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World Map Of Tolkien's Middle Earth

Author File Description
TwentyOneScore NEW: Included in the download is now 2 versions of the map. One is Nomand, and the other is standard RMS play with a starting TC.

Version 1.1 Updates:
1) You now get a Roc to start with. You should be able to scout much faster.

2) Players can build a TC anywhere on the map by building a Temple. When the foundation is placed, it will be converted into a TC and the builder will explode. This will only work if the player does not currently have a TC. If a player builds on a standard foundation they will get a free 300 wood, 300 gold. So, in essense, building on a foundation costs nothing, building on a temple costs a builder and the cost of the temple - but this method allows lightning fast startup as there is no build time (but full repairs are necessary). One thing to note, if multiple builders are tasked to the temple project, only one will exploder and the others will appear to be repairing the TC. They are just running the animation and nothing is really happening. They need to be retasked to the TC to actually begin repairing.

3) More food and wood.

4) Map Size of large will place all possible settlements.

This is an accurate scale reproduction of Tolkien's Middle Earth in the 3rd Age. Nomad style map suitable for single and multiplayer battles. Capture settlements in Gondor, Mordor, Helm's Deep, The Shire, Erebor, Dol Guldor and up to 14 other possible settlements. Map size ranges from 600x600 to 900x900 for a 12 player map. Five different skins may appear, one for each season and a special Mordor skin. Animals on this map will migrate around and reproduce. Beware of the deadly agressive wargs that roam the map - they attack on sight.

Contains a special AI to allow the computer to capture settlements on Nomad maps.
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petero hi, i love the map but have some comments

first,i tried to play against the computer on it to see what kinda map it was, but it never made a TC

second, TC's are really not enough for such a big map, meaning that you can search quite a while before you have one
against a luckier person you're already dead then

third, almost no hunting nor fishing

and fourth and last, where is mount doom?? :P
petero oops...i saw you had to put the AI on it, so the opponent made TC's now
but it's even easier than easy against the puter
the rest of the comments stays the same
a bit more real gold piles would be nice though, and you made the pathfinding very tough
still a nice map :)
Rating: 5

This is a great map. It pretty much follows the map of Middle Earth except for one glaring omission! The rivers & streams are missing. I feel this is still a 5.0 map! It is big and that is good for multiplayer games.

Additional Comments:
Every map I have gotten of yours is great. Thanks! I look forward to the next map.
McBarker The map itself is pretty enough, but the AI just doesn't work. I've tried this at all levels, and even at Titan, playing against anything from 1 to 4 CPU opponents, the computer player wouldn't take a settlement and build a TC. I usually get a request for the computer player to resign about 5 minutes into the game.

As for being an accurate copy of Middle Earth... Well, there are too many omissions for that to be true. Where are the twin towers, or the Ents, or as someone else mentioned, Mt Doom (which, if done properly, would make a killer map). You need some more of Tolkien's creatures to make this map more believable, for example, Dwarves for hobbits, or Fenris(SP?) wolves, rivers. A wandering Gollum (Gaia player) would be a nice touch.

The idea is good, but the implementation seems to be lacking a little.
File Author
>Where are the twin towers, or the Ents, or as someone else mentioned, Mt Doom

Keep in mind this is a Random map and not a scenario. It is meant to allow players to use the terrian layout of Middle Earth to host strategic battles. The only thing I attempted to do was put settlements where Tolkien had major towns.
jackiet Looks briliiant, but I can't get the computer to build. What am I doing wrong?
Prosocjohn real cool
Signifer123 find out how to make an ai fo ths to make them builda tc

i would but i don't know how to make ai in AOM only AOK
Rating: 3
Plenty of room to move, but the dwarven gold mines ran out too fast.

Additional Comments:
Great idea for a random map. There was plenty of room to move around, which I always like, and no shortage of settlements between five players. I did think the limited supplies held by the dwarven gold mines were a bit of a handicap, as I was going through one about once every three minutes. Some great terrain to fight across though.
Rating: 4
Awesome! A few omissions and some improvements can be made but for all its worth, great map!

Additional Comments:
M Master if you can't say something nice or constuctive...

[Edited on 04/09/05 @ 10:17 AM]

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