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The Lay of Vestrigard (Prologue)

Author File Description
King Jared
File Details
Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 2

Long ago, a young king of the men of Midgard fell in battle. With no heir, his title was passed to his cousin Theris, a great warrior and ruthless adversary. So adept was he in warfare that none in Midgard dared to oppose him...

With his kingdom secure and thriving, the warrior-king set his gaze eastward. For there lay the land of those whom he despised most of all. His vengeful gaze set on Nidavellir, the land of the dwarves.

Using sly words and promises of unimaginable wealth, Theris convinced the warriors of his people that the dwarves were their enemies. Convinced them that the men of Midgard should take from them what was rightfully theirs.

And so the sails were hoisted, the war horn blown, and the oars set in motion. The Midgard men set sail for Nidavellir, with thoughts of pillage and death in their minds. Yet Theris, their king, had a mind only for revenge.

And far to the east, their peril unknown, the people of that sought after land lived their lives in peace, smithying and hoarding and doing all things dwarvish.

No less was this blissful peace in the dwarven city of Vestrigard, stronghold and lookout of the western coast of the dwarven lands. Of naught did those little folk know of the storm that was swifty approaching...

But they had weathered storms before.

Take control of the dwarven heroes Eitri, Roc, and Brokk to defend the city of Vestrigard from the warriors of the ruthless King Theris.

Campaign inludes:

-> 8 to 12 action-packed playable scenarios!
-> Imaginative and well-researched storyline with several challenging and entertaining side-quests!
-> Utilizes build-and-destroy, fixed-force, and role-playing gaming styles!
-> Dazzlingly detailed cinematics!
-> Custom modifiers including four different dwarven military units!
-> New "Norse Arkantos" unit with highly detailed cinematic texture!
-> Custom dialog and sound effects!
-> Custom music pack!
-> And a bunch of other stuff!

Expected Release: Mid-September

For now, watch the cinematic prologue and witness the beginning of this epic adventure.

Be sure to download the Music Pack (3.57 MB) at my site:

Please report any bugs or problems. Or if you have any questions, my e-mail is big_vitt@hotmail.com.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
The Lay of Vestrigard is quite simply the most incredible piece of work I have ever seen for AOM. It really is a disgrace to the whole community that not a single AI coder stepped forwards to help with it. The new units are all fantastic – there is an array of new Dwarven fighters literally making an entire army to stand alongside those of the built-in cultures, let alone the new heroes with their cinematic-quality skins. The use of Jerry Goldsmith’s ever-popular music is superb – if a little muddled at the start – and goes a long way to create an atmosphere.
The cinematics themselves are amazing, with proper camera pans and cuts dramatically rising to the top of a tower, sweeping across the roofs in a city and diving down from the sky into mountain fortresses. Sometimes the camera is poorly positioned pointing inwards to the map or showing too many and framerate suffers because of this (marking down playability to four).
The story is obviously undeveloped in a prologue but shows much promise – well written and immediately interesting. One thing that is well developed are the maps. Shores, towns, forests, entire islands and even many interior scenes are very detailed and well thought-out, even though there isn’t much of it to see in these particular scenarios.
Voice acting is another neat feature, although for the most part the acting itself is only passable. The Norse speak in Jared’s own language which certainly sounds right even if it isn’t actually Norwegian, while the Dwarves are English speakers with a hint of a Scottish accent!

Playability: 4
Marked down one for poor performance in some scenes.

Balance: 5
N/A, given 5 to keep average score the same.

Creativity: 5
Great, great, great! Amazing new units and some awesome ideas.

Map Design: 5
A massive variety of terrain, all of it high quality.

Story/Instructions: 5
Not much now, but there is certainly all the potential you could ask for.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(I let Frank Sinatra comment this part: Nice and easy... )

Balance: 5
(Smooth and such a rythm.)

Creativity: 5
(Try to make better than this and you'll see... There is not one single character who is not King Jared's. )

Map Design: 5
(I could watch even just the ground for hours, and not only this. It is soil.)

Story/Instructions: 5
(A story. Very rare. Unique. Just let you go with the flow.)

Additional Comments:
@ King Jared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lay of Vestrigard
A cinematic scenario you've posted 2 years ago!!!!!!!!!!
(Posted on 08/22/03)

It is good, very good, very very good. Rough, straight, human, so close to your characters that you even managed with such an incredible skill to push every single one of them to their limits... if there is any... to make them yours.
A beautiful story, cines and angles are just as amazing to make you forget that it's not r... Hold on here, it is reality! And those lights and those many interior scenes! Baron Lopi said you made us feel like living in the North: " ... it really puts you out there in the norse lands. " What else could I say after such a wonderful comment. So I'm gonna shut it up. Not before I say this last thing though, I know I'm sort of new around, and never really saw any Titans stuff because of my Mac, but ...
download it. Not even a ! just a . Simple, 'cause you have to, if you're already swimming around this far area of the internet.
It comes in 2 parts, but don't you worry about the second one, if you like the first one... too much. The next one is just... So:


Sounds ( don't skip! ):

And I kind of like you didn't go any further.
Another comment from DMK_ReaperX: goddamn PERFECT.
Now everyone here should know who really is this tough closing Green Cherub not only ( at all ) a moderator.
His good name is King Jared.
Movie time!

[Edited on 12/07/05 @ 04:11 AM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
It's a good cinematic not as good as many of the others though. It get's a lower score because I don't believe its replay value is very good.The camera tracks flowed real good but they could be improved. Maybe if this scenario was finished it would be a good one but when it comes down to it it's not soo.

Balance: 4
It was a great balance. Not much can come into play here. If it wasn't balanced the cinematics wouldnt work right.There was a good amount of balance between action and storyline.

Creativity: 4
Very creative use of many things aom has come to have known. This may be an old one but its good.The norse theme seems to be rarely done well. You pulled something off to make it good but still could use a little more to be mind blowing.

Map Design: 3
It's designs good but the eyecandy doesnt meet todays standards for such a high rating. The norse theme was decent but there wasn't anything that stood out as a marvel to the eye.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was definately a good one.
Impressive. There has been better stories but this was good. You need to tie the emotions of the viewers to the characters better and think of a story that isn't so cliche.
Additional Comments:
Good Job King Jared.

[Edited on 07/26/09 @ 02:53 PM]

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