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The Ultimate Challenge

Author File Description
Cumulus Try to bring the old man to the finish! Ofcourse this is not a "walk trough the park" till you arrive and
win the game. No, there are many dangers and missions you have to complete before you can continue
your path. The missions are very different and will be based on strategy, defense, offense, speed and
reflex. Beside these missions there's a rich variation in nice "eyecandy", special effekts and triggers
which will make the game a nice and funny experience till the arrival at the finish.


Protekt the Old Man, whatever happens on your way, and don't take unnecessary risks! The Old Man is
dead = you have lost, that's it :) Ofcourse you will get company from additional heroes and armies.
Never use the Old Man to explore, let the army go first to make sure that the terrain is safe! If all
army units have died and the Old Man is the only survivor you have no choice ofcourse :) Some missions
have limited time to complete and maybe you will not make it the first time. It's up to you to decide to
restart the game or make backups during the game...

This scenario took many hours for buiding, testing, fantasying the storyline and "debugging" so I would appreciate
some comments on it (not only positive - not only negative), or eventually leave a rating on the aom.heaven webpage. Thanks :)
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Bard
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I didn't find any technical errors, but there are some minor flaws in there. The TC is build atop of a neutral settlement which makes it hard to select, and the enemy villagers and scout don't seem to belong there. The night gets so dark it becomes almost impossible to play. But worst is the last task: The path is so narrow that dead pigs and neutral villagers can block it completely and the player remains stuck until the timer runs out.

Balance: 5
The scenario was almost perfectly balanced for my skill level. I had to try two or three times at some points, but I never got stuck anywhere (except for the problem mentioned above).

Creativity: 5
There are some pretty good ideas in there. I especially liked the 'shapeshifting' main character and the changes in mood and lightning. Some of the tasks also provided a refreshing change from all those scenarios where you just have to run around killing everything you see.

Map Design: 5
I think the map looks great!

Story/Instructions: 3
There is a pretty basic story ('man walks from A to B') and some equally basic instructions. Those can become a bit confusing sometimes, e.g. when the first ferry had sunk long before I met the other heroes and was told what to use it for. (Better activate this trigger only after the corresponding instructions have been given.) Also, the gate that was to open 'at the great attack' actually had nothing to do with the attack.

Additional Comments:
Two points that didn't go down in my rating: The 'Ghostforest' triggers don't work at all. And you should really check your spelling.
avenger2003 nice scenario. but too much artificial.good eyecandy . you can do better,i had fun playing it,how do you make those flying waves or whatever when the oldie changes into regnelief?/
indraroop Playability: 4
Not very good playability:
1. The TC is surrounded by useless eye candy which makes it VERY tough to navigate.
2. Its almost impossible to see in the night.
3. You expect the big attack to start from the gate, instead it starts all over the place. Again, the eye candy makes it very hard for your massed army to attack.
4. Reginleaf gets turned into a pig in a place where there are a 100 pigs or so. Do I have to say how tough it gets to find the pig-hero now?
5. And the most glaring defect: The cinematic gets you to believe that the pig must reach the citadel. I find no, there is no way to the citadel only after losing 90% of my army (I sent them to try secure the citadel, so the pig could go there safely).

Balance: 4
AI is WAY too strong on the way to the TC. I managed it after 1 try, but I know people who still haven't!

Creativity: 3
Not *too* creative, but OK.

Map Design: 1
See eye candy comment in Playability.

Story/Instructions: 3
As some one in an earlier comment said: Man/Hero/pig goes from A to B. Things can't get simpler than that. ;-)

Additional Comments:
If that was a first try, it was pretty good. No offence meant, but if that isn't your first try, you should try and improve. Best of luck for your next scenario!

[Edited on 06/07/04 @ 12:46 PM]

Tysenaar GLAARGH!!! The only big problem I had with this scenario is that I build a giant defense around the gate making it almost impossible for the ememy to break through (How about 5 layers of fortified walls sandwiched between towers filled with archers, with medusi on the sidlines) And then POP! there is an army already inside my base. (Including a very ominous "forkboy") It was frustrating. Especially trying to get my archers and Medusi out of the gauntlet so they could fight.
Even if you don't change this, You might want to change the message that says to build a "defensive base"... it gives the general idea to have to build defensive structures.

-On a higher note- I loved the light settings you made for the scenario... they are really dark, but they were still freaking cool. I also liked the part where the hero turns into a pig in the giant mass of pigs. Very creative.

[Edited on 07/12/04 @ 11:21 PM]

blackorc cool, still have to finish this...
sabre102834 I don't understand the relic part in the ice area. You have 4 heroes and you have to pick up 5 relics.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3

The scenario was intriguing, until the Old Man turned into a pig. I hated that. There are pigs everywhere, but you HAD to put in one more! However, if you are keen on the pig motif then I would suggest using the Ajax or Arkantos boar. They are easy to tell apart from the rest.
However, aside from that and some frustration towards the end, I enjoyed it!
Balance: 3
The game was well balanced until I reached the Big Attack part of the game. There was too little time to prepare, and when the attack came, it came in the form of forkboys. Forkboys! Normally, you have to use a cheat code to get those. And they slaughtered me... the first time. The second time I used O CANADA to get 9 laser bears, which promptly eradicated the cheating forkboys. Also the fact that the enemies appeared right in the middle of my settlement was quite disconcerting. At the end, I beat the enemy, but I couldn't get the pig to the mountain. All those neutral figures kept converting it to their side. Again, if you use one of the boars mentioned previously, this problem wouldn't happen. I succeeded at the scenario, however, after I used WRATH OF THE GODS to get meteor swarm to blast the Neutral player to bits.
All things considered, however, the scenario was pretty well balanced up until that point.
Creativity: 4
You designed the scenario quite cleverly. You did a good job with it.
I especially like the way the Old Man becomes a healer.
Map Design: 5
The map design did what it was intended to do. It keeps you on course and shows impressive terrain effects. I really liked the weather effects and the Fountain of Youth is a nice surprise. It is clear that you put a lot of effort into it and that you have artistic talent. Well done!
Story/Instructions: 3
You told me clearly and succinctly what I needed to do. Good job!
Additional Comments:
Congratulations on your scenario!

[Edited on 04/03/08 @ 09:08 PM]

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