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The Legend of Krokan

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Version: AoM
***OUT OF DATE***CHECK:http://aom.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=3707

Lying flat out agaist a rock, you hear the screach of catapults in the background, then, nothing.You get up and look around. You don't know where or who you are. You figure out that you must of lost your memory, though you don't have a clue how. Then from the distance, you see a hoplite approaching:

'Did you kill Krokan, did you , DID you!'

This RPG-type scenario has features such as:

-Night and Day cycle
-Fully interactive people and environment
-Action packed intro cinematic
-Gripping story line
-10 secret and hidden parts
-Quests to earn money and respect
-Much, much more..

EazY_Ben- a member of mapmakers (www.mapmakers.tk)
and Mapdownloads (www.mapdownloads.tk)

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File Author
errm.....save it into the scenarios bit and then unzip it...
GreenMyth how do i save it???
File Author
press save...
The Bard
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
There is a number of bugs in there:
Teleporting Jason does not work properly. If the player selects the respective columns while Jason is walking, nothing happens at all. (To get around this problem, convert him to a dummy player, then teleport and convert back.) Also, you should move the camera together with the hero when teleporting.
There are three ships for sale ("200 each"), but it is only possible to buy one.
Later in the game Brokk exists twice. (Destroy the first one after the cinematics.)
There is no restoration power granted at night as promised, even if Jason comes back to the correct spot.
Several of the 'secrets' just display a message and do nothing at all.
The day/night cycle doesn't work. The lighting just goes directly from day to night after a while, and that's it.

Balance: 3
Too easy! Basically all the player has to do is find one so-called secret, which happens more or less automatically. This will give him enough gold to buy every single unit and upgrade available on the map, and then he can simply march to Krokan and bolt him. The resistance along the way is not worth mentioning. Jason can even stay behind, he's not important once the troops are assembled.

Creativity: 3
The basic principle reminds me of Istari's 'Sorcery', but what it lacks in comparison is diversity. All units and upgrades are available in one spot, all the gold is gained by gathering relics. The scenario could have done with a little more variation here. (Idea: Hide the Cyclopes and the Colossi on islands or in the forest, add special quests to hire them etc.)

Map Design: 4
The map was nicely drawn, but it wasn't terrific. Nothing to complain, but nothing to go 'wow!' either.

Story/Instructions: 4
The outline sounded promising, but it turned out to be just the old dragon slayer tale once again. I think you should have kept the player in the dark for a little longer.
The objective was clear, but I had some problems with the villagers since they just talk once. It's a bit hard to remember which upgrades come with which flag, a looping trigger ("So you've come back, my friend?") might help here.
There also were a couple of unnecessary spelling errors in there, and Arkantos' speech is cut short in the message box.

Additional Comments:
There were several points I didn't like about the cinematics: Parts of them lagged (due to the flat camera angle), obscured units were visible as coloured shades through the forest and the border of the map was a bit too prominent. Also, the camera position remained stuck in the middle of the black map at the end instead of jumping to Jason automatically.
Finally, I was quite disappointed to find out that the famous 'secrets' consisted of nothing more than a couple of scattered relics.
File Author
>......play the revamped version...
Dragon_slayer101 lol

[Edited on 07/29/04 @ 01:51 PM]

File Author
w00000!!!!!!!!! 1 year old today! :D
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5

Very playable scenario. RPG style quests are good and although not very difficult, are fun and yield valuable resources to buy units/improvements with. If you take your time to find all the 'secrets' on the map the game isn't very difficult, but this way it's more fun because you have to explore around a little bit.

Balance: 3

Just like auron 2 said, with the bolt power this is way too easy to win, just walk up to the krokan and click - you win! However, you can't just run up there and kill him. On a decent difficulty setting (Moderate, Hard) it should present a nice challenge to the average player. It's pretty hard to lose, but also pretty hard to win if that makes any sense to you. You just have to work to get to the finish. Anyways, two words: no bolt.

Creativity: 5

Map is pretty creative, there are good triggers and mythodea style acquisition of units/improvements is nice. The creativity of the actual terrain is pretty darn good too. I like the different themed areas.

Map Design: 4

As I said, not bad here. The only gripe I have is the big forest you run into at about the middle of the game. With some creative clicking , you can walk through this to get the relic, but it's not very fun and definitely does not add to the scenario. In fact, it's a huge pain and sometimes, my units just plain get stuck in there. Otherwise, map design is great.

Story/Instructions: 5

Story is excellent; I like how it's kinda ambiguous as to what the hell the krokan is doing there in the first place. Don't include any explanation - it's good to make the player guess. I was actually expecting a little chicken at the end of the scenario that you could kill with one swipe of a sword. You know, you could always use your bolt power to kill that all-powerful chicken. Maybe you could actually make it a chicken, but an uber-chicken that really had some oomph to it.

Additional Comments:

Good job.
File Author
Thankyou for the review, madn1ce. Most of the improvements that you suggested were incorporated into a newer version of the scenrio which you can download here: http://aom.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=3707.

Hope you enjoy.

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Map Design4.0
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