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World Map V3X

Author File Description
CheeZy monkey
File Details
# of Players: 8
Version: AoM: The Titans
Wew, yet another version, a little untimely with the release of V2X only a few weeks ago, but oh well, this one was definatly worth it.

There are alot of changes to World Map V3X, what I did is I took everything that wasn't good or fun in the previous version and changed it, and the result is quite amazing.

Here are the changes:
-People start in atlantis with their proper units
-Settlements are randomly placed on the map, so this is just like a RMS now
-Some resources and Relics are also placed randomly
-Weather, it might be cloudy, etc.
-Map is balanced more
-A "surprise"
-Improved the map, added more eye candy, things like that
-Reduced the file size by 25 KB
-Added 150+ triggers to the map, so the map has a total of 200+ triggers now, controlling events throughout the map.
-and many more small things that I can't quite remember now.

A note on balance: The map is much more balanced now and the results are very interesting. No longer is Atlantis a power-house in the game. Players get their proper starting units, meaning finding a TC and building up is much slower, economy and location is more important. You can also make a gamble, the further away you go from atlantis the more protected you will be, but if you settle at Settlement closer to where you started you'll be able to rush. Atlantis also has 1 settlement on it, but all 8 players start in it's vicinity. You can choose to fight over it or take off and find land elsewhere. Atlantis is a very strong place if you want to dominate the seas. All together World Map V3X is a much funner map than the previous version, and I hope you all like it :)

World Map V3X Features:

-a Geographically accurate portrait of the world

-Randomly placed Settlements and Relics on the map. Over 100 Quest Var triggers controlling the randomly placed Settlements.

-Weather, sometimes it’s cloudy, sometimes it isn’t… it might be foggy in the morning, it might not, and who knows sometimes a storm might even brew up :)

-Proper starting conditions: Players get their appropriate starting units when the map loads.

-Balanced start. Due to changes in V3X, the game plays more like a random map, Economy and starting positions are once again very important.

-200+ Triggers are in the map used to control events and variable events on the map.

-a 30 minute spanning day-to-night cycle using the VX lighting pack. (So yes, you can play at night, which alot of people I'm sure would find cool)

-The Legendary Killer Giant Duck Billed Platypus – there is only one in the world, hunt it for 9000 food. (Note, the LKGDBP is often disguised as a bear surrounded by it’s monkey Body Guards, beware!)

-Eye candy worked into the map, such as tents, abandoned settlements, waterfalls, Neutral players, and even a quarry.

-Hidden surprises - look under a tent to see what’s inside, loot relics from pyramids, and an appearance by the killer giant duck billed platypus, a Legendary Animal.

-Audio atmosphere – there’s about 20 triggers in the World Map that control the sounds and music in the game.

-Balanced start out - Everyone starts on a small island with a Roc Transport. Everyone also gets 2 sets of the Vision god power to help them choose a location in which to settle in.

-Smooth Map Layout - the map is designed to be played like a Random Map, meaning that there are fair settlement areas throughout the map, along with resources and terrain elements to take advantage of in the surroundings. The map is tweaked to be fair from almost every place.

-Terrain Elements - there’s cliffs, hills, ditches, rivers, lakes, more cliffs, mountains, valleys, and tundras, all transitioning smoothly throughout the map. Terrains blend, shorelines blend, hills transition, everything looks good more or less.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
auron 2
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I think this scenario is behond good. is just awesome to play online. but what might ruin the playability is the big lag. which kind of ruins the game. and downloading from someone else, is a pain in the neck. it takes too long. but it totally worths to wait.

there are actually many places where you can visit, is a 1300x1300. it is actually impossible to get bored. in general, the lag and the downloading problems arent actually problems which can't really damage the playability.

Balance: 4
what can i say? perfect balance, although at the beginning with random starting places on the atlantian island, made it kind of unfair when an enemy was playing with an Egyptian god, which grands them the Pharaoh and priest. and since you didnt appear right next to the Roc, you would have to find it, which might take some seconds. by those seconds can be deathly alright:), you might get some villagers killed when starting off. but it doesnt happen often, unless you are playing with people who dont like to take stuff seriously,if you know what i mean.

Creativity: 4
i would have gaven you a perfect score on this one. but the fact is that you actually copied the world map. however, it was really incredible to see how you got so much creativity to put the idea into Aomx. also, how you manage to design such a big map.

the sounds, and extra features worked fine. i checked the triggers(and thank god you had them all organized), and didnt find any bugs or errors. and the weird octopus(or whatever the name is) was a really original idea.

Map Design: 4
those pesty out lines of the islands, which really needed some smoothing. i didnt really enjoy seeing those "square" outlines of the world.

but anyway, it was incredible how you manage to paint a whole scenario of 1300x1300! i mean, it must have been really hard to paint such a big map. many designers have trouble even designing for a 300x300 map. which makes this world map design really unique, since you had so much creativity with the design.

since is almost the exact world map, i think you should have added the south pole and the north pole. this would have decreased the amount of water on the north and south of the map.

Story/Instructions: 5
the scenario didnt really needed any objectives. it is really obious what to do. while playing the scenario, you will be guided by messages, plus the objectives and hints, which can come in handy.
maybe a good spotlight about info on the world, and a nice spotlight would have made it a 10 out of 5!

Additional Comments: i still counted 122 triggers:(
the scenario is almost a random map. but quest var randomize doesnt really randomizes as good as a random map script.

[Edited on 03/09/04 @ 08:51 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I would have given this scenario a 4.5/5 if possible, but I can't, so I settled on a 4 instead of a 5. Now, this is a personal issue, but one that many people like myself will experience: Download time via ESO. It's just so bloody difficult to play this map online because of the long download time for those using 56k. It really is too bad too, because otherwise this map is extremely replayable.

Balance: 5
The balance is completely equal because all players start in the same area and must migrate to the rest of the world in order to seed their civilization. Some would say the continents or areas a player chooses to land would make the game unbalanced, but to the contrary I say this is one of the main balancing factors because it's all player choice. Also, each continent is pretty balanced as far as resources and settlements for the area each one covers.

Creativity: 5
The creativity here comes with the way the world is sculpted. Little things here and there make this mulitplayer scenario fun to play.

Map Design: 5
The minimap view of this scenario doesn't lie: It is extremely well crafted. The continents of the world are rendered beautifully for the amount of space available on the map. I would have tilted the design 45 degrees to make better use of the map area, but that isn't enough to lower the design from its well deserved 5.0

Story/Instructions: 5
As this is a multiplayer scenario it does not require any type of storyline to achieve a good score. Things are pretty easy to understand and players will have fun conquering the world because of its simplicity.

Additional Comments:
Download this scenario and encourage all your friends to do so as well. It is the most polished and exquisite "World Map" available and puts all those other World Maps you see on ESO to shame.

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Map Design5.0
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