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KoTM: The Mists of Lothrendell

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Version: AoM: The Titans
The Mists of Lothrendell continues just where the Heroes of Avalon left off. The survivors of the Battle of Kaindur, Thorin, Arkantos and Valkerie, are making their way towards the great city Lothrendell to try and enlist new volunteers to help them on their quests.

At the same time, the great dragon Smaug, aware of the dwarf's plans to kill him and re-take the mountain of avalon, is ravaging the land of Caldeva, home to Arkantos, one of Thorin's companions. Smaug's forces, backed up with Smaug's fiery might, are destroying what was once a most respected empire of Caldeva.

When Smaug's wrath turns towards Lothrendell, Thorin finds himself on a crossroad of decisions: Either help Arkantos defend the race of men from Smaug's mighty army, thus delaying his quest, or continue on and abandon his friend.

In The Mists of Lothrendell, you will take control of many heroes, each with their own special abilities and weapons. The 2nd part in the KoTM trilogy retains all the features of the first part and adds tons of new ones! Expect a scenario you will never, ever forget..

-A huge (maximum size TT editor allows) map filled with eye candy from the very begining to the very end. Experience the lush forests of Caldeva and feast your eyes on the mighty fortress of Lothrendell.

- MORE GREAT MUSIC. This time, the music will be even better.

- An Unforgettable siege.

- Fantastic non-stop RTS action.

- An interesting story-line filled with twists and turns.

- Starts out easy and ends up extremely challenging.

Enjoy, if there are any bugs please report ASAP so I can fix them!

Review once you're done playing!

(Reccommend you to play the Heroes of Avalon, (KoTM: Heroes of Avalon on the downloads spotlight) so you can keep up with the story line).

Some known issues:

- Lag will result only during the cinematics, so if it lags, don't worry.


- A few bugs were fixed.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
it was good up till the "defending the 3 statues" which was impossible
Couldn't get the side game to work

Balance: 3
ok up till the "defending the 3 statues" when the siege units are too far away to kill without arousing the other units in the back
Without the siege units the following targeting would work:
heroes to kill automata and other myth units, redbeard and thorio to kill archers and war elephants,

Creativity: 4
obviously a lot of effort here but the final battle was nuts

Map Design: 4
great, up till the city walls (no gates!?)

Story/Instructions: 3
ok; but what's so important about those statues? If they were so important why put them in from of the walls. Make them at least lightning statues!

Additional Comments:
I agree with the comments by other people--too many damn units
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4

Balance: 3
Great, until the final part about the walls...100+ robot MUs,20 something hades archers (the ones that start with G),4 war elephants, 10 odd balistas, and a titan vs. my army of 7 hero argus, 7 hero mullrios, one mountain giant, regelief, kastor (or cato) and a jarl defending 3 passages; i mean c mon! you got to give us some odds. granted that we do get larger attacks and bonuses, it just can't be done! well, scratch that, it can be done if we didn't have to protect 3 Odin statues since the bots do jack-sqwat to cato. the statues came out of no where, made no sense and made the map hard. i've tried it and i have only succeded with the "wrath of the gods" by my side :P so thats why i gave you that 3

Creativity: 4
Good, but can be imporved...such as, why is Thorin on a Horse? Whats Up with RedBeard coming along which the group? i never chose him! where is Arkantos? The llamas?!?!

Map Design: 4
Great Froest and destroyed city eyecandy, okay eye candy in the city, but only thing wrong is that big dead space surrounding the volcano lookalike...so over all, it was decent...

Story/Instructions: 3
Plot! i did't get it...weird..still don't get the llamas, but i knew what to do...kinda...plot needs some reworking...

Additional Comments:
i know that you have spent much time on this, but i also know that you spend more time on the first one. ignorable cinimatic errors, some areas that did not make sense...but still its worth a download! a little too short, how about making a part where we see another town that builds the story and the Thorin's horse...
Finally, the Odin statues need to be staues of lighting like what others said...i don't to have to cheat to win :P

[Edited on 12/01/03 @ 07:11 PM]

CheeZy monkey
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
This had alot of potential to be a fun map, however it was unbalanced and you die alot. Remember that people don't want to spend 2 hours of their time on one part of the map because they keep dieing. Long gone are the days of the SNES platformers where you have to play things atleast 5 times over from dieing to get it right. People don't like that anymore. Balance issues keep this from getting a 5

Balance: 2
A 1 rating on balance would be given to a scenario that is utterly unplayable. This gets a 2, but only by a thin margin. You really overdid it with the Dryads at the start.

Creativity: 4
I'm glad to see you continueing your style of map design, triggers, and story here :) Good map, and creative

Map Design: 5
Beautiful :)

Story/Instructions: 4
The story is shakey at times and doesn't make alot of a sence (and there are spelling errors in Dialogue) But the in-game instructions were very well done.

Additional Comments:

The 3rd installment is out already? :) That was fast, I'll have to find time to play that as well

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Map Design4.3
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Size:3.36 MB
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