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World Map V3X

Author File Description
CheeZy monkey
File Details
# of Players: 8
Version: AoM: The Titans
Wew, yet another version, a little untimely with the release of V2X only a few weeks ago, but oh well, this one was definatly worth it.

There are alot of changes to World Map V3X, what I did is I took everything that wasn't good or fun in the previous version and changed it, and the result is quite amazing.

Here are the changes:
-People start in atlantis with their proper units
-Settlements are randomly placed on the map, so this is just like a RMS now
-Some resources and Relics are also placed randomly
-Weather, it might be cloudy, etc.
-Map is balanced more
-A "surprise"
-Improved the map, added more eye candy, things like that
-Reduced the file size by 25 KB
-Added 150+ triggers to the map, so the map has a total of 200+ triggers now, controlling events throughout the map.
-and many more small things that I can't quite remember now.

A note on balance: The map is much more balanced now and the results are very interesting. No longer is Atlantis a power-house in the game. Players get their proper starting units, meaning finding a TC and building up is much slower, economy and location is more important. You can also make a gamble, the further away you go from atlantis the more protected you will be, but if you settle at Settlement closer to where you started you'll be able to rush. Atlantis also has 1 settlement on it, but all 8 players start in it's vicinity. You can choose to fight over it or take off and find land elsewhere. Atlantis is a very strong place if you want to dominate the seas. All together World Map V3X is a much funner map than the previous version, and I hope you all like it :)

World Map V3X Features:

-a Geographically accurate portrait of the world

-Randomly placed Settlements and Relics on the map. Over 100 Quest Var triggers controlling the randomly placed Settlements.

-Weather, sometimes it’s cloudy, sometimes it isn’t… it might be foggy in the morning, it might not, and who knows sometimes a storm might even brew up :)

-Proper starting conditions: Players get their appropriate starting units when the map loads.

-Balanced start. Due to changes in V3X, the game plays more like a random map, Economy and starting positions are once again very important.

-200+ Triggers are in the map used to control events and variable events on the map.

-a 30 minute spanning day-to-night cycle using the VX lighting pack. (So yes, you can play at night, which alot of people I'm sure would find cool)

-The Legendary Killer Giant Duck Billed Platypus – there is only one in the world, hunt it for 9000 food. (Note, the LKGDBP is often disguised as a bear surrounded by it’s monkey Body Guards, beware!)

-Eye candy worked into the map, such as tents, abandoned settlements, waterfalls, Neutral players, and even a quarry.

-Hidden surprises - look under a tent to see what’s inside, loot relics from pyramids, and an appearance by the killer giant duck billed platypus, a Legendary Animal.

-Audio atmosphere – there’s about 20 triggers in the World Map that control the sounds and music in the game.

-Balanced start out - Everyone starts on a small island with a Roc Transport. Everyone also gets 2 sets of the Vision god power to help them choose a location in which to settle in.

-Smooth Map Layout - the map is designed to be played like a Random Map, meaning that there are fair settlement areas throughout the map, along with resources and terrain elements to take advantage of in the surroundings. The map is tweaked to be fair from almost every place.

-Terrain Elements - there’s cliffs, hills, ditches, rivers, lakes, more cliffs, mountains, valleys, and tundras, all transitioning smoothly throughout the map. Terrains blend, shorelines blend, hills transition, everything looks good more or less.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Gaurdian_112 Playability:

Playability was perfect. I experienced no problems, and this is reviving the old days of AoK:TC:). When people still played world map...

The reason this got a 4, however, was only because of how large each continent is. Although I realise fully the detail and attention put into this map (thus a 5.0 on map design), it was not neccessary to make it so large. We can't even build up the entire little corner of N.A. before the war begins and ends. It is extremely hard to find the secrets, also due to the size.


Balance can be somewhat offhand, and certain locations in the map give someone too big an advantage, but still, this was no doubt intended so you can fight for certain territories.


On AoKH, this would get a 1.0, but since there has never been another World Map for AoM, you get a complete 5.

Map Design:

Top notch. Like Phatfish's Pretty Town, this is a wonderful inspiration for all would-be designers out there. If you're looking for a real map design guide, check this out. I espiacally liked the quarry.


Perfect. Well I dunno, I just never experienced a single difficulty understanding anything so that's a 5.

Additonal Comments:

Try to make it smaller. Thats all it needs. Maybe in your next version you can also add Natural Disasters like Earthquakes and Meteorites that occur everyone once in a while? Or in certain very recource rich areas?

[Edited on 01/17/04 @ 05:30 PM]

Mastermike707 Hey, CheeZy for your next version make geographically acurrate resouce locations, for instance, lets say there is a gold mine in Arizona, well then you place a large gold mine there you could do this with forests too.
CheeZy monkey
File Author
It's already like that, mike :) Most resources and forests are in proper locations. But then, is there a way for anyone to tell?

By the way, reviews that don't abide the Review Guidlines will be deleted. Whoever was a smarty pants and decided to give me a 1 in instructions/story because there is no story had his review deleted. Read the review guidlines so that you know what to rate each criteria and how.

[Edited on 11/20/03 @ 07:21 PM]

Gaurdian_112 LOL cheezy!

BTW, can you please add the natural disasters idea later? It rules!
KaStOr_55 CheeZy, the map design is great. However, can u cut down on the Gaia ulfsarks? I had 1 of my villies cut down by 10.
Aom master ummm this might go against your code or something but can you plz post this in aomfiles.com?Any way good map
CheeZy monkey
File Author
Well, thats what happens when the entire forum tells me to put misc gaia armies and villages, Kastor :) I told you Gaia is stupid and attacks everything, but you guys really wanted.

The Ulfsarks aren't really a problem, they do 3 damage and you can kill them easily with vills.
s7092910 CheeZy it sill doesn't work and i think i know y if you use the map of you world map vx tell me and is it for aom
KaStOr_55 Playability: 5
A little lagging, but nothing big.

Balance: 5
Perfect balance.

Creativity: 4.5
It's not very creative, just a very correct map of the world.

Map Design: 5
A geographically correct map, but Atlantis is in the wrong area, I know why though.

Story/Instructions: 5
For the semi-retarded, look at the damn instructions! They're fine.

Additional Comments:
I never asked for the gaia units, I just made a bit of humor with a Gaia chasing whattever unfortunate person who picks up a relic.

[Edited on 01/17/04 @ 05:30 PM]

Pacalaca Playability: 4
Somewhat laggy, but great nonetheless.

Balance: 5
Each continent is different, yet balanced well. Also, taking more than 1 continent has huge advantages, which is nice.

Creativity: 5
Definately a great idea. One of the more original maps I've ever seen.

Map Design: 5
Amazing map design! This could be the best thing about it. It's an amazing replication of Earth.

Story/Instructions: 5
No story since it's a random map, but the instructions are well written and cover everything, including which continents are good for what.

Additional Comments:
Awesome map! It was a blast to test also. I hope I see some more like this.

[Edited on 01/17/04 @ 05:30 PM]

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