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Three Musketeers

Author File Description
Cumulus _____________
1. Copy the Three Musketeers.scn to the scenario folder in AOM.
2. Read the objectives for a good gameplay. You find them here but you also
can acces them during the game.
3. Choose difficulty. You get plenty beginresources (1000 F,W and gold + full favor) if you
choose "Easy", for Moderate the resources are reduced with 50%, for Hard with 75% and
at Titan you have no resources.
It's recommended to start with "easy" and try a higher difficultylevel if you can finish "easy"
1. Build a strong civilisation to protekt the three musketeers! (the 3 Hero Arkanthosses on
the burning mountain in your town) Your town will be attacked often and the attacks will
be stronger and stronger. If one of the musketeers is dead, you loose!

2. Expand your civilisation and bring the three musketeers to the three caves. Each cave
has a blue square in it where they must arrive. Be carefully: each musketeer belongs to his
own cave! One for the Firecave, one for the Watercave, one for the Icecave. If the right
Musketeer is in the right cave, a relic will appear. Pick it up and when the three musketeers
are carrying a relic at the same moment, you win the game! But when a musketeer enters a
square in the wrong cave a disaster will come over your town. (maybe a naturedisaster, maybe
a very good organised attack from the enemy or both) It's not a good idea to put the three
musketeers on a square at the same moment! Although you will be sure that you get the relic
you're also sure that two disasters will come over your town at the same moment which is
probably fatal for your hometown and the temple!
You will have to do it on goodluck because the three musketeers look the same and you can't
know to which cave each of them belongs.

3. Protekt the Temple of the Gods! If it's destroyed, you loose the game!
The temple may get destroyed by the attacks on your hometown or during the disasters coming
over your town when a Musketeer enters a wrong square in the caves!

4. Finish the mission before the woodshoppers have cut a path trough the forest near your town!
Behind the forest is a very strong army that will destroy the temple and let you loose once the path
trough the forest is free. Defending your temple against the army is wasting your time and
resources because although only 6 units it has the strength of more than 850 militia's and the units
are selfhealing!
Just finish the mission before the villagers have cut the forest!

5. Try to take profit from the "services and goods" for sale during the game which will help you
finishing the mission and defending against attacks! (see further)
Unique for this scenario is that you can buy extra goods and services by sending resources to
financial administrative centers: The Bank, The Servicecenter and The Moneycollektors.
This is a summary of these services:

1. Fortified city
Cost: 3499 Wood
Send to: The Bank

You get a strongly defended city which is very useful during the game!
This pack komes with free villagers, fishing and warships and extra populationcapacity of about
100 units! For as little as 20 Food (to send to Servicecenter) a scout will be placed at the frontdoor
of this city which allows you to explore inside it to make an evaluation of what you get if you buy it.

2. Rent a God
Cost: 2999 Gold
Send to: Service Center

Osiris will be placed at the Temple of the Gods and it will work for you during 1 minute!
This god can erase whole civilisations and armies from the map in one time! Usefully for defending or
attacking near your hometown and less usefully for far away countries because it will take too
much time to bring Osiris to these places. Can be bought only one time!

3. Buy Peace
Cost: 499 Gold
Send to: Moneycollektors

Every fight will cease during 1 minute. Be carefully: this service starts immediately after this ammount
has been sent! Can be bought only one time!

4. Extra Army
Cost: 1999 Food
Send to: The Bank

The red armyunits near the fortified city are yours!
This service is a must if you have reached your populationlimit and you still want to expand your army!

=> Ofcourse you don't have to wait till you have exactly the required ammount, the services will also work
if you send more than asked.

5. Sell your slaves
Cost: 500 Fold for each slave
From: Servicecenter

There are 5 prisoners in your town. Selekt them all and the Servicecenter will send someone to pick them
up. Selekt this person ( a troll) when you see it arriving and he will walk to the place where the prisoners
will be sold. Follow him with your prisoners and don't loose him out of your sight because only he can show
where the prisoners must be delivered. For each prisoner delivered at this place the Moneycollektors
will pay you 500 Gold! This means 2500 extra gold if you deliver all your prisoners!
Be carefully, there is a forbidden area where your slaves are not allowed to pass or they will be eliminated!


Use the 4 Godpowers you get in the beginning of the game. You will need them certainly in the beginning
when you're still weak and have still not enough army to fend of the first attacks.
Take also profit of the goods and services for sale during the game. (see above) Focus on resources because
these goods are expensive. The enemy is trying to take away these resources with their gatherers so
you have to prevent this. Keep your eye on the villagers in the forest. Your mission must be finished
before the villagers have cut a path trough the forest to let the army overthere destroy your temple.


This scenario has been tested several times and it seems to be possible to play it out in 56 minutes on "Easy", but
you 'll have to use your brains because it's not only just fighting. If you may encounter some bugs please
report this.

Produced by Cumulus - www.hendrikmertens.tk
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