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M0nTy PyTh0n
File Details
Version: AoM
Mythland Package
by M0nTy_PyTh0n
Version 1.30 + 1.50 (Titan Edition)

Fixed items in Version 1.30 (Mythland v1-3.xs):
- Improved and much shorter random map script for faster download/upload at ESO!
- No deathmatch resources at start (food, wood and gold = 1000, favor = max)
- No villagers at start
- slightly larger temple area with fixed size, no difference if normal or large map
- Heroes will respawn at temple when they get killed
- Bonus resources for each killed Hero (1000 each)
- Plenty Vault and Healing Spring work correct now
- Improved terrains/cliffs
- Improved introduction movie clip
- More economic random map scriting
Fixed items in Version 1.50 (Mythland v1-5.xs):
- updated for AOM The Titans

Random Map Files:
Mythland v1-0.xs / Mythland v1-0.xml
Mythland v1-3.xs / Mythland v1-3.xml
Mythland v1-5.xs / Mythland v1-5.xml (Titan Edition)
These are the main files for playing it online in multiplayer mode! Select the map
from the random map section in game.
Scenario File: Intro For Mythland.scn
This file contains the map generated by the random map file. Start the scenario
for 4 players in single player mode
(you and 3 computer players). It contains the 4 minute introduction movie.
It is also playable in multiplayer mode but not recommended!
The AI doesn't work for this map yet!
Readme File: Descrition and installation guide!

1. Close your Age of Mythology game if running!
2. Unzip all files to a temporary directory!
3. Copy the *.scn file from the scenario folder into your "Age of Mythologyscenario" directory
4. Copy the *.xs and *.xml file from the rm folder into your "Age of Mythologyrm" directory
5. Copy the *.xs and *.xml file from the rm2 folder into your "Age of Mythologyrm2" directory (Titan Edition only!)

This map is a mixture of a regular gameplay and an RPG/Adventure. It is a bit similar to sudden death, since you have to defeat
the enemies temple and protect your own. This is your main objective! You get 4 heroes (in version 1-0 +5 villagers ,if you are not Norse!)
at start. The heroes are Arkantos, Amanra, Reginleif and Kamos! If they die, they will respawn at the temple.
Each hero can also be enchanted (or converted) by the guardian of your temple.
There are 4 outer and 4 inner columns. Move your Guardian to an outer column to enchant your hero.
Move him to an inner column to enchant the hero back.
Arkantos can convert to invisability (good for sneak attack)
Amanra into a villager (good for building)
Reginleif into a bird (good as scout)
Kamos into a Fortress (good for a rush ;) )
In the map there are many bonus places:
Healing Spring, Plenty Vault, Well of Urd, Pyramid, Dwarven Forge and Docks.
The Healing Spring and the Plenty Vault have its usual purpose.
The Well of Urd contains Gargarensis and his army. Move with your hero close to the Well to make him yours!
The Pyramid is surrounded by many gold mines, so a good place for gathering gold.
Near the Dwarven Forge you find Dwarven and an Ox cart. Move with your hero close to a force to make the Dwarven
and cart yours!

Thanks to Random Map Scritping (RMS) all places are set random at the map, so you
will NEVER play the same game a second time!!! The terrain is also fully random.
You could play in frozen Norseland or hot Savannah!
The resources are set ~ 1000 for food, wood and gold, maxima for favor (In version 1-0: random resources at start in the range of 1000-10000 for gold,
and 1000-20000 for wood and food). Each player also get 2 Underworld Passage Godpowers. The Mythic Age Godpowers is disabled for fairness.

Random map generation time:
The map will be generated right at the launch of the game. This can take a while. For a test system with AthlonXP1700+ the generation times are about:
10 sec for 4 player
40 sec for 6 player
70 sec for 8 player
150 sec for 12 player, so be patient!

Enjoy the game!

More information and maps at: http://www.geocities.com/hyenastudios/aommaps.htm
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
This is one of the most remarkable examples of RMS design I have ever seen. This an astonishing Map. It has the perfect feel of a RTS combined with the build up of a Build and Destroy Game... and it's not even a scenario. The use of triggers is spectacular, the map aesthetics incredible, and the gameplay awesome. I definitely recommend downloading it.
Rating: 4
This is a very interesting random map, and the triggers are pretty cool. Kamos can turn into a Midol Strong too. But this random map has its down side. I tried this game using the easy mode. The computer players doesn't build a settlement, they just build a granary and start farming... Then after some time, they surrender automactically. Does this happen to me only?
Khan And Steak
Rating: 4
Yeah I liked the Concept, but I don't like the Gameplay, I played With 3 friends, and then later with 3 Hard comps. when I played with my friends, we couldn't remember which one tunred which hero back and we got bored after about 25 mins. When I played on hard, the computer kept on taking their gaurdin away from the base (I know thats not your fault and that you had no control over that, so I kept that in mind when making this review).They also just kept farming and making underworld passages right in my base and geting killed by my hill forts. Anyway, good concept, not so good gameplay, but over all it dose deserve a 4

Additional Comments:

Congratz can't wait to see your future RM's ~ Steak

[Edited on 12/19/06 @ 09:02 PM]

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