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grande4 Scenario single player
1000 triggers
130 animation (5 submarine),
dialogues between the protagonists,
all very best music of Age Of Mythology.
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File Author

Vassilis The cinematics are just amazing! They're even better than the ones ES made! Especially the underwater cinematics. Awesome trigger work as well!


Unfortunately I can't read Italian so I don't understand the story.
EazY_Ben wkd scn.i i could be bothered to review, it would get a five for most catagorys.
EazY_Ben This scenario is just beyond amazing.Its just so good.
Khriskin This game is not written in English, more's the pity because the cinamatics are beautiful and the scenario looks great... I just couldn't stand having to try and translate everything! (Some of the Objectives are now in English, but the messages and the dialog is all in Italian). *sighs*

Just my 2cents as always. - Khriskin
petero it's beautifully made, but man, i just arrived at the temple and i spent at least ten minutes just watching bla bla in italian it is?
of course i understood one word in 100 or something :{
i think you got carried away a lil with that
can't you at least make something so you can skip all that with escape???
it looks great, but i want to PLAY, i think most people press alt F4 with something like that
Hugor Its just so amazing! Im programming triggers & Cinematic stuff on myself but this is simply the best i saw also with those buildings. Great ideas.
It must have taken weeks of hard work to do this.
hmm is there anyone who can italian and english and use the triggerstuff to translate this?
Or is there already a translation?
Aom master this scenario is aswome but the atlian plz make it english
The Bard
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
Overall, there was the same problem as with most cinematic-heavy scenarios: The author seems to have forgotten about the gameplay. The player spends his time mostly watching the cinematics and waiting for the game to continue. The movie parts are nice, no question about that, but what I really want to do is play a game here. (If you feel the cinematics are the important part, get rid of the playable parts altogether and make it a real movie!)
Then there were several problems with the triggers. First, some of the soldiers get left behind at the beginning when everyone else walks to the harbour. If the player doesn't realise this (which is probable with a map crowded like that) he is stuck, because the story only continues when all soldiers step up to the temple later on. Worse, some soldiers can get stuck on the rocks on the island. This means game over, it's impossible to free them again. The player's fleet can even interfere with the battle in the caves at some points, because the ships can simply fire across the cliffs. Pegasus and phoenix are also able to fly into places they were never meant to go.
The worst point is that some triggers which drive the story only fire when Arkantos steps up to a specific (but completely nondescript) point of the map, especially in the caves. If the player misses these hotspots he is stuck. Only if he is lucky enough to hit them the game continues.

Balance: 2
If there's one thing this scenario is not, then it's a challenge. The only problem the player may encounter is with the confusing objectives. Any opposition is easily swept away thanks to the enormous amount of resources available; the enemy is just too limited in his options to pose a real threat. And when I was told not to let any of my troops die I simply left them behind and worked with my heroes only.

Creativity: 4
This is a tough one. The scenario may have earned a 5 here just for all the good ideas that went into the map design and the cinematics. But I couldn't bring myself to hand out a perfect score here for a scenario with objectives right out of the tutorial campaign, like "Train more villagers and gather 2000 wood." In my mind the gameplay offered nothing creative at all, which would have been far more important to me than some nice map-making tricks.

Map Design: 5
The map looks just great, no question about that.

Story/Instructions: 3
I didn't like the background story too much, I felt it was way too predictable. But this is purely personal, the author obviously spent a lot of time working on it. The real problem was with the objectives. I'm not talking about the language – my Italian is good enough that the crude English translations were sometimes more confusing than helpful. The objectives were very vague. Example: "Sail to the island of Athena." No clear instructions where to go or what to do there. Even worse: Once on the island nothing happened, I had to find out for myself that only killing all animals (for no obvious reasons) would open the door. The same with "Find a way to get into the realm of Hades" which actually meant something like "Attack every enemy you see and hope that it gets you somewhere." Basically I think it's not a bad idea to have the player find out for himself how to solve a problem. The solution however should not lie in something more or less absurd (why should killing harmless monkeys open a door?), it should logically evolve from the story.
Oh, and one point I have to criticise in almost every scenario: Why in the name of the gods do the players have no names?

Additional Comments:
One point about the cinematics: I think you've overdone it a bit. I mean, they're good, no question about that. But in my mind they're just not good enough to justify the length of some scenes, say, when 'Kastor' turns back into Kemsyt. I think it would look just as impressive with a single good effect instead of this looping through all flashes available in the editor for two minutes or so. Less might have been more here, on several occasions.
File Author
Hi, I'm very sorry!!!!!

This scenerio (my second for AoM), was born for the Italian players.
It has been inserted in the site "AoM Heaven" to make to know a new technique, that anybody thin to it has now used, the

submarine animations, of which I have received compliments from many players of the whole world, but that it has not

spoken to the rating realized by The Bard.
If a player sees "1000 triggerses and 130 animations" in advance he will understand that he will have to watching the

cinematics and waiting for the game to continue.
The word "challenge", in the Italian language, it is not understood only for fights body to body, but also to apparently

realize impossible enterprises, as that to recover the trident.
(Sorry for my english)

Tx, bye!
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