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Hero Build Fighters 2

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# of Players: 1-4 (fill empty spots with computers)
Version: AoM:EE
4-player roguelike by Zenophobia

A roguelike, but Zeno-style

Zenophobia has invited you to return to his arena for another round of glorious combat. But this time, the rules have changed!

Hero Build Fighters 2 is my take on the roguelike genre, featuring 12 lovingly crafted characters, an assortment of exciting upgrades, 24 waves of enemies with unique abilities, and 5 bosses of epic proportions!

  • Step 1: Choose your hero!
  • Step 2: Fight!
  • Step 3: Upgrade!


Only one thing needs explaining beforehand: All your spells are free, except for your ultimate, which costs favor. Gain favor by casting spells and defeating enemies. And that’s it! Time to dive right in!

He channels the power of the skies, bringing all his foes to their knees.

Passive: 5 percent of your maximum health is added to your attack.

(Q) Blitz: Teleport a short distance towards your cursor, damaging enemies in your path.

(W) Electrofield: Continuously release electricity around you for several seconds, stunning enemies that stay too long.

(E) Supercharge (50 favor): Double your health and become immune to status effects for a short duration. During this time, all your attacks electrocute their targets, stunning them.

Prioritize: Health, Spell Duration, Cooldown Reduction

He is a quick and elusive fighter who lets his flames do the killing. You will die before you get the chance to catch him.

Passive: Every five seconds, you can jump to attack distant foes.

(Q) Trailblazer: For a short duration, leave behind a trail of fire that deals damage each second.

(W) Rekindle: For the next few seconds, you regain health when moving.

(E) Phoenix Dive (60 favor): Gain 2 speed for several seconds. During this time, your jump has no cooldown and causes explosions where you land.

Prioritize: Speed, Spell Duration, Spell Power

She holds the lives of allies and enemies in the palm of her hand. She can be gentle rays of sunlight, or searing flames of justice.

Passive: Each time you attack, restore health to nearby allies and gain 1 favor.

(Q) Blessing: Restore health to allies in the target area for a short duration.

(W) Searing Light (Toggle): While active, turns all your healing effects into damage effects with half strength, but you lose 3 percent of your health each second.

(E) Radiance (50 favor): Become light itself, gaining a burst of movement speed for several seconds. During this time, you can pass through units, healing allies and stunning enemies. Each enemy can only be stunned once per cast.

Prioritize: Health, Cooldown Reduction, Spell Duration

His arrows rain from the skies, and none can pinpoint his location, for he is everywhere at once.

Passive: Your arrows deal 10 percent more damage for every 5 meters traveled.

(Q) Arrowstorm: For the next few seconds, your attacks call down barrages that deal damage in an area. Your passive applies to these attacks.

(W) Disengage: Stun nearby enemies and then teleport a short distance towards your cursor.

(E) Whirlwind (80 favor): Create a vacuum that pulls in and stuns nearby enemies.

Prioritize: Attack, Range, Projectiles

Only death awaits those that have been pierced by his spears.

Passive: Your attacks poison their targets. If they are already poisoned, increase their poison damage by 3 instead.

(Q) Neurotoxin: Fire a dart that stuns the first enemy hit. If they are poisoned, also spread it to surrounding enemies.

(W) Spear Barrage: For a short duration, each time you attack, increase your projectile count by 1. This bonus resets when this spell ends.

(E) Plague (60 favor): Cause all poisoned enemies to explode, dealing their remaining poison damage to nearby enemies.

Prioritize: Spell Duration, Projectiles, Spell Power

She stalks her prey meticulously, always finding the perfect moment to strike.

Passive: You accumulate attack when moving. This bonus decays when you stand still for more than 2 seconds.

(Q) Tail Whip: Your next attack within 5 seconds launches its target, stunning and damaging everything in its path. The bigger the launched enemy, the more damage dealt.

(W) Hunt: For several seconds, you have bonus speed and can pass through units. While this ability is active, each time you kill an enemy with a basic attack, gain additional bonus speed and restore health.

(E) Torrent (60 favor): Become a wave and surge to the target location, dragging enemies with you. Damage scales with distance traveled.

Prioritize: Speed, Attack, Cooldown Reduction

His ingenuity has produced some of the most destructive weapons we have seen in the arena.

Passive: You wield a shotgun that fires bullets in a cone. Each bullet only deals 0.4x your attack but restores 1 favor if it hits.

(Q) Grenade: Fire a grenade at your cursor. It explodes and deals damage.

(W) Landmine: Place down a trap that stuns and damages the first enemy that steps on it. You can hold 2 traps at a time.

(E) Minigun (Toggle): Swap to your minigun, which has extra range and continuously fires bullets at your target. Each bullet deals 0.8x your attack and costs 1 favor. Fire rate scales with your projectile count.

Prioritize: Attack, Projectiles, Range

He is greed incarnate. Nothing can satisfy his hunger for power.

Passive: Each round, you can open two chests instead of one.

(Q) Backstab: Teleport to a target enemy and deal your attack damage to it. If it dies, permanently gain 1 attack, and if it was also poisoned, refresh the cooldown of this ability.

(W) Poison Daggers: Throw poisoned daggers in a cone. Dagger count scales with Projectiles.

(E) Dark Harvest (80 favor): Grant all allied characters half your attack and spell power for several seconds. During this time, any enemies that die permanently grant you +1 attack.

Prioritize: Spell Power, Cooldown Reduction, Spell Duration

With a single breath, her creations dominate the battlefield, turning it into a frozen wasteland.

Passive: Your spells stun enemies that are at full health.

(Q) Icicle: Summon an icicle at the target location, dealing damage. The icicle remains for several seconds.

(W) Frost Giant: Summon a Frost Giant familiar that has your stats. Every second, it grants you 1 favor and loses 5 percent health. (Decay reduced by Spell Duration)

(E) Blizzard (Toggle): All your Icicles and Frost Giants release frost, continuously dealing damage around them. The cost and damage of this ability increases each second it is active, but resets if the ability is deactivated. (Cost per second is reduced by Spell Duration)

Prioritize: Spell Duration, Cooldown Reduction, Spell Power

He experiments with reckless abandon, but he has produced some of the most frightening results.

Passive: Every third attack throws a potion with a special effect and restores 5 favor.
Freeze: Stuns the target for a short duration.
Poison: Poisons the target and surrounding enemies.
Healing: Restores 5 percent health to all allies.

(Q) Elixir: Remove all status effects from an ally and heal them.

(W) Swap Potion: Cycle your potions between three options: Freeze / Poison / Healing

(E) Duplication (50 favor): Summon a perfect copy of an ally character. It also copies their spells when cast. The duplicate loses an increasing percentage of its health each second (Decay reduced by Spell Duration).

Prioritize: Spell Duration, Projectiles, Spell Power

Time and space are meaningless before his powers.

Passive: After you cast a spell, your next attack is ranged and deals damage in a small area. The radius increases with Projectile count.

(Q) Time Leap: Teleport towards your cursor. Then your next attack deals double damage.

(W) Rewind: Return to your location five seconds ago, stunning nearby enemies. Heal for all the damage you took and give bonus damage to your next attack equal to that same amount.

(E) Acceleration (Cost 80): Reset all cooldowns for all players. Then give all players half cooldowns for a short duration.

Prioritize: Cooldown Reduction, Spell Power, Attack

The more souls there are to take, the stronger he becomes.

Passive: Each time a unit dies near you, restore 5 percent health and gain 2 favor.

(Q) Abduct: Summon an evil cloud that drags enemies towards you, stunning them.

(W) Domination: For several seconds, drain health from surrounding enemies and allied minions, converting it into attack for yourself. The attack bonus decays over time when the ability is on cooldown.

(E) Arise (Cost 9): Spend all your favor, summoning a minion for every 9 favor spent. The minions have a fifth of your health and decay over time. (Decay reduced by Spell Duration)

Prioritize: Spell Duration, Health, Spell Power


When hosting, player 5 should be CPU. Players 1-4 are human, but the game can be started with less. Just fill in the extra slots with computers. Gods and teams don't matter.

Purchasing Spell Power will increase both damage and healing of your spells wherever applicable.

Purchasing Spell Duration will also increase the duration of your status effects such as stuns and poisons.

Purchasing Range will not only boost your attack range but also the range/radius of your spells and passive, wherever applicable.

Purchasing Cooldown Reduction is multiplicative, meaning you can never reach 0 cooldowns.


Thank you to all my playtesters!

  • Nickonhawk
  • phdorogers4
  • nottud
  • scragins
  • Yeebaagooon
  • My sister
  • My dad
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