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Horse Race

Author File Description
CheeZy monkey
File Details
# of Players: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans
Horse Race is a 6 player multiplayer scenario. The map comes with a complete environment and even a few secret passages.

The world around you is alive and active with enemies who lurk in the dark and armies waging war. Weave through all the chaos and into the finish line to win.

Please read the Readme file in this download for more information on this map and on hosting a game.
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CheeZy monkey
File Author
Thats true, but then thats why you should play with honest hosts :)

Player 1 can also stop cheaters, I already know of all the ways people can cheat, like for example your godpowers aren't deleted until 5 seconds, and people like to be gaia and cast forest right infront of a player. Since player 1 controls the walls in that area he can delete them and free that player.

Anyway of the 30 or so games I've played on this I've only encountered 2 cheaters, who still lost the race anyway. You can't cheat very severily in this scenario.
killingmachine Playability: 5

Balance: 5

Creativity: 5

Map Design: 5

Story/Instructions: 5

Additional Comments:Awsome map!

[Edited on 01/17/04 @ 05:33 PM]

Villi Playability: 5
The playabilety is great. Good brake from (boring) b&d, RPG and blood scenarios.

Balance: 4
The balance is pretty good, but playing zeus give you the advantage that you can bolt the frost giant (Wich is the hardest guy on the map). When Playing Oranos you can shockwave the frost giant (And other units). I see you have a Kill all GP's trigger, but you get them back, for some reason.

Creativity: 5
Unique. Never seen something likethis.

Map Design: 5
The map design is great, with lots of eye candy and very variable terrain.

Story/Instructions: 5
Name says all, or what?

Additional Comments:
Fix he kill all GP's trigger, and it's absolutely worth an 5

[Edited on 04/16/04 @ 10:29 AM]

Gidronatis Hey CheeZy!

I don't understand how you made the mist float in the air. I just wish I could do that
titanomachy485 Interesting and fun to play. Very original.
Pompey Magnus
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4

The mplayer scenario was extremely fun, but there were many shortcomings. I don't know if this is supposed to be part of the scenario, actually I don't think it is, but at one point I managed to get my horse over a cliff and got trapped while everyone else made it. Is this right? If it is, sorry for complaining.

Its very fun though. Getting your horse to the end is very difficult and its a thrill- though, I feel that player 1 has an advantage- I think? As player 1 I can find my way out of the initial maze easier than anyone else just by clicking on the places I can see (all the zeus and arkantos places).

I felt that, though fun, the scenario didn't deserve an overall 5 for playability.

Balance: 4

It was well balanced. I really can't see anything wrong with the balance at all, actually. The enemy were well placed, though it does get annoying when you run into a dead-end and find out that someone's still chasing you. Player 1's overall advantage in just finding his way out of the initial maze is a problem. I might be wrong, it might be just me.

Creativity: 5

A horse race isn't overly that creative, but its creative enough. The beginning was fantastic, when the light flashes and its like 'go'! :) That was great, Cheezy, brilliant:P.

Overall the mazes were creative and the dead-ends were well placed (except for that mountain you could climb).

Map Design: 4

I played Cheezy's world map and I felt that he put more effort in the map design there than he did here. There were alot of areas that could have used the smooth tool, and a bit more terrain mixing would have been welcome. I didn't like the very beginning, with the walls-it was too bland and the roads were too tiny.

I know Cheezy is famous for his fantastic eye candy so I was hoping to see some of it here- there were a few selections here and there but overall the map felt a little bland.

I noticed you used an editor to make the trees like that (tunnel, sort of slanted). Good work on that, they looked great:).

I was very dissapointed to give this a 3. Horse race is one of the best (its only preceeded by World Map VX) and it does deserve a higher overall rating- I just didn't find the map worth more than a 3, espiacally since we all know Cheezy's maps are usually fantastic.

Story/Instructions: 4

Obviously, we all know what to do from the very beginning. The instructions were well thought out and they were given to us in the style of AoK scenarios (no cinematic at the beginning).

It would have been better if the scenario would give the lost horse some hints though. I really had alot of trouble finding my way out, even at player 1. I actually loaded up the scenario in the editor to do so. I might be wrong, it might have been easier for other players?

Additional Comments:

The scenario was great and definately deserved a spotlight.

Its definately a thrill to play, and the horse races can be tremendous fun:). I suggest you remove Player 1's advantages, add a few more hints for the lost player (ex: a hint pops up when you reach a dead end?). The map needs more eye candy- I really liked the effect your World Map gave- it was fantastic. I really expected more- maybe it isn't fair to base a review on expecations, but still- you have to expect more from the best:).

Other than that, the scenario really is great to play. I would reccomend it to anyone who's looking for some great and quick online fun- Horse Race is definately a scenario destined to live on for the ages:).

[Edited on 08/12/04 @ 04:46 PM]

CheeZy monkey
File Author
Interesting how the previous reviewers loved the eyecandy in this map yet you think it's average? :)

Are you playing this on highest settings? Also not that when you review map design and eyecandy, you only review what you see when playing the map - not the blank areas outside of the map that you can only see by opening this in the editor.

You say you found it difficult to find your way through course? That's the point, it's a maze and you have to race your way through it avoiding the obstacles.

The more you play it though, the funner it gets since you discover new paths and shortcuts. There are 3 very large shortcuts in the map (going under mountains for example, stuff like that) that I'm sure you haven't found.

"The instructions were well thought out and they were given to us in the style of AoK scenarios (no cinematic at the beginning)."

I wasn't aware that it is at all necissary to include an intro cinematic explaining a very straight forward situation. Especially since this is a multiplayer scenario and OOS errors in multiplayer scenarios with cinematics was not uncommon a long time ago.

Good review :) Though I disagree with most of your ratings. This used to have a 5 before Kumar deleted all the reviews :P
Pompey Magnus lol:)

Oh about the intro cinematic thing- I failed to mention that I was actually giving a positive remark there.

I did play this one online actually. I still do- it is alot of fun. I just felt that someone with your skill, I mean comeon World Map is amazing, could work up some neater eye candy.

It is a little tough to go through here and there, but I don't know, it might just be me..its just a little too tough. I also had this problem I mentioned where I climbed over a mountain and I was like "hey, I made it atlast" and I ended up near a bunch of trees.

Yeah, I think if a few more people come to review this, it'll shift up to a 4.4 or something. I'll replay it again and try player 2 or 3 or something and maybe revise my review if I notice anything I missed.
CheeZy monkey
File Author
"I just felt that someone with your skill, I mean comeon World Map is amazing, could work up some neater eye candy."

True :) You'll have to notice the date of release on this though, it's almost a year old.

I actually think my World Map is ugly. I was a little too paranoid about keeping the file size down that I scrapped smooth elevation and alot of objects on the map as well. Otherwise the map would likely be over a megabyte and that would just be impossible to transfer to people online. As it is right now, it's hard enough trying to get people to play it when the file size is so huge and takes forever to transfer.

I thought a few times about going back and making it look better, but a 4rth version of the same thing would just be silly :)

Besides, I was supposed to work on a single player version but never finished it because of complications with the AI being dumb. I'd need a custom AI of some sort in order to get it to work right, but I'm not AI scripter and there are few of those in this community.
Pompey Magnus ^ That's because AI Scripters aren't really that rewarded. Hmm, isn't Twentyonescore a good AI scripter? He might be able to help you out.
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