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Shadow Realm - campaign preview cinematic

Author File Description
Bobalouie This is a preview for the upcoming project release for AoM by DGDN, 'Shadow Realm', is due out by the end of the Summer of 2oo3, if not sooner. Release date is subject to change for unrelated game design reasons.

Dragon Game Design Network

DGDN Project Page link:

Information (included in readme):


Extract to the Age of Mythology directory, the files will go into their corresponding folders.


Drop the scn. file called 'Shadow Realm Preview' into the Age of Mythology 'scenario' folder. Should be, if not on another diskdrive,

Drop the ENTIRE FOLDER called 'Shadow Realm Sounds' into the Age of Mythology 'sounds'folder. Same as the above, except,

Drop ONLY THE CONTENTS of the 'custom light' folder into the of Age of Mythology 'data' folder. Same as the top, except,

once all is installed, start up AoM and load up Shadow Realm Preview as it would be a regular custom scenerio!

Known issues:
256 megabytes of RAM is recommended, though it can be played on lower-end machines.
The contents of the 'custom light' folder and the folder 'Shadow Realm Sounds' is also not needed, but it is also necessary for the proper experience.

Shadow Realm - A campaign for Age of Mythology.

You are Arkantos (most of the time), and his kindsman. It is two years after the war with Gargarensis, which afterwards Zeus appointed Arkantos worthy of Olympus. He was put among the bravest mortals in the halls of Olympus, where he only asked to be able to take his son Kastor. Time progressed, and rumors grew in the land of mortals of conflict between the gods. Hades, who had always been jealous of his brothers was pursuing his goal of conquering Olympus. The underworld lord was set on to at least control more than the mere dead. He sent out his finest commanders to conquer all that stood in his way. This is where 'Shadow Realm' begins.
This story is the Prologue of the main plot, it is the scene where Arkantos endures a major loss, and in turn leaves Olympus to cammand all who might follow him in his personal quest to defeat his son's murderer. Zeus does not forsake his prized hero, and is behind him everystep of his ever changing journey.

This campaign will include:
-Prologue cinematic.
-Six playable scenarios.
-Cinamatic Finish.
-Custom sounds folder
-Custom lighting effects
-Custom campaign file
-A version of 'fozen' AI.
-And thanks to the creator of the wonderful Admiral AI, Georg Kalus, and his credit goes to Tonto Zycat for the Battle Machine Zeta AI. The Admiral is used for the tough computer controlled opponenents when needed.

Additional Info (not included in readmme):


-A campaign with various types of gameplay, and use of cinematic narratives, and cut scenes.

-Prologue- (Descibed in above info)

-The first playable- A cross between an adventure and a death match, for instance, the player must build a force to defeat unknown bandits, but once the heros venture into the cave the bandits were protecting, they get cut off and need to find out what is in this cave, and how to get out (Adventure mode).
(author's oppinion on diff.- Easy)

-The second scenerio- is similar but much more death match oriented. The player also gets to choose whether he or she would like to play, or watch the large opening battle sequence. This gives way to the real scenario in the rebuilding of a formadable force to take on a well established native Hades worshiping town accross the river. At the end, the town falls and the player is revealed who was behind all of the coniving, and is plunged into another mythic battle while trying pursue with their, for now, invincible hero.
(author's oppinion on diff.- Moderate)

-Third- the hero and the enemy get transported to a lost and forgotten land. This is what I like to call,'god power action,' no use user controls. The player must keep the amies of forgotten and foul creatures from Arkantos with the use of a certain powerful god power. This is until he passes through to safety, and still in pursuit of his enemy. Timing and fun in this scenario, like and old game with an overhaul.
(author's oppinion on diff.- does it matter?)

-Fourth- An RPG style scenario with origonal riddles and questions which answers are the matter life or death to the hero. They are asked by the Fates or the Muses, and if the player passes, he or she may procede through a kind of back door into the underworld.
(author's oppinion on diff.- depends on brain power)

-Fifth- Arkantos is lost now in his pesonal quest to find his murdured son's soul now lost in the underworld. This has more of an RPG/adventure feel to it, with some fighting, and tips from characters for the player's quest.
(author's oppinion on diff.- Hard)

-Sixth- When Arkantos finds his son, he is ambushed by his enemy he was pursuing, and is now forced to flee in order to find a willing amount of allied spirits to fight in the name of Olympus in a final battle in the Shadow Realm.
(author's oppinion on diff.- May take a few tries ;)

- Cinematic finish- Eye Candy

This project is jointly being worked on by CheeZy and Bobalouie

Bobalouie (Lead designer)-
scenario design, custom light, and story

CheeZy_monkey -
playtester and editor, minor map design, custom music and sounds
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Zeus147 Playability: N/A

Balance: 5
The movie was just great, I can not wait to see the rest of the story. It was very well balance.

Creativity: 4
It has a great storyline to it, and the camera was great, you would not miss out on any action.

Map Design: 4
Great map design, with how the water had building scraps to the underworld where the shade when to the river.

Story/Instructions: N/A

Additional Comments:
I can't wait for this campaign to come out. I believe that this campaign will become very popular.

[Edited on 08/20/03 @ 03:58 AM]

SoD_Bich When will it be done and how many maps is there going to be

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