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The Legend of Krokan

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Version: AoM
***OUT OF DATE***CHECK:http://aom.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=3707

Lying flat out agaist a rock, you hear the screach of catapults in the background, then, nothing.You get up and look around. You don't know where or who you are. You figure out that you must of lost your memory, though you don't have a clue how. Then from the distance, you see a hoplite approaching:

'Did you kill Krokan, did you , DID you!'

This RPG-type scenario has features such as:

-Night and Day cycle
-Fully interactive people and environment
-Action packed intro cinematic
-Gripping story line
-10 secret and hidden parts
-Quests to earn money and respect
-Much, much more..

EazY_Ben- a member of mapmakers (www.mapmakers.tk)
and Mapdownloads (www.mapdownloads.tk)

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File Author
please comment and review, i will be making a revamped scenario when i find out whats wrong with it...
auron 2
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
i just had to gave you a 5 on this one! this sceanrio just keeps you entertained. really cool. sort of like socery

Balance: 3
I just put you a 3 because it not much of a challenge since you have the bolt power. you should have taken off this godpower. because when you encounter the dragon, you just cast a bolt power and the game is over. The trick in this scenario is just to take the time to find gold and buy all the units. in my opinion, you should have put more enemies. there was actually no challenge. when you buy all the units which is easy to do, everything becomes a piece of cake.

Creativity: 4
i gave you a 4 because of the well made story you put on this scenario. in my opinion, you should have put a spot light like the valley of death part 2. also, getting gold and buying units was a really good idea!! this is sort of like Sorcery, the scenario where you help people.

Map Design: 4
The little town you made had lots of eyecandy. the forest was also well made. several colors were used to paint the terrain. this scenario has almost everything. this is just one of the best scenario made by EazY_Ben in my opinion.

Story/Instructions: 5
I had no trouble reading with the hints and the objectives since they are all well explained.

Additional Comments: One of the cinematics where a Brokk tells a soldier to check is jason is dead was sort of lagg. i don't know if it was my computer. another thing, you should take off the god power of bolt so the dragon is harder to kill.
File Author
thnx auron. Im gonna wait for a couple more reviews before i do a revamped version. Anything else that needs doing just say.

o and have you found asny secrets yet?
auron 2 I just found about 4 secrets. and i forgot to tell you that when i was on the part where Ajax is, i right click on the column behind ajax and then a message said: "Ajax has recived 100 of gold" something like that. but then nothing happens. a gave Ajax gold for nothing. as soon as i gave him gold, i got a house where arkantos was.
File Author
when you click it its supposed to say ' enjoy the land of ice' and tele port you to a lake abnd then theres a little quest. thats weird it didn't work for, because it worked for me...
silver10S Playability: 4
It was easy to kill the dragon with bolt and all your people, more enemys would help and mabye thing should be more expensive.

Balance: 3
Good, more enemys and no bolt would help.

Creativity: 5
Very origional buying people similar to sorcery.

Map Design: 5
Map was amazing. It was so realistic (very real in ice world). This map had a ton of eye candy.

Story/Instructions: 5
story and hints were easy to understand and read and the 3 secrets I found were hard to find but one relic I did find did nothing I think it was the first relic below the mountian.

Additional Comments:
Great scn. I would definantly download.

[Edited on 11/16/03 @ 10:13 PM]

Archaeopterix Nice scenario, but possible to do better. I'll give you some points to watch when making the next scen:
- Map bugs: I could kinda walk into the forest by landing on that coast with the ship from the snowy lands.
- Eyecandy: Put more things like plants and stuff along the roads, or maybe place some farms wqith fences around it somewhere. In my opinion, it was quite boring. (Except for the forest, which was really full of candy)
- Purchasing stuff: It wasn't too realistic that you can buy an upgrade somewhere far away, at an armory that isn't even in your line of sight. You might want to consider using a purchase trigger with these conditions: both "unit selected (pillar/flag whatever)" and "units in area (your hero in area of flag/pillar)".
- Towns: In the editor, use the move-function to make buildings overlap. It really adds a great extra dimension to your villages. Also have some villagers walk around, maybe from a farm to a granary... whatever.
- Realism: Some points weren't really 'realistic'. Like the rotten logs neatly aligned near the shore? I didn't really like it. I'd rather see a wooden/stone fence there. Also, those so-called 'secrets' are a bit weird :S. I dont know how, but you could try to fit them into the story a bit better.

I guess this all sounds VERY VERY NEGATIVE to you, but I really liked the scenario. One of the points I liked was the resources/troop-hire system. It added extra reality to the story.
Good job :) I'll look forward to your part 2.
tulkos I liked it, though I had a couple of gripes about it--- I couldn't go to that ice scenario thing behind ajax--- I was just stuck there. also I couldn't figure what I was supposed to do after I got to the first village until I bumped into arkantos. The story line could use a bit of explaining. Beyond that, it was quite fun, and I thought the map was really well done. I liked the forest a lot. :)
File Author
check out the revamped version
GreenMyth How do i play?!?! i dont understand how to download and play! it says runtime error 25 or sumthin like that, is it a scenario? I CANT FIND OUT HOW TO PLAY!!! plez gimme instructions how to download!!!
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