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protox+techtree mod

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Version: AoM: The Titans

are you offline player who like to play vs AI, but hard AI is too easy and titan is too much tilting? thats me too. So I did this modpack, it was for my personal use only, but I think someone would like to use it possibly too.

Im working few years in modding units stats, powers, etc, to be more fun and moderately easier vs Titan AI.
It is not overpowered, but not absolutely balanced too. Its focused to all units be useable and fun. Not completed yet, but I will update. Not kind of OP quickfix like some others.

AOM TT 1.03 needed
extract with something
replace original protox+techtree files with civilization files you would like to play(how to create them and use them, you must find by yourself). dont forget to backup orig.

Like i said, mod is not done yet, some op stuffs still there(experimental) but what is mostly done:
-Gaia (some mix of all atlantian "gods", recommended)
- Ra, Isis
- Zeus, Poseidon, Hades
- Norse participaly done, balance issues (plan is to balance Loki for rushing, Thor for lategame, and Odin for midgame raiding).

because Titan AI is op especialy early game, I made cheaper some (especialy early) upgrades, made some tier3 units tier2, made some rebalances,add few free units. To balance AI low villager usage= more supply for army, players caravan supply cost=0, but are limeted to 20 pieces.

example of patchnotes:

Obelisk 1 slightly more powerful(+-10%)
Obelisk 5 can be build 3 times
Ra priest can taunt animals
egyptians can have up to 3 pharaohs, every min 1, with upgrade up to 5
axeman sligtly strogner vs infantry
myth units costs less favor, some less material. Uses abilities more often
midgol costs less favor, barracs cheaper, houses build faster
minor gods reworked - more specific god stuff is avaible for all.
elephants have slightly higher attack range
camels slightly faster and durable
some less usable god powers are useable more times.
Son of Pharaoh is trainable unit (max 1 ofc) for 500/500/500/30, gods cant summon him.
like every civ - caravan set max to 20, costs no population.
Eclipse stronger
melee units usualy stronger vs siege
-phoenix usable
-mummy can use abilites to siege
much more....

-heroes costs less favor
-all greek civ can have 1 more tier 4 hero.
-free first hero at start
-heroes slightly reworked, especialy poseidon- uses cavalery heroes
-antiarcher unlocked tier2
-antimilitary unlocked tier2
-tier 1-3 heroes can be trained in rax, stable, -archery range (tier 1 in rax, tier2/ranger in archery, tier 3 in stable)
-myth units costs less favor
-healing temple is avaible for all and is much more powerfull
-god specific units are avaible for all gods
- poseidon specific horseman is for poseidon only avaible in tier3 and has stronger attack vs infantry but weaker attack vs buildings
-more tier 4 gods can use Colosi, but cant upgrade to gold ones.
- plenty Vault not avaible, because you are too op late with it. i tried to make this buildable, but weaker, but i failed hard:(
- hephaistos cheap armory upgrades avaible for all, like more upgrades of some gods.
-atlanta can jump and is fast
-poseidons tier 1+2+3 heroes are fast, to match -speed of your horses(uses chiron and achiles, to be not so stupid). so poseidon can harash with them without slowdown. horse heroes can be upgraded with horse special upgrades(favor ones).
-special upgrades mostly cheaper, especialy favor cost.
-some god powers slightly rebalanced, or can be used more times

-archer tier2 but costs little favor
-chierobalista is much more fun unit, useable especialy lategame to splash attack vs huge groups of enemy, have min range and is vulnerable if not covered. cost favor
-more gaia trees
fanatic useable- sligtly better, fanatic hero can use jump attack
-favor costs rebalanced
-myth units rework
-can build oranos teleport building(i forgot name :)
-flying medic build limit 5, but more powerful
murmillo is now counter to infantry (but not too good), sucks vs horses
-can build lighttowers tier4
much more

im tired to write :D

GOAL IS JUST TO MAKE PLAY VS TITAN AI MORE FUN A SLIGHTLY EASIER. I DONT WANT TO PLAY VS AI ABUSING HIS STUPIDITY, WITH THIS YOU CAN WIN CLASSICAL WAY , BEATING HIM REGULARY. (no 1 unit runnig throught map half hour taunting whole army, mo market block, no stupid rushes needed, etc). you still can do this, but then it will not be fun for long.

DONT FORGED, ITS NOT DONE 100%!!! Dont blame me for this. And enjoy ofc:)

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