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The Valley of Death

Author File Description
EazY_Ben Soaked in blood, with only an ounce of life left in you,you are taken before the almighty Kemsyt. The axmen throw you on the floor like any other worthless pesent. But you know you are not. Kemsyt tricked you and now your once great empire lies in ruins, and you are at the mercy of a mad-man.

'I have reached my verdict' said Kemsyt delightfully. In your mind, you know what it will be...
'I have found you guilty, and you shall be burned alive at dawn tomorrow, and may your soul wander forever more in the vast realms of eternity.'

Shaken, hardly understanding what was just said, you are carried off to a cell where you will spend your last night, or so Kemsyt thinks...

3 months work, about 100 triggers and a load of camera tracks might finally have payed off!!


EazY_Ben- A Member of Mapmakers,



Please note: This is an updated version of the Scen. Feel free to comment or review.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability - 3

Rather fun overall, no lag, no trigger bugs, nothing wrong that I could find. Not a lot of replay value, since the toughness never changes, but definitely fun for the first run through.

Balance - 2

Not a very hard game to win. I tried it on all setting levels, just to see if anything changed (and it didn't appear too). Yellow surrenders about 20min into the game (I do a slow build), and cyan never did a thing. Maybe a tweak to the AIs might help? I just built several billion elephants and proceeded to wipe the map.

Creativity - 4

Very nicely done, could have used maybe a little more in the way of triggers and cinematics, but I just like eye candy. *g* Otherwise it was a nice change from the provided maps and the other scenarios I've downloaded! ^_^

Map Design - 5

Great map design, with plenty of eye candy. The only thing I could find to nitpick was that the tower that shot flaming arrows continued shooting said arrows after the tower was destroyed. Oh, and that my Anubites kept getting stuck up a hill and I couldn't get them down again. :P Nice variation in terrain, but perhaps a bit too much gold scattered about.

Story / Instructions - 3

Nice build-up for the story, but it got a little weak after the escape. Too many groups wandering the map that were never really used. Who were the Smugglers? Who were the Swamp Folk, who/what were the Beaker People, and how come the Worshipers of Osiris were camped in the corner? The world may never know... ^_~

Just my 2cents as always. - Khriskin
The Bard
Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
First of all there is one major flaw: I had to go to the editor and change the player data, because otherwise the scenario started with me playing Gaia. (Didn't you test that before you uploaded it?) Then there are a lot of annoying minor problems:
Pharaoh, Priest and some of the labourers in Cahan do not convert properly and just end up blocking the way.
The beaker people are supposed to help, but all they do is stand around uselessly. (You should convert them, otherwise the whole thing is pretty pointless.)
The swamp people try to surrender. (Idea: Unassign the AI and control them via triggers.)
The smugglers steal a gold mine, but afterwards they just stand around. (Again, use triggers to make them more active.)
The triggers which are supposed to give god powers don't work at all. ('Relic Force' does not work here, use 'Distance to Unit' and 'Grant God Power'.)
The fourth god power slot is blocked, so there is no god power in the mytic age. (Idea: Remove Prosperity right at the start.)
But from my point of view the main flaw is that the map is 'dead'. Nothing happens, everyone just sits around and waits for the player to come close.

Balance: 2
Much too easy! The enemy is completely inactive, so with the abundance of resources available and the high pop cap the player can simply build up a huge force and wipe out the enemy base. The scenario lacks a challenging enemy. Put the player under constant pressure while he is trying to build up, limit the easily available resources and have the enemy attack in wave after wave after wave.

Creativity: 3
The usual approach - start with a TC, build up and attack an enemy base. Some thought obviously went into the background with the different factions, so at least it's not just black and white.

Map Design: 4
The map wasn't terrific, but it was nicely drawn, no complaints here.

Story/Instructions: 2
I just hate it when I find 'Player 1' in a scenario which is supposed to have a story... Apart from that – well, there is a background story, and there are some basic instructions. Too bad they are misleading!

Additional Comments:
You boast something about "100 triggers" but I didn't even count 30. Did I miss something?

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Map Design4.5
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