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MAPGEN - A program by MATEI of Woad Creations (http://www.woadcreations.nl)


MapGen is a utility program that lets you create custom real-world random maps for Age of Mythology. You can create a map of your favorite part of the world quickly and then play it with anyone who has AoM on the Internet, or you can customize your map to add very unique terrain and object placements. You create maps by painting a square "grid" to denote zones of squares of the same "class". For example, a map might have an "ocean" class, a "plains" class and a "mountains" class. Within each class, resources, terrain patches, forests and decorative objects can be placed in a different way. Your map will always have the same general shape and the same classes in the same places, but the forests, hills, animals, etc within each class will be placed randomly each game, within the constraints you give. This is a lot like the real world maps that existed in Age of Kings. You can make maps either "Nomad-style" (players start with some units and have to claim and build a Settlement) or like standard AoM maps with a Town Center for each player. The nomad-style games are quite fun in multiplayer, but single-player users can probably get pretty good games using standard starting units. The map file generated is a regular random map script - it can be played in any of the standard game modes (Supremacy, Death Match, Lightning, etc) by simply setting up a Random Map game and selecting your map from the list there.

Here's a list of some of the features of MapGen:
- Easy installation - just unzip it and double-click it.
- Useful tutorial - will guide you through creating a first map quickly and show you all the useful features
- Help for all the features, through both tool-tips on the screen and browsable Help documents.
- Many built-in classes - there are classes for various types of Boreal, Temperate, Desert and Sea areas that will require almost no changes if all you want to do is make a map of your part of the world.
- Ability to import map layout from any image file, matching classes to spots on the map based on the color of the image.
- Ability to save and load zone classes from files when you've created them so you can re-use them in different maps or share them with others.
- Lists of all the terrains and object names usable in AoM random maps.
- Randomization features, terrain layers for blending, and constraints for placing objects/areas to make your map fun and fair.

The classes system of MapGen lets you control enough details of object and terrain generation that you could probably create a map like the standard Alfheim, Savannah, etc by using just painting a map with one class. Of course, you can make much more interesting maps by laying out terrain to form a real-world map.


IMPORTANT NOTE: To run MapGen, you will require the Microsoft .NET Framework (Microsoft's new environment for Windows applications). If you cannot run the program when you double-click it, you can obtain .NET at http://www.windowsupdate.com. Check all the updates listed there for your computer.

To install MapGen, create a MapGen folder somewhere on your hard-drive and move all the files and folders in this zip archive to it. A good place might be C:Program FilesMapGen or Age of MythologyMapGen. To run MapGen, double-click the MapGen.exe in this folder. You could also create a shortcut to MapGen.exe on the desktop and then double-click that - in this case, make sure the starting directory for the program is the one that contains the files you unzipped (it should be that by default - check the Properties for your shortcut).

The files and folders included in this zip archive are:
- MapGen.exe - The MapGen program.
- ReadMe.txt - This information document.
- classes - A folder containing some common grid square classes for various climate areas (temperate, desert, boreal, and different types of seas).
- help - A folder containing MapGen's help files and the tutorial.

Note that any map files you generate should go in your Age of Mythologyrm folder, no matter where you installed MapGen.


Once you download the program, it's easy to get started and you can probably make your first map in about half an hour. Open up MapGen.exe, then press Help and then Tutorial in the window that appears. The tutorial will guide you step-by-step through creating your first map, and show you most of the tools you need for working with MapGen. MapGen also comes with useful pre-built area classes for common areas of the world, which you can use unchanged or rapidly customize to make a map.

I hope MapGen will make it easy for a lot of people to create fun, playable custom random maps. Enjoy!
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Tahngarth666 Hmm it says "failed to load AncientGreece" when I try to play it as a Random Map... or when I open it in the scenario editor... I did everything as in the tutorial though... Why would this be? Both files seem to be all right, they're in the rm map and all, they look exactly like the others...
File Author
That problem is due to the decimal separator for your system being a comma "," instead of a dot "." Thanks to Radhamanthys for figuring this out! It looks like AoM wants a dot on any system but the program uses the user's preferance. I'll fix that in the next version hopefully, but here's what you can do for now:

- Open Control Panel
- Double-click "Regional and Language Options"
- There should be a language selectecd in a little dropdown list near the middle of the screen. Click Customize next to that, then under Numbers change the decimal symbol to "." (dot) and the digit grouping symbol to a "," (comma).
dunin Rating: 3
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Hello Matei!
Possible that MapGen very good program, but I at all can not check this...
I have loaded Microsoft .NET Framework on this relationship:
After install Microsoft .NET Framework your program MapGen message me some info like this "can't initialise C:Pro{full path here}***.dll". Whats problem? What version Framework to me it is necessary to install?
Could you give me link (reference) for necessary version of "Microsoft .NET Framework"?
Thank you.

[Edited on 01/13/04 @ 11:02 PM]

sjkriddell My map failed to load, even after I made sure that I had the correct regional and language settings.
dunin Well! After long attempts I was able to start(run) the MapGen. :)
GOOD: real possible to create random map script for 5-10 minutes!!! It real easy!
BAD: I did not be able to find the way to assign the start options for each command as: separate player by river, more than 4 towers, citadel or several tents or monument main god for each command and etc...
THE QUESTION TO Matei: Do you build the next versions of the generator? Will is added the options, which I spoke about in "bad" part?
RESUME: Good program!
And about rating: I have puted 3, sorry, but presently I think that real rating 4-4,5. Thank you!
x_Sirius_Black_x "The application failed to initialize properly (0x0000135). CLick on OK to terminate the application."

CodeLabMaster C:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFramework1.1.4322mscorwks.dll could not be loaded.


Aquapussy Rating: 5

Cool, I hated making scenarios with edititor as I play LAN games and scenarios are too limiting and boring this is the way to do it easier then note pad lol thanks :)

[Edited on 03/10/15 @ 10:24 PM]

Newbuu2 I have a scenario I'd like to change to a RM, but I don't understand how to do the RM Scripting, is there any way MapGen can chnage my scenario to a RM?
M0nTy PyTh0n
Rating: 4

This map program is well suited for making a fast template for a bit more complex scenarios. But, I can not recommend it for making a random map with it!
An original random map needs a bit more brain than just painting a few dots with a special terrain survice and just adding units and some constraints!
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