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Valley of the Gods

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Version: AoM:EE

Valley of the Gods

There's a place far away... Unknown lands where the forces of nature are still unchained and forge the rough land in their constant rampage. No human has ever dared to set foot on these abandoned wastes... yet. But the gods knew about the purpose of this unholy place for ages and now its time has come.

Nature created a valley that would be impossible to enter or leave unless with the help of the gods themselves. And so they decided to make this the place where they would find out who's the mightiest and compete for power.

You've been chosen to represent your god. Your task is to defeat the other representatives and claim victory for your diety. Better be successful and don't disappoint them!

Map Appearance

Valley of the Gods is a star-shaped map. In teams, players are arranged in a circle with all player areas being connected to the center by just one road. The center area holds a plenty vault and a huge amount of relics.

Twists and Balancing

1) Resources

The contract of the gods for this competition gives everyone the same chances. Players are constantly supplied with resources, except for favor (they start with 1). It's obvious that they have to earn that on their own. Whoever holds the plenty vault will of course gain a significant advantage!

2) Techs

The gods send only their most advanced cultures and warriors. All techs are either active right from the start or not available (just to keep the balance or because it would be buggy). You only have to advance in ages and maybe save up for the omniscience. Of course just setting all techs to active is a bit of an overkill and some units would profit multiple times so I decided carefully on which techs to keep. For example most egyptian units will not be called champion units but will still be as strong as them.

3) Balancing Units

Since that's still a bit unfair, especially in early game where you will want to collect relics as fast as possible I disabled starting units for everyone except for the greeks and I also made changes to a few units:

  • Greek villagers are reduced to 15, Egyptian villagers are reduced to 10, Norse villagers are disabled, Altlantean villagers are reduced to 4 (and only one additional hero).

  • Priests cost 2 additional favor and can't pick up relics until 3:30 into the game.

  • Oracles can't be turned into heroes until 3:00 into the game.

  • Norse Hersirs cost 1 additional favor.

  • Dryads cost 1 additional favor.

  • Atlantean Heroes cost 1 favor less.

  • Rapidly reduced favor costs for atlantean Myth Units.

  • Bogsveigirs are debuffed since they profit from both champion archers and champion infantry.

  • Contarius are debuffed since atlanteans unlock medium cavalry at age 3 independently (researching it makes up for the debuff).

  • Town Centers give only 10 popcap but houses give 20 (manors give 40).

In addition, the following units and buildings are disabled:

  • Norse Villagers, Dwarves and Ox Carts

  • Roc (one may be obtained on age-up)

  • Caravans

  • Farms

  • Granaries, Economic Guilds, Storehouses, Mining Camps and Lumber Camps

  • Docks

Strategy Tips

Since noone has to worry about techs and economy fights on this map starts off quite quickly. This makes the starting phase very crucial. Collecting relics and claiming that plenty vault as soon as possible can make a big difference.

The map itself is very enclosed and makes for an easy defense. It may seem better to stay put and build a big army to strike back but even big armies might have their troubles to conquer strong defensive lines in these passages.

Games on this map can take quite long so make sure to use your resources effectively. Let others bleed out in pointless battles in the center area and wait for a good moment to strike. But be careful and don't let your guard down. Your foes might be waiting just for the same opportunity!

That said I wish you lots of fun with the map and may your god be victorious in this battle!

Update 08.05.2020

Removed the two additional towncenters per player, towncenters now again support the dafault amount of population.

Update 17.05.2020

Reduced Favor costs for all Atlantean Heroes by 1, rapidly reduced Favor costs for all atlantean Myth Units to react to only a single Town Center available at the start.

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