause a shockwave when you land, stunning other players. Press SPACE to summon a neutral target at your cursor, which anyone can jump to. The game lasts for 3 minutes.

Join The Swarm

Welcome to Join The Swarm, inspired by Scragins!

In this minigame, you control a swarm of myth units. Killing a neutral myth unit will absorb its knowledge, increasing your swarm size by 50% and transforming them all into the killed myth unit. Destroy the other swarms to win!

The Executioner

Welcome to The Executioner, inspired by nottud!

Every player is thrown into a circle with an angry neutral Guardian at its center. Your movement speed is halved and you can't fight back. Your only tools for survival are one use of the Shockwave power and a recharging supply of Lures.

More and more Guardians will spawn over time. Guide the Guardians to kill the other players to win!

Boss Finale

One player has chosen to spend 100 gold to become the final boss and attempt to win the game!

The boss's stats are significantly enhanced and they gain powerful attacks and abilities, but their health drains away each second. Meanwhile, the players gain access to several abilities to help them combat the boss.

Each player has several lives. If a boss eliminates all the players, they WIN THE GAME! If the players survive and beat the boss, they each get points!

Thank You To All My Playtesters!

As always, many, MANY thanks to all my playtesters for joining me in the development of this scenario from start to finish. I know it sounds cheesy and repetitive when I say this every time, but I could not have finished this scenario without your help and support. Thank you for finding all those bugs, thank you for sitting through those infinite while loops and sync errors, and thank you for all your brilliant ideas and feedback. Until next time!

[2K] T.K.

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Congratulations on finishing it!

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