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CokaCola_KiD vs Consumera

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Mediterranean
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: 1.0
Total Game Time: 15min
Player 1's Name: Capt_Cook
Player 2's Name: Consumera
You might have remembered some of the comments I made about water wars and some games with good examples of how to fight water. Well this games shows that sometimes experience is the best teacher. Enjoy and feel free to comment. Coke
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Rating: 3
A rather simple game of Loki vs Loki.

Additional Comments:
By the late archaic age it became apparent that Capt_Cook was a somewhat weaker player with several questionable civilian unit movements that put his economy slightly behind Smurfing_456's, I would say maybe about 10% to 15% behind. I will list several of these minor mistakes here: 1) ignored food production in the beginning for just a tad bit longer than necessary even for a sea map; 2) when ran out of food stopped town center production until realized that he could make dwarves; 3) putting couple dwarves on cutting trees for a minute or so, which one should never do unless playing Thor; 4) didn't make the 2nd ox cart soon enough to enhance production; 5) didn't make the 2nd house soon enough. Smurf_456 on the other hand had proven to be at least more practiced here. For example, starting a house but not building it, instead he built the dock first, knowing when finished the Ulfsark would continue building the house. These little details of well practiced handling are signs of an expert. The cumulative effect of all these is that Smurf_456 was able to advance to classic age before Capt_Cook was able to. The strategic mistake of going for sea instead of ground on this map is obvious, but even if Capt_Cook chose ground forces here I doubt he could've turned the tide around. By that time the ground force disparity was already too significant. Instead of two more longhouses Capt_Cook had built 2 more docks. There was no coming back at that point. By the way, Smurf_456 was lucky to have recovered a very useful relic, it could've made a little bit difference (around 5%) if the two players were employing similar strategies at the same level of expertise. As it was, it just put Smurf_456 further ahead in the game. Just out of curiosity, who was Capt_Cook and who was Smurf?

[Edited on 05/27/03 @ 04:16 AM]

File Author
Hexeon I was captcook, alright first i was really nervous playing this game being in total suprise that Consumera was a loki player. And that his rating was 1750 my all time high is 1645. And that was the 3rd game. What can I say I learned my lesson but...I also found out what its like to play a 1750 player which I was eager to do. I didnt play my best in this game, Ive had games where I did do everything right. But when your nervous you can make mistakes that you would never think of doing. A lack of experience on my part. As Ive only been playing for about a month.
File Author
Hexeon I was just wondering if you have some kind of system for rating games? I generaly look for skill and entertianment. Do you consider the entertainment valu in a game?
Hexeon Hi Cola, yes I consider entertainment a little bit, but mostly I rate games on strategic creativity and originality, as well as raw skills in precise control of units and buildings. This is not a conflict with entertainment value really, because for me watching a game that has those qualities is the most entertaining. It's interesting that Smurfing_456 did to you the Loki forward rush similiar to what Trippin did on that map to RuleZ. An additional note, I don't know if Consumera created his account name as a joke, but "smurfing" in some circles of the RTS gaming world means to play on one's secondary account so as to test their opponents without endangering their main account's record or have fun with people without letting their main identity be known. I wonder if Consumera has another AOM identity.
File Author
Yeh it was funny in the first game we were both doing the same thing going to classical about the same time. But his ulfsark caught mine building a temple. So I took off and tried to delete it however to my supprise he took my temple and finished building it for himself. Didnt know you could do that. Anyway that set my rush back by about 1 min and it was over. One min with loki vs loki can determine the game. Im used to playing 15801640 norse players I found out that in the 17001880 range its a different game. I think he has a dif name with a lower rating. But I know it wasnt Trippin cuz I was in contact with him in email. Anyway he lives in europe, Consumera is from the states. I was just asking about that cuz Ive watched some beginner games that were very entertaining and I just rated a game with GPs that I thought was kind of boring. Im just learing Micro stuff right now and econ managment in classical. That Micro thing is making things easy. Ive played games where I watched the sea to see if there was going to be a water fight. But this is a second med game with him. The last one I lost on water so this one Im thinking Im going to take the water. Well he tricked me lol.
File Author
Just wondering if you could rate the second game its a Posei vs Ra. Just kind of interested in how you would rate it. Maybe because of my skill level I didnt see it as being very entertaining.
Hexeon Sure Cola but I don't see the file anywhere.
File Author
Hi hexeon lol to late you already rated it. Its the second game from the top. I was just wondering if youd like to have a game sometime?
File Author
Oh and btw I won a game tonight as a result of the experience I gained from these games played Vs Consumera. Some people dont like to play others with high ratings cuz they get beat so bad. Theres a saying out there No pain no gain. It can be the sameway with this game. ( no pain no game )
Fobulous yeah smurfing is a bad word!

anyway..i felt that when you saw those two hacking away at your dock..you should have made barracks right away after you hit classical. Sure longboats will deter them for awhile but they'll come back and if you had some troops instead of longboats..you might have givien a much tougher defense.

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