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Flight from Elinos

Author File Description

The human kingdom of Kratos is defended by three formidable strongholds. One day one of these fortress is attacked by an invincible army and Elinos' defenses are defeated, but a small group of men composed of heroes and warriors survive the siege and now have to face a dangerous journey to reach their freedom.

1)You must play this scenario with level of difficulty "Hard".
2)If you use map-editor with this scenario you will see some units in the map that seem to be useless but in fact they are necessary for same triggers.
3)If you want some advice you can see it during the mission clicking on the objectives.
4)Important: when you play you must do little movements, in fact some triggers couldn't work.

To play this scenario place the .scn file in the scenario folder.

Created by Oscar Baldessari (quoelet@katamail.com)
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petero beautifully done but quite simple
i enjoyed the graphics :)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
The map played quite well, although the intro was very choppy (I have a P4 2.0GHz and a Radeon 9500 Pro). I also have the resolution turned up to 1280x1024 and graphic detail set to high, I'm sure it would have played smoother had i changed the settings. Same for the battle at the end, too many untis fighting at once for anything but a very powerful computer. It was quite linear (no advancing through the ages, economy, or unit building), but fun nevertheless.

Balance: 3
This isn't a map you can just sit back and watch the battles on.. you have to do a lot of micromanaging, especially during the massive battle at the end, otherwise you will lose.

Creativity: 5
It was a nice touch to add a little story to the scenario.

Map Design: 5
The map design was simply beautiful. I particularly liked the 3 caves, especially the 2nd one with the glowing symbols on the floor, I've never seen that done before.

Story/Instructions: 3
English wasn't the first language of the author, but he still did a good job getting what he wanted accross. There's nott really a whole lot of instructions necessary, you just follow the path.

Additional Comments:
A very good scenario, one of the better ones I've played. Great job on the map design. Keep up the good work!
The Bard Rico, I think you should base your rating on the quality of the scenario and not on your friendship with the author.
The Bard
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I didn't find any technical errors, just two minor flaws. First, with an intro cinematic as long as yours the player should be allowed to skip it. (It's great to watch, but once is enough.) And at the very end the campaign box ('Continue your journey?') appears even though there is no 'next scenario'.
All in all there was not much to the gameplay, just walking down a set path and doing some fighting at predefined places along the way. I also had the impression that the condition to keep the four feature characters alive was added just to make it a little harder, since apart from that they didn't seem to serve any special purpose at all.

Balance: 3
I think it was a bit too easy. The only problem I had was at the very first ambush, and only because one of the feature characters was killed. The big battle at the end looked impressive (or would have looked, on a machine faster than mine), but all I had to do was use the god powers and then sit back and watch the reinforcements winning the day for me.

Creativity: 3
I liked the cinematics, but apart from that there was nothing special to this scenario. A standard cast of heroes and soldiers walking from A to B, fighting off some ambushes along the way.

Map Design: 4
The map looks good, I especially liked the second cave. It could have done with a little more variation though. Any part of the river looks exactly like any other part. The same goes for the forest path, and the battlefield at the end is just a wide and empty plain.

Story/Instructions: 3
The cinematics are nice, but apart from the intro there is not much of a story, and the instructions are limited to 'walk to the dock'. I would have liked names other than 'player 1' etc., they somehow ruin the atmosphere which was built up during the intro.

Additional Comments:
The scenario disappointed me. Not that it was bad, it was just that the gameplay could not keep up with what the cinematics promised. It felt a bit like a huge, colourful wrapping containing just a very small gift. Much ado about (almost) nothing, as Shakespeare might have put it.
rico My dear Bard, I don't agree with you. Why? I have already written it:
"Maybe in this scenaio you don’t use a city with villagers and ecnomic matters but is also true that the web is full of this kind of scenario and an exception like it is a nice suprice!"

I think that my rate is fair (but it's also true that Im a Oscar's friend) but any case judging is easy but I don't think the same thing abaut making a scenario like this one. (I advice you to try)
File Author
Thanks for your rate, Rico, my mail address is at beginning of my scenarios, for a multyplayer match we will come to an agreement later.
X ”bard”: is simple shaming my scenario but I invite you to try to make a your scenario with cinematics and animations and post it in this site, in this way we can compare them. (I’m sure to win this contest, the only cinematics better than mine are in AOM campaign…).
The Bard Oscar, if you cannot stand reviewers who do not sing your praise then you should not post at all. How do you want to improve if you don't allow people to voice their opinions about your work?

You're rightfully proud on your cinematics, but there is much more to a good scenario. Apart from them I think yours is rather average, just the old standard plot once again. As I said, lots of beautiful wrappings, (almost) no content.

But you should take my comments as an input on how to do better, not as an attempt, as you put it, to "shame" your scenario. If you can bring the gameplay to the level of your cinematics the Bard will gladly sing your praise!
File Author
I'm sorry to offend your words, but my English is insufficirnt to recognize if a word is disparanging
The Bard Oscar, if you think that some of the reviews here are unfair you can always ask Khumar Shah to check them all. But I would not advise you to do so because you sure as hell would lose the 5.0 rating from "rico" in the process. I mean, a 5 for balance "because there is no TC"? Give me a break…
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
I went looking for the gameplay hidden beneath the massive cinematics, but I couldn't find it. All you can do is walk along a road. No strategy, no economy, no nothing. Having to keep four of the characters alive adds not much to the strategic depth of the scenario, especially since there is absolutely no reason for this.

Balance: 2
The enemies are just pushovers, the scenario is no challenge at all. The army at the end looks menacing, but only for the two seconds until the reinforcements arrive.

Creativity: 3
The idea seems as if taken right from the tutorial campaign: "Walk along the road." "Kill the cyclops." The cinematics at least look good, so I think a 3 down the middle is fair here.

Map Design: 5
The map looks good, and so does the intro.

Story/Instructions: 2
Story and instructions are there, but both are pretty basic. Pity that the author was so busy with his cinematics that he couldn't even spare two minutes to name the players.

Additional Comments:
In short: Looks good, plays bad.
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