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Shilmista - The Era of Rain Showers

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Version: AoM: The Titans
When you open the .exe file and it asks you what path to install to, you must select your AoM folder in Program files (default is C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Mythology), not in My Documents!

Play on EASY!

Grappling onto the cliff-side, you can hear your undertakers below. Your biceps strain, and you pray they don't have enough sense to look up. You sense them looking about, surveying your once small yet profitable fishing business. They shrug, seemingly disappointed, and walk back to continue looting with their compadres. A zephyr comes from the west and lets you know you can get down. You hit the mix of grass and dirt and return to the bush you had been at but five minutes ago. You grasp the handle of your sword. The blade glistens in the falling sun. Dusk will soon be upon you. You pick a handful of berries and stuff them in your pouch. Traversing the hill in which you had previously been clutching, you survey the land before you. The Syrus River flows in its majestic way, toward the east. Further on, you can make out the dull outline of Grainsport. That is where you will start anew. Little do you know, the world, Shilmista, that houses Grainsport and its neighbors has a dark underside, in which you will stumble upon in due time.

The story begins simple enough. You take up the role of a mild-mannered merchant who owns a small, yet profitable, fishing business on the Island of Clearwood. One day, bandits ransack your business; however, you are able to make it out without being detected. Your goal is to get to Grainsport and to become more of a handy-man, delivering packages, escorting people to various places. Your combat skills, however, do not go unnoticed, and you find yourself being called upon the military officials of different towns and cities and asked to go on daring adventures. You soon realize, though, that the most daring adventures are brewing right under your feet.

Shilmista: The Era of Rain Showers
By Byzantine Warrior @ Tsunami Studios


Please read the readme file for important issues.
Note: If you come across any bugs, please mail me at byzwar@icqmail.com


The Winner of the "Best Playable Scenario Award."
The Winner of the "Best Story and Instructions Award."
A Winner of the "Best Cinematography Award."

Thanks to those who voted for it! :)
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
This scenario is VERY fun! I would give you a "five" on playability, but the end was a bit dissapointing. Not the surprise twist, no I loved that. It's just at the end, the amphitheater seemed a bit... "bland". I mean there really was no story about it, it just popped up and said "Destroy the Amphitheater". The last part just seemed to have less story. I would just recommened putting some role in the Amphitheater.

Another slight problem was the mission with the roc. If you do that mission, and drop of the merchant at the island and stay there, then you lose control of the roc and you're stuck there. Actually that really isn't so much of a problem because you warned players to save then, so I guess that's OK.

Balance: 5
Perfectly balanced. It was challenging, but not impossible. There was also a way to get past hard parts without brute force. For example, at the beginning of the scenario, where you are ambushed by the spearman and peltasts, you could just keep trying to do it, and kill them eventually, but you can also, after killing one soldier, run back to the market and heal. Parts that may seem impossible really are not.

Creativity: 5
Great creativity! Some of the missions are completely unique, like the smashing pots one. The boat race was also completely creative (though I never won that one).

Map Design: 5
The map is huge and all over it, it is covered with eyecandy. Lots of villigers are standing there, and you can "talk" to them. The designer obviously spent a lot of time in this scenario.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was great! I loved the hints of the twist and everything about it. The instructions were never confusing either - you always knew what you were supposed to do.

Additional Comments:
One of, if not the, best scenario I have ever played. IMO, the only scenarios that rival it are Hobbit and No Point. (I can't decide which of those three are my favorite). But anyways, I loved this scenario!
Gaurdian_112 Woah 6,000 downloads, amazing:)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
In the scenario, you ALWAYS have something to do. It's jam packed with minigames and such (such as the pot-breaking one). When you play you'll find all kinds of things to do, and if you're like me you'll never get bored. The action stays good until the end. I also enjoyed how the units you had to talk to flashed.

Balance: 4
This scenario was at a medium difficulty, with some hard parts here and there. The reason I docked this is because the only parts really that difficult are the hard ones. The game is all in all easy if you save often. This is good, so I say a four would be nice.

Creativity: 5
The map has a pre-story that takes place before the scenario. There is lots of stories and other creative details all throughout. For example, there are missions where there isn't just nessesarily one way to win. The map is packed with creative surprises, just waiting to be found.

Map Design: 5
Eyecandy galore! There is plenty of bushes, rocks, rains, seaweeds, signposts, rubble, skeletons, flags, and flowers placed about the map. The map is designed very well and this really shines out in the map. Obvoiusly this scenario took a lot of time and effort, and that's why this category deserves a five.

Story/Instructions: 5
The scenario comes with a creative backstory. What you are supposed to do at any given moment is clear, AND you can view the benifits/consequences of your previous actions. This makes the scenario much more interesting. The scenario tells you JUST enough to get you by, and the rest is full of surprises. This scenario is a shining example of how story/instructions ought to be.

Additional Comments:
Everything looks great, and I loved the walkthrough/guide. It really helps you out when you get stuck. It's pretty convenient to have it laid out like so and then the walkthrough makes it easy to get past hard areas, such as where I kept getting caught in the mission to free Circe (I thought you were supposed to hide in the Roc). Helps a lot.

BTW, are you making a sequel?
Gaurdian_112 He is:)
Canadian_Dawwg hes been working on it for about a year now. . .
death_guy5 Jebus, over 7,000 downloads!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The instructions in the objectives were nice but I was sorta expecting to see dialogue between the people, and the hints you gave..soooo suttle I was having trouble passing the "save the wife" cause I didnt get a clue..lol Could be longer though, which is why I gave a 4..I wanna do more quests, upgrade more, be an actuall merchant maybe, span it out in a campaign form maybe.
Balance: 4
I suppose I gave a 4 only because I was dumb and played it on Moderate. kept getting owned so I had to cheat (the healing one is all I used) to survive any battles at all. If someone made that mistake really give better upgrades maybe? like to the army you give, or something..I dont know..

Creativity: 5
Oh, where do I start? The cinimatics were short but sweet, the look and feel of it, awesome, the sounds, the music, the colors, magnafique!
Map Design: 5
Sorry for the one line but..pretty much the same as Creativity.

Story/Instructions: 4
Story goes along with playability. Same with instructions, although some were a little vague. I read that hint about the dwarf one but I just didnt see any hints in the text as to what may be coming. Otherwise like I said above, could be longer more quests, more money to be made..etc..end was...disapointing..I mean not BAD disapointing but..yea.

Additional Comments:My first review..though a very long time player. 8 thousand and counting downloads, y ou need to make more like this.
Gun head death_guy5

Quote:Jebus, over 7,000 downloads!

Who is Jebus?
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Map Design5.0
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