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The Delphic Oracle

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Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 10

~The Delphic Oracle~

Follow Theseus and his escorts as they travel to rid the land around them of Bandits.

Aegeus, a man greyed with age, was once a man capable of slaying Minos' beast, the Minotaur. He passes the duty down to his only son, Theseus, who takes it gravely and sets out from his home town, Troezen, to destroy the mythical beast. Theseus must travel to the frozen Norselands to seek out Minos, a palace hidden within the mountains of Eyér. Along the way he meets many new comrades, who join with him to an unknown destiny.
Little does Theseus know that he and his companions will be the ones to save the world from becoming
enveloped entirely in darkness.

No patches or other campaigns are required to play The Delphic Oracle.

If any bugs or problems are found, please E-Mail the author at:
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
DB_Emperor_ Good campaign!
I like mission 5 and 10.
Strange music though...
It liiks like you got it from a video game or something.
But mission ten is too easy for the last scenario.
The Adder
Map Design5.0
Boy, this was an amazing scenario. I sat at my computer for god knows how long playing it. :p This would be a 5.0 for sure if there wasn't a couple minor problems with it. Minor note: Great job with the campaign extractor. ;-) Also out of lack to put this somewhere else I enjoyed scenario 5 and 10 a lot. :-)

Playability: 4
Loads of fun to play and very captivating, although some points got long and a bit tedious no major issues in gameplay although the credits never ended (No victory condition). :p I'd give it a five but I think some things could have been improved on. A four

Balance: 4
I as a not very good player had a lot of difficulty on some levels (Playing on easy, attempting anything higher would be suicide :p) a couple of the B&D ones and one (I think) FF one. Maybe less units for the enemy? It was too hard though for a not so great player.

Creativity: 5
This campaign gives a new meaning to the word creativity. I've never seen some of this stuff/ideas used before. Great special effects and ideas. This would be six if I could give it a 6. ;-)

Map Design: 5
Very well crafted map. Nice looking eye candy and some very pretty stuff.

Story/Instructions: 5
Great story, much improved from the original myth methinks. ;-) I enjoyed it immensely! The instructions were explanatory and helpful.

A must download! The designer is very good and the campaign was a pleasure to play. I hope to see more work in the future. :-)

[Edited on 10/04/03 @ 12:34 PM]

MasterRabbi review v1.2

Playability: 5
No problems, very few bugs, well explained.

Balance: 3
I STILL think it was unfair sometimes.

Creativity: 4
Very thought out and must have been time consuming. 5 and 7 were very creative scenarios, very fun.

Map Design: 4
All maps appropiate for gameplay and well designed, needs more gold in my opinion, that the only negitive I can make here.

Story/Instructions: 4
Flowed nicely, knew where to go and what to do.

Additional Comments:
Sorry if my heart isn't in this review.

[Edited on 10/12/03 @ 07:58 AM]

thecowwarrior I had intending on downloading and playing this file, as a friend of mine recommended it to me very highly. However, it's quite a hefty download for someone stuck on a 56k modem, so I had delayed until just now. It was then that I heard about and saw (go to http://aom.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=ct&f=13,15022,0,10 and check it out for yourself) how whiny the author of this file is.

[quit flaming. Comment edited by CheeZy]

"I'm sure that this comment will be deemed as the anti-Christ and removed as soon as (an unmentioned person) cries to his mommy about it"

[You betcha.
If you have a problem with AncientLeviathan or the reviews he's getting you can talk to him personally. Keep in mind the forum rules and CoC also apply to the Download Section as well.
- CheeZy]

[Edited on 10/09/03 @ 11:37 PM]

AshleyAnderson Playability: 4
Some things were confusing for me and a bit fast paced, but other than that, it was very good.

Balance: 2
The bad guys had way too many units, even the Giant/Ice Giant army was way too much. I admit I had to use cheat codes here and there just to survive... Perhaps a little less next time, eh?

Creativity: 5
Very good, loved it. It kept me wanting more. You have a great gift, use it more often!

Map Design: 5
The landscapes were awsome! Perhaps the lyberinth could have been a bit more challenging, other then that, loved it!

Story/Instructions: 4
As with the playability, it got a bit confusing here and there; add more hints, okay?

Additional Comments:
All in all, it was a very good game, I also enjoyed the credits. Can't wait for your next one if you plan on doing another one! ^_~

[Edited on 04/09/05 @ 04:37 PM]

Map Design5.0
I decided to give an rating too:

Playability: 5
This campaign is awaysome! I realy enjoyed mission 5 and 10 (Kill the minotaur and kill set) That was a sort of... arcade.

Balance: 4
The balance could be a little better, since mission 5 is a lot more difficult then the missions before.
In mission 10, you will be unmortal! since Theseus and Hippolyta just appear at the shrine when theire killed. Even when the shrine is destroyed!
Setna and Reglineif just regenerate.
and will get back alive when theire killed.

Mission 8 (or was it 9?) when you must get with your Leviatan through that maze was undefeatable!
You need to sail through a bunch of lightbibg statues!
Noone would survive that.

Creativity: 5
I see you spend a lot of time on this campaign.
Good creativity!
Map Design: 5
Nothing to say about this exept: uhmm, Good!

Story/Instructions: 5
It is always difficult to choose an storyline.
And you have a whole story!

Additional Comments:
Like Cheezy said: This is always as good as the normal 'Fall of the trident' campaign.
You should start an campaign with AoM:TT!
oden89 Playability: 4
well, it is good playabillity.

Balance: 3

Creativity: 4

Map Design: 5
wery nice map. no mistackes with walkabale cliffs o things like that.

Story/Instructions: 5
i haven't played all scenarios yet but it is easy to understand what iv've seen.

Additional Comments:
the best campaign scince "fall of the trident"
(i dont have TT yet)
too bad that you cant move thesus in the second scenario.
oh forgot to say that the third (i think) scenario when reingleif was going to get reinforcements was too easy.
i stroke out the giants before she arraived.

[Edited on 10/26/03 @ 03:01 PM]

elman0 WOW! Let me repeat: WOW!

This is literally the best campaign ive ever played. It is addictive yet very challenging. If this was a review (whitch it isnt) i would give it a 5.0

Please, to anyone that plays Age of Mythology/ Age of Mythology : The Titans, DOWNLOAD THIS CAMPAIGN! It's a huge file but it is well worth it.

By the way, Where did you get the battle music, i think its really cool.
chaotic_phil looks very promising (haven't played it yet)
and your rite it's takin a while to download lol probably worth it though so i can't complain 46.6kps.....i'll be takin a nap now lol jokin! who takes naps??
Yurich Playability: 5
one word - brilliant, though exceptionally hard to play titan on the scene 8 (which turned out 9)... but I DID IT!!! ;) (a bit of a bragging, huh)

Balance: 5
since it's not exactly a build-n-destroy campaign, can't complain that i didn't have enough gold mines etc... - i didn't mean to, i guess ;)

Creativity: 5
well, to my opinion more creative than original compaign, and a lot better than the golden gift compaign

Map Design: 5

Story/Instructions: 5
almoust always clear... though the illusion scene made me a bit frustrated cause the right statute didn't want to talk to me at first :o... i was sure it was a turtle and a worm but it didn't work and right now i even dodn't remember what triggered the end of the scenario...

Additional Comments:
some minor things, and yes, more clear instructions at some place would be appreciatful... what's a name of the music in the scene_8 folder??




[Edited on 01/23/04 @ 07:08 AM]

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