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Hoplite Toss Beta

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Version: AoM: The Titans
I created a map where you use a Minotaur to "toss" hoplites from your island to another island with you're enemy on it so that they can attack him. At the same time, your enemy(who is also a Minotaur) is also tossing hoplites at you. There are two other islands as well. One of them is within "tossing" distance of your island. The other one is within tossing distance of your enemy. Both of the islands have Argi/Argusses on them. I call them the "trash cans." When your enemy tosses a hoplite at you, you can toss them into your "trash can" where the Argi will make short work of them.

In the scenario you are supposed to toss enough hoplites at him to kill him, while dealing with his hoplites by "tossing" them into the "trash can" can before thay can do too much damage to you.

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Gaurdian_112 Playability: 4

Man, when someone gives you the chance to throw soe hoplites into a big blop who melts up..damn thats cool. Loads of fun, deserves a downloads spotlight really.
Balance: 4
Its so hard..damn..actually its too hard, bnarely any of my hoplites make it into the blob. Still, its not your fault, but a 4 is adequate here.

Creativity: 5

What can I say? 100% creative!

Map Design: 4

The map had no dazzling eye candy but it served its prupose.

Well, I always knew what to do.

Additional Comments:

Make this a multiplayer scenario!

[Edited on 12/07/03 @ 12:44 PM]

Serious_PlayA Playability: 4
Well, when i downloaded it it was played by the computer only, but i fixed it
It is very playable after that
Balance: 5
There are no comments about the balance.Both you and your opponent have only a Minotaur, don't they?

Creativity: 5
How did you get this idea?

Map Design: 4
Great map design wasn't needed in that scn.
However you could do some eye candy in the rest of the map

Story/Instructions: 5
The instuctions were clear

Additional Comments:
Making it a multiplayer would be great,however it is a bit difficult,isn't it?

I had great fun playing the scenario
It would be funnier if the minotaurs tossed militia, but militia don't cause big damage...
Great Work!

[Edited on 04/16/05 @ 04:50 PM]

File Author
I'm working on a multiplayer version now...
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
It wasn't hard, but it took realy long time to finish it. When all the enemys Hoplites was killed. It took reeeealy long time before you killed the mino.

Balance: 2
It was very easy. You did get Hoplite respawn, but the enemy din't.

Creativity: 5
A good thing with this map was that it was original...

Map Design: 3
There was some eye candy. Why was there a Volcano and a Island that you didn't see for the whole scenario?

Story/Instructions: 3
It was easy to understand what too do. But there wasn't any story...

[Edited on 12/11/03 @ 10:57 AM]

File Author
I know that it has bugs, that's why I called it the beta version.
If the enemy's hoplites don't respawn, just restart the game.
Archaeopterix Hey Ulf_the_Viking, you're not supposed to give such a low review because there was a bug in it. It's called BETA version, you know?
File Author
Thanks Archeopterix.
Yes, I know about that bug.
However it rarely happens.
Another bug is that sometimes the minotars can walk through the water after they throw.

The best solution for the bugs is to restart the game. It usually helps.
The Bard
Map Design3.0
Playability: 1
Lots and lots of bugs! First of all, I had to go to the editor and change the players so I could actually play as a Minotaur. Then within two seconds my Minotaur got stuck in the water and I had to restart once again. Next one of the Argi hopped over to the enemy's island... The whole thing was really frustrating (and I didn't even experience the respawn problem other people mentioned here).

Balance: 4
If this were a multiplayer map the balance would be perfect almost by definition: One Minotaur on each side. But in a game against the computer I think it's too hard, I never stood a chance. The standard AI works surprisingly well in this scenario.

Creativity: 5
The idea is great, another discipline for the AoM Olympics!

Map Design: 3
The map looks neat but not outstanding. Simple and to the point, so to speak.

Story/Instructions: 3
There are none, but the scenario doesn't really need them.

Additional Comments:
The basic idea is great, but the implementation could be much better. I'd like to see it as a multiplayer map with all the bugs removed.
File Author
Thanks bard, I didn't know about those bugs.
(except the argus one)

I can't seem to stop them from crossing the channels without modifying the terrain, and that would look bad.

I can't make a multiplayer version at the moment as some of the triggers don't work in multiplayer mode.

I knew that it would have bugs.
That's why I called it the beta version.

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