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Version: AoM:Tale of the Dragon


An action RPG adventure inspired by the platformer title "Spelunky". Roam around lots of different randomly generated environments, blow up the terrain, fight and avoid enemies and traps, and discover lots of loots and collectibles for resource, spells, and character buffs.

Unlike normal similar maps, this features a risk reward mechanic in that there are not means of healing (Excluding occasional healing spell/health relic) for a given level. This means that you will be faced frequently balancing between exploring further, or existing the level to recover. Death in this game does not mean a game loss providing at least one player reaches the passage - this will revive you on the next level.

Cutting Edge Features

  • Lots of beautifli varied environments with varied lighting and effects

  • Random world generation - no game is ever the same

  • Never seen before destructible terrain system

  • Mlitiple endings depending on performance

  • Colourful shiny relics allowing quick distinguishing

Installation/Hosting Instructions

To install extract the Spelunky folder to your mods directory.

This can be played up to 10 players (Mlitiplayer recommended) but ensure the last 2 players are set to be AI with the AI set to "No AI". All human players sholid be allied with the 2 AI player set to enemy but allied with each other.


The aim is to find the exit passage of each level and at least one of you make it in there alive. Along your journey you need to find 2 pieces of amulet held by 2 of 3 sisters. They are located in secret worlds which you will need to find the entrance from hidden randomly in a couple of the levels.

You have the following things at your disposal:


These come in the form of bombs and ships. Bombs can be used to destroy cliff and forest to reach previous impassable areas. On some levels you may be blocked by water, you can summon a ship to sail across and reach these locations. Both of these can be found in large crates around the map. Use of bombs and ships can be done by training an Ape or Gazelle.


These are permanent buffs to your character which are colourfli relics that you can pick up around the map. The relic colour determines the type, the relic size the tier. You can also click them before picking up to get a description of what it will do.


  • Speed

  • Range and LOS

  • Attack

  • Projectile count

  • Health

  • Bomb radius


  • Common: Benefit x1

  • Uncommon: Benefit x2

  • Rare: Benefit x4

Beware of greedy team mates you will seek to take all the relics for themselves!


These are single use god powers that can be found from opening Osiris Boxes that will aid you. Effects range from creating items, spying on areas of the map, and damaging enemies. You can hold up to 4 spells types at once but any number of charges.


The systems above are the general replacement from the standard killing and levelling up systems found in similar maps. However every kill will grant everyone 1 gold. There are 3 shops you will encounter along the way will allow you to make a couple of lowest tier stat buffers to fill any gaps you may have - e.g. lots of attack but you are lacking in projectile count. Note that these shops are expensive so expect most of your upgrades to come from discovery!


  • Use bombs to get through cliff to new areas. Generally bombing to reach a visible item such as a crate is worth it as you will usually get more than your investment back.

  • Bombs DO friendly damage - make sure after you place the bomb you run away quick!
  • Hold the alt key and right click to enter passages - this is faster than using the garrison button

  • If you have a choice between a secret and normal entrance - do the secret one. Not only can you find a sister but you will also gain some valuable items while you are at it! Existing the secret area brings you to the same level the normal passage wolid have brought you to.

  • Stick together especially for the later levels - they get very tough!

  • Don't let your greedy teammates steal all the relics.

  • Don't all die! :)

I wish you the best of luck in your adventure!
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Nickonhawk Unbalanced, Yeebaagooon was too strong.
File Author
"Don't let your greedy teammates steal all the relics."

I guess you failed that tip. :)
brandon_y92 My fiance and I have been playing your 1 map for nearly a decade together on and off throughout the year mostly around the Christmas season. I was wondering if you could make another map that has a higher population like aoms off limits. We love that map and would love to have another like it. Maybe as large but with less trees and some varying forests. Thanks for years of content. We love you.

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