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Master of the Nile

Author File Description
oRACLe063 After the fall of Osiris. The mighty storm god Set
dismembered the fallen god and dispatched his remains across the
desert. The goddess Isis learns of this and defined the term a women
scourned. Osiris you see was her brother and husband. She charges
her people to find his remains and return them to her.
Over time all pieces were recovered and returned to the powerful
goddess. With all the pieces together and placed in an enchanted box
and begun reanimating Osiris.
One morning a scout returns to Sets stronghold with news of the
goddess plan. Set, in his rage, blew a hole in the earth leading to
the underworld. He charges the pharaoh's eldest son with the task of
finding and retriving the box. Once found it must be returned to
Set's wonder and cast into the pit of fire. There Osiris' soul and
power would be forever Set's.

Things to look out for:
- Be wary of the time. For if it runs down. Osiris will return and
surely want revenge.
- Isis' forces are far more advanced than yours.
- If the pharoah's son is killed the game is over
- If Set's Northern most wonder is destroyed see above
- The transport ship is disabled so no cute stuff (lol)

Authors note:
This is my second senario, First with triggers so enjoy i worked
hard on this one.
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File Author
Would anyone mind reviewing this one ? I worked hard on it and would like to know what u guys thought
The Bard
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
I found no technical flaws, but there is a big problem: The whole scenario is based on one simple trick. If you know it, you win. If you don't and try to win 'the regular way' - forget it. Is this scenario supposed to be a joke of some kind?

Balance: 2
As I said above – ridiculously simple when you know the trick, almost impossible otherwise. (I managed to beat it with a 'commando raid' straight across the river, but that was only after I had won using the trick and knew exactly where to go and what to bring.) I cannot imagine how someone could win this scenario in a tug of war as suggested.

Creativity: 3
The usual 'build up and attack' scenario, with the traditional roles of good and evil switched around. You added a twist with your little trick, but in my opinion it just ruined the scenario.

Map Design: 5
The map looks great!

Story/Instructions: 3
There is a background story with some potential, so to speak. But the instructions are very basic and not really clear. (Where's the son of the pharaoh? Why is he important?) Names other than 'player 1' etc. would have been nice too. Why not just call them Isis and Set?

Additional Comments:
Some more points: The intro would look much more impressive if you had set the obscured units correctly. The player colour is badly chosen, it's almost impossible to see something on the minimap. And I missed some music during the game.
File Author
Bard thanks for the review ! This is my second senario submitted and my first attempt at a game with triggers (besides just a map). I am grateful for you not revealing the "trick" BTW. It was thrown in last minute as an added bonus, because i thought the game was also very diffcult. The tug of war i spoke of was in reference to when you steal the box and Isis' troops come after you in mass. Usually they defeat whats left of your force and control of the box turns back over to them. The reason for the pharoah's son is just the same as why God chose Moses, no reason at all. If you notice in history they, for the most part, never had a reason. "It the will of the gods"lol. Also in regards to the unit outlines i thought i disabled those? If they are not than i am truely sorry. I love the opening cinimatic. The music also i think was perfect for it also. The music is supposed to come on twice during the game. during the begining and at Osiris' return.

Once again thanks for the review. Its not a 2 so im happy with that.

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Map Design5.0
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