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Downloads Home » Random Map Scripts » Desert Nomad - version July 1, 2003

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Desert Nomad - version July 1, 2003

Author File Description
eghiii Desert Nomad

Version: July 1, 2003.

The map has no 'pre-"settlements"' and drastic changes have been made to the object settings to accommodate this; therefore, one or the other of the object set-
tings files, included, must be used, i. e. you will not be able to create a "settlement" otherwise - see
the "'Readme'.txt" file included.

Furthermore, the object settings file used must be re-
moved to return "Age of Mythology" to the 'default' state and function the way it was designed - see the
"'Readme'.txt" file included.

'Optional' 'ai' files have been included with a few, 3,
humble, major changes - see the "'Readme'.txt" file included.

Some more changes

The 'computer' has: [All civilizatons.]
a "settlement";
'default' population;
'default' "resources".

The 'player' is nomadic, 'non-rich', may 'only' place a "settlement" 'anywhere' - spectacularly, at times - & has:

1 "laborer";
no "resources".

1 "villager";
50 "wood".

1 "gatherer" or "dwarf",
1 "ulfsark" and
1 "ox cart";
50 "gold". ["Age of Mythology" refuses to allow '0'

Speed changes are meant to look good with the 'slow speed option' - CONSIDER THE INTERNET - case sensi-
tive, 'cheat' code, entered from the keyboard during
<Caps Lock>
[Scary thunder.].

The 'starting units' may seek a "...place of protec-
tion..." [Quoted from "Myst".], if you need, in a/an:
"house", "ox cart", "dock", "temple" etc..
Fast, mounted "scouts" are excluded.

"Villagers", "laborers", "gatherers", "dwarves", &
"fishing ships", need only be clever and not worry about outrunning all predation.
Since "ox cart" speed varies upon "God" choice, some still have to worry about predation.

The 'civic'-civilian may 'be involved' in:
1. 'unsightly' "stump" removal;
[One is reminded of something or other in so do-
2. 'in-the-way' "bush"/"seaweed" removal;
[One is reminded of the cycle-o'-life in so do-
3. "relic" procurement.
[A necessary 'involvement'.]
Note. There are always 47 "relics" on the map.
[All that I have found, so far, without
repetition, more or less, maybe. There is
only one "47" in my writing - it ought to
be easy to find - so change it if there
are more.]


1. "ox cart",
2. "ghost ship" ["Lost Ship" in the "Help Menu".],
3. "Roc",
4. "helepolis",
5. "siege tower", &
6. "transport ship"

may all be used to carry large quantities of "relics" along with their usual attributes. The "ox cart" may
also transport 'on-their-way' to a work site etc.
"villagers", "laborers", "gatherers" & "dwarves" along with their protection, "ulfsarks" & "shades".

Note. In order to accomplish this incredible advance-
ment in game-play all of the transports had to
be labeled an "abstract temple". This gives the
added benefit that the "relic" activates as
soon as it is placed in the transport. How-
ever, since "Ensemble Studios"/"Microsoft"
found it within their scope to change the
"temple" from "Age of Empires" - through "Age
of Empires II, The Conquerors" - to "Age of
Mythology" in that the former display a ca-
pacity entry and the latter does not, all
transports no longer have their capacity entry.
[This seems 'but' a small price to pay.]

The "temple" building, "relic" capacity, has been in-
creased from '5' to '8'.

"Houses" and "settlement" population support have been un-'over crowded'.

Animals' "wander distance" has been increased by 5x.

"Mist", "rain small", and "blowing leaves" all

"Fountains" have always been refreshing, i. e.
"Fountains of youth" & in 'P. S. ["Public school".]
107 [Etc..]'.
"Rock symbols" and "shrine" 'observances' are simi-
larly refreshing: the former with a 'twist'.

Pesky "dust devils" may be eliminated.
[One is reminded of 'messin' with the weather' in so doing.]


I don't know how to activate the following "Age of Mythology"'s items: [They are all good looking so I've included them.]
1. "shipwrecks" are supposed to sometimes have re-
sources - I've never seen that happen;
2. "phoenix eggs" [Costly populationwise - my inten-
tion.] are supposed to sometimes elicit a "Phoe-
nix" - I've never seen that happen;
3. a "shrine" has "1" "favor" - I've never been able
to tap that. Another different attribute, that I
gave it, works well.

Have fun.
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Rating: 1
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
I don't know what the rating system is. I am assuming
that 1 is worst.

Problems: (1) The computer player is unbeatable. By the
time that you make it to 2nd age, the computer is
at 4th age and steam-rolls you into oblivion.

(2) Now I cannot peculiar the effects of the proto.xml file.
I have followed all instructions, but still my ox-carts
act like transports. How can I restore my original settings?

(3) The instructions say "Back-up 'custom' files.", but
there is no clue as to what is meant by custom files.

- Sean B. Durkin

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