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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Author File Description
Felix Hermansson
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Wrong Place, Wrong Time
(AoM:TT Version, April 2004)

This is the second part of my Circe saga, the sequel to 'The Reluctant Heroine'. Having defeated Polyphemus and his Cyclops people Circe has now entered the underworld. But it seems she has not picked the best time for a visit...

To play the scenario just copy the file 'Wrong Place Wrong Time.scx' into your 'scenarios' folder. You need the 'AoM: The Titans' expansion to run the scenario, but apart from that no extras are necessary, it works with the standard installation.

This is an updated version of the original scenario released in fall 2003. I have updated it to work with the 'AoM: The Titans' expansion and changed some of the unit's statistics to re-balance the scenario after the changes introduced in patches 1.09 and x1.02. There are slightly improved opening cinematics, and a few other details have been changed as well. Apart from that the update corrects two problems the older version had:

Since AoM doesn't allow multiple upgrades of the same kind, these were lost when the game was saved and reloaded during the third part of the scenario. Due to new trigger effects available I've been able to solve this problem; saving/reloading works fine now.

Under some special circumstances it was not possible to heal Circe and her bodyguards during the second part. I have changed the implementation here so this problem couldn't be reproduced any more.

I would appreciate any comments, good or bad. Please tell me what you liked, what you disliked, and especially, tell me why. If you have any ideas on how to improve it, all the better.
Please send your comments via e-mail to hoodncloak@hotmail.com. Oh, and add "AoM" to the subject, otherwise your message will probably be lost in all the spam mail I receive.

Some more comments from my side:

The scenario is optimised for a screen resolution of 1024x768.
There are no difficulty levels in this scenario. It has been tested on 'easy' only, so I'd suggest you play it like that.
Don't use cheats - some of them will kill the game because they will activate various triggers for no good reason.
The scenario features more than 200 triggers, so slower machines may get some problems. A three year old PIII 900 MHz, 512 MB RAM does work fine though.
The hints in the objectives are supposed to help you, they are never misleading. If they state that something is worthwhile, it really is - even if you may not immediately see why.
The bodyguards in the second part can sometimes block your path. In this case, select them to make them back up a little. I never got stuck during playtesting, but it may still be a good idea to keep away from corners.

Oh, and one last hint: It IS possible to heal Circe and her bodyguards, but you have to find out for yourself how to do it.

Have fun!
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The Bard
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I did not find any technical problems, just one flaw: I think there is too much walking around in the second part. It might have been better to make the map smaller in order to keep the ways shorter. Or even to hand out the rewards just for touching the relics, getting rid of the idea to carry them back to the shrine altogether.

Balance: 5
The scenario was almost perfectly balanced for my skill level – I had some difficulties, but I never ran into a wall. And it gets harder over time, from the relatively easy start in the labyrinth right to the main battle at the end, which proved to be a tough nut to crack.

Creativity: 5
Some really good ideas! Especially in the second part, where several tricky riddles need to be solved to get to the relics. But the biggest surprise of course were the bodyguards, which have sort of a live of their own but still remain useful allies.

Map Design: 4
The map is carefully drawn - it looks nice, but not outstanding. The riddle-specific parts look good, but I think there is a bit too much empty space between them. As I said above, a smaller map might have been better here. (Also, if the map were smaller, the labyrinth would look much better on the minimap.)

Story/Instructions: 5
No complaints here! The instructions are clear and complete, for all three parts of the scenario. And I like the background story which is in line with the original campaign. Your objective pages, including hints and spotlight (complete with matching picture) are among the best I've seen in any custom scenario so far. They look 'professional', so to speak.

Additional Comments:
One point I really liked here was the attention to details; from the music which perfectly matched the (simple but good) intro right to the hand-made animation sequence for the destruction of the shrines.
Oh, and I think you should in fact sell your 'known bug' about not being able to save/reload the game in the third part as a 'special feature'. An interesting way to make a scenario more challenging – allow the player to save the game, but make him pay for it…

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
The entire scenario was fun to play, although there was quite a lot of walking (but i include that point in the map design rating).

Balance: 4
I had some trouble due to not-being-able-to-heal-circe in the beginning, but I learned soon enough to be very careful with the poor lady. Over-all it was a good balance.

Creativity: 5
This is a big 5. Firstly, the story is quite nice, because it has somehting to do with the original campaign (but I include that in story/instructions :P), and secondly, you used some nice trigger-tricks in this scen. (for example the bodyguards, I really liked having them around me :) ). I also really liked the dialogues with the gods.

Map Design: 3
In my opinion there was too much walking in this map. On msot maps this isn't really a big problem, for there's enough eyecandy, the sun is shining, and there are forest crowded with animals... On your map, however, there was close to no eyecandy. (I know, its hard to make a good looking erebus map). I personally never really liked the dark dark underworld theme in AOM, so maybe thats why I can only give you a 3 for this.
I have to add to this that the map design in THIS map was better than in your first circe scenario. (The reluctant heroine or something? right?)

Story/Instructions: 5
The whole story was quite original AND all the instructions were totally clear to me! :) good job.

Additional Comments:
I had more fun playing this scenario than playing your first one (and I already liked your first one :)), and that's why I'm looking forward to your 3rd scenario (you're making a 3rd one I hope?). I hope that'll be an open-air map again, with flowers 'n bees 'n waterfalls 'n trees :). Keep up the good work.
chaotic_phil what the??
very confused here! lol i went around the labrynth with circe but what do you do and where do you go??? it's a mini maze surrounded by lava, what do i do?? where do i go?? i couldn't find a way to get any fyrther!
Felix Hermansson
File Author
Well, it's a labyrinth - as the objective says, you just have to find your way through. If you didn't come across the exit you obviously didn't look hard enough...
Atlas12888 Playability: 5
Excellent trigger executions, and the story made me want to continue.

Balance: 5
Very nicely done. The timer was very balanced for the difficulty, as were the enemies.

Creativity: 5
Very well thoughtout, I like how your scenarios and subquests flow.

Map Design: 4
A little bland, too much walking, but very good nonetheless

Story/Instructions: 4
The story followes the AoM "status quo" a little too much, but still worthy of a four

Additional Comments:
An Excellent scenario, liked it better than the first, but could use just a little fine tuning. PS The bodyguards were AWESOME a VERY creative idea

[Edited on 02/01/04 @ 04:53 PM]

Yurich something doesn't work well for me... first, i found a way to the hades statue very fast and was healed and transferred to the shrine, where i was healed again after i clicked it... than i decided, since you said that the shortest way is not necessarely the best one, to explore the whole island before going to the shrine... i reloaded my game, found just two more bunches of minions, no goodies, and afterall hades didn't want to heal me... neither i could heal by clicking the shrine... after i started this scenario again, i was healed again on this little island with statues, but not at the shrine... i tried to walk to it, to click on it, to double-click on it, to place an artifact on it, place artifact by it, to place artifacts in between torches (since they were humming), in the front of torches... nothing worked... some help would be appreciated...
Felix Hermansson
File Author
About the "missing goodies": I won't give away more information than what's in the readme and the hints. Not everything has to be obvious...

As for the bug you mentioned: I have not been able to reproduce this behaviour, nothing like that is meant to happen. Did it just happen once, or can you reproduce the bug?
Isengrim Hi, I'm Isengrim, new to this cool place but had to stop and say that this level is an inspiration for scenario designers all over, especially me. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC
critics Playability: 4
its worth it. a nice way to continue the scenario
Balance: 4
too much of walk.takes a long time to search for the path through for the first time
Creativity: 4
good.a great puzzling "rpg"

Map Design: 3
map is large,confusing a little frustrating but worth 3.3. i am giving it 3.

Story/Instructions: 4
fine,the story is sweeping and continued from the last scenario

Additional Comments:good overall,movie like game.

[Edited on 01/26/04 @ 09:24 AM]

Yurich Playability: 3
it was boring run with all this artifacts to the shrine... the same enemies, the same everything - i was expecting more...

Balance: 5
i couldn't figure out how to save my two bodyguards and get the artifact that was guarded by statues, and had to reload because without them, i couldn't win the final battle

Creativity: 4
again, could be better... a lot of interesting ideas could be save by avoiding long runs...

Map Design: 4
it was ok

Story/Instructions: 4
instructions were clear but running around the first part, before the timer started, didn't give me any bonuses :(... though was promised

Additional Comments:
not as good as the first part, but hopefully the third one will be what i'm expecting... nevertheless, the author has a very good potential

[Edited on 03/23/04 @ 10:48 AM]

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