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The Haunted Norse Village

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Version: AoM
You are a lone explorer, who stumbles across an island by mistake. Its seems very bare to begin with, but there is so much more to the island than first meets the eye....

The is a mostly cinematic scenario.

Dedicated in memory of the EazY clan (March 2003-December 2003).
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CheeZy monkey
Map Design3.0
I love cinematic movies :) Ever since EE, the cinematic movies or scenarios were my favorite, they trully showed what the power of a good imagination and a good editor could yeild.

Playability: 4

Playability is the Fun-gauge of a scenario, this is mostly cinematic so hereby follows a proper way to review a cinematic scenario (unlike some people who reason that if you don't play at all, you should mark playability as 1)

I enjoyed this movie, but then again I enjoy most cinematics :) Honestly though it does desirve a 4. Also this is the first interactive cinematic I've seen, I didn't expect you to put in some gameplay at the end to conclude the cinematic :) Good job. Thats a new idea.

Balance: 4
This is another sticky criteria for movies, I guess we can turn it into "Realism" sine that best translates balance to a cinematic, for example the realism of actions accuring in the cinematic, things like that.
I give it a 4, what more can I say.

Creativity: 4
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 3
Map Design for cinematics gets is more or less the same as it would be for a scenario. The map design was good, especially in the low-pitch camera angles of the cinematics, but it wasn't breathtaking. It gets an average 3 rating.

Story/Instructions: 5
I liked the story :) Besides cinematics, the story is the most important part of a cinematic scenario. A story that is suspensful, has a beggining, middle, and end, and keeps you interested definatly desirves a 5 rating.

Additional Comments:
Got any sequals planned? :)
The Bard I had a look at this scenario, but I won't rate it. I disagree with CheeZy about the 'proper' scoring for playability and balance of a movie, so I would have to rate the scenario with a 2 (or even 1) in both categories. But this seems hardly fair for something that was obviously never meant to be played, at least not in the usual sense.
As a movie I would simply rate it with an overall 4, as a 'scenario' in the traditional sense I'd go for a 2.8 (2/1/4/4/3).

auron 2 hey Eazy ben! how did you do to post your scenario on the main page of this website?
Zeus147 Playability: 4
Well play! You could quickly play for last couple of second of the game.

Balance: 4
The game was quite balance, the storyline was a smoth and straight forewords.

Creativity: 4
The idea on how the Norse city was at a rise suddenly came to a crashing end well good idea.

Map Design: 3
Map Design could have use little bit more improvement but was overall fair.

Story/Instructions: 4
Even though it was a quick story (5 minutes) it was a very interesting single map game.

Additional Comments:
Overall, good job on the map. Hope, to see some more map of your maps out soon. :)

[Edited on 11/14/06 @ 05:52 PM]

Joey the Titan Playability: 3
The playable part of this was a bit boring but I guess that this was not really intended for playing, more watching.

Balance: 4
All in all the balance was very good.

Creativity: 5
The creativity of this has to have a five as it is the only (I don't know if this is the only one) movie scenario I have seen for Aom.

Map Design: 4
The map design was intresting and the odd peice of eyecandy was nice.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was very good and the instructions were pretty clear although a little more detail for the instructions would have gone a miss.

Additional Comments:
Overall this was a really good movie, it is definetley worth the download!


[Edited on 04/16/05 @ 04:47 PM]

Joey the Titan @ auron: He didn't, someone from the AOMH staff put ti on the front page cos he thought it was good. I have been on the front page of AOKH and I think AOMH. :)

File Author
thnx to every1 for reviewing.
auron 2
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
I just gave you a very low rating since is just a movie and you don't actually play it. However, The only part that you get to play was just horrible. You should have made that last part cinematic!!!
oh, and the last part where you get to kill Gargarensis, is not very well made. Killing Gargaresis is way too easy! not much of a challenge.

And the ending was just way too bad in my opinion. When you kill Gargarensis, The game inmmediately ends!!! there is no ending cinematic. so the player will not know what happened to the norse shadows after you kill gargarensis. so there was actually no ending.

Balance: 3 there was kind of balance. but player one with arkantos, 2 restoration,2 lighting storms, and other god powers, doesn't make the game balance for comp. but no big deal.

Creativity: 4
I gave you a high rating on this one because this cinematic looked like you put a lot of thought and maybe some effort. you were really creative on creating the story, and the cinematics. The story was really good.

Map Design: 4
I just put you an average rating since there was not much of eyecandy. however, the norse town was kind of well made. And the cave where Gargarensis is, is just horrible. you should have used other kind of terrains. there were spaces on the TUNNEL OPENNING because when arkantos tries to get into the cave, arkantos doesn't walk straight by where the fire is, he walks by one of the corners of the tunnel openning where there was a space. and it looked like arkantos was going through the wall.

Story/Instructions: 4 I just put an average since the hints were short and right to the point. and also easy to understand.

Additional Comments: The cinematics were really good. I didn't see any trouble on any camera track you used. The camera tracks played smooth, not jumpy and at a good speed. However, you should have put some animations.

Oh, and there weren't 200 triggers. there were about 100 triggers. but still, thats a lot of triggers!!

[Edited on 09/11/04 @ 07:27 PM]

File Author

[Edited on 04/08/04 @ 06:54 PM]

File Author
w00t! 2 years old today :D
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