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eX_WOLF vs GRR_jeanlefou_FR

Author File Description
Flavius Aetius
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Oasis
Map Size: Normal
AI Difficulty: Easy
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: 1.0
Player 1's Name: eX_WOLF
Player 2's Name: GRR_jeanlefou_FR
eX_WOLF vs GRR_jeanlefou_FR on Oasis
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 3
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:

Blah! A lot of timidity. There wasn't an adjustment by Thor earlier in the game reacting to Egypt's spears. Egypt seemed to adjust well.

Ulfsarks were okay, but I would have liked to see more throwing axeslots more. Also, don't forget your market and trade routes!

I didn't see the whole thing by the way.
Rating: 3
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:lol got here first eh? Right about the 3 I was think that watching the game. I did watch the whole thing. Yeh not much action at the begining I played against someone on set today. He had a better classical rush than that. Good examples of how to defend playing norse. This is also a good example of why you dont want to spend alot of time in heroic vs egypt or greek as a norse player. Notice how Wolf comes alive as soon as he hits mythic. Thats when the game got good. One more thing the Set player may have won it if...he hit his meteor shower in the right place. You have to hit the TC with all the farms. But it was still cool to see all those ulsfarks flying in the air.
CokaCola_KiD Oh and BTW im not going to review everygame anymore, it takes alot of my time and im not getting paid for it. Im going to spend more time working on making in the top 20 at ESO. But I will review expert games. Coke
Chromatic Good idea Coke. Practice, practice. Unfortunately, I suck so it's easier to armchair quarterback this game. :D
CokaCola_KiD Flavius you get alot of nice dls but...I wana see how well you can play. So im making this 1v1 challenge to you now. Email me at Curt777@shaw.ca, lets set it up. Coke. Dont be backen down on me either.
Mattefuller uhh, flavius is good, i think hes like 1800 or 1900+, so watch out.
CokaCola_KiD Ok matt maybe, and if I lose im willing to suck it up and even post the game. Like you will be seeing my game vs Consumera. Now remember people this isnt just any game, its an all out grudge match. We exchanged emails with threats and everything. And now you will get a chance to see a war where personal differences are settled. And as far as your concerned Matt you emailed me accepting my challenge and now your backing down. You said we`d arrange a time and you didnt respond to my email. I appretiate your suggestions on my game. But is this a lose for you? Coke.
And P.S. my rating isnt that high but I do have a 60% winning average.
CokaCola_KiD And as far as your conerned Chromatic I dont think you suck maybe your not the best player in the game but dont sell your self short cuz your Knowlege of the game is very good. With a little work you could be an expert. Coke
Rating: 3
A well played game of Thor vs Set, but a little boring after reviewing Trippin and RuleZ's games. I must be spoiled by those games CokaCola posted. In this game Egyptian was not able to keep up with the conflict and was simply crushed after mythic. A testimony of Norse economy and the power of the winter wolves perhaps.

Additional Comments:
Set launched an aggressive attack in the early game, although it was not sufficient to harm the Norse economy, it did keep the Norse raiders at home, the one reason why Egypt lasted as long as it did. I think the Egyptian had only one real chance of winning this game, and it happened in the middle classic age. At one point Egyptian troops had a real chance of taking over the Norse healing spring, but instead they went attacking the unit producing structures instead, which IMO was usually a good idea but in this specific case a mistake that cost Egypt the only real chance of winning. As for the previous comment about casting that meteor shower at the norse TC with all the farms, I don't think the Egyptian had a chance of doing that, because by that time, the map was pretty much well guarded and dominated by norse structures and units already, and Egypt had no real chance of infiltrating the Norse base unless they wanted to lose their entire army. Overall a good game that demonstrated some Norse superiority.
CokaCola_KiD Your right about that hexeon I guess the meteor shower thing was more of an idea, but im learning that gps dont win games alone. Very rarly from veiwing many games and playing have I seen someone use gps when losing a game to comeback and win it.

I just wanted to make a comment about posting games. I think that entertainment value in a game is a plus. And thats a good thing because you dont have to be an expert to have a very gg to watch. Ive seen boring games by top experts and very ggs by inter players and even beginer players. So if your not the best player and you played a game with lots of action and a twist Id say post it. Coke

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