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Athyr - A Journey Into The Unkown (v1.2)

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Fire Giant
File Details
Version: AoM

v1.1: Fixed bug that locked the gates of Floruta and therefore caused the game to stop halfway of the story (German version only, fixed in initial English release).
v1.2: Sorted out a bug that occured during the Floruta cinematic and caused the scenario to crash because a trigger did not fire (English version only).
v1.2.1: Removed two developer cheats that somehow made into the release version. Also fixed a German message that popped up at the first village.

What is "Athyr" ?

"Athyr - A Journey Into The Unknown" is a project by the Mythological World Designers, the premier German AoM design team. In a design team, a group of mappers works together and develops scenarios, while each member uses his personal abilities to make the projects as good as possible.

What is "Athyr - A Journey Into The Unknown" about ?
This project is about an Egyptian pharaoh, who, persuaded by strange dreams and visions, travels to an island in the Nile, where the High Priest of Re lives to ask him about the meaning of these dreams. The answer which he gets, has a great influence on the following events and his further life...

What's special about this project ?

The map isn't giantic, but it contains a lot of triggers (about 300) and cinematics with contest-prooved MWD quality. Furthermore, it is the first complete English scenario release of the Mythological World Designers and there have been spent hundreds of working-hours into the project.

I got a problem with the scenario...

This scenarios had been beta-tested for a long time, but still we cannot gurantee that it works without problems. If there are problems with the scenario, please post it in the AoMH forums or the MWD Forum (see links below). We will try to find a solution then.

Where can I get additional information ?
In the included readme file, you can get additional information about how to install and play the scenario. Questions can furthermore be asked in the MWD Forum or in the AoMH scenario design forum.

The whole MWD team hopes you'll have a lot of fun playing this scenario !

Note: The English version already includes a patched version of the map (1.1), which solves a "gate bug" that caused the game triggers to stop about halfway in the story.


MWD Website: http://www.age-scripts.de/aomd/html/index.php (German)
MWD-Forum: http://www.age-scripts.de/mwd-forum (includes English forum)
Age of Mythology Network: http://www.aomn.de (German)
Age of Mythology Heaven: http://aom.heavengames.com
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
It was totally playable :) No bugs whatsoever (at least, in this version). The scenario didn't get boring. Good job. I would have liked it seen longer though... It was a bit short.

Balance: 3
In my opinion it was a bit too easy. Wen in the big city, the camel attack was easily overcome, and once I cleared the whole area it was too easy to kill the mountain city. I had so many resources (Created villagers from the northern city TC, and even built an extra TC in the destroyed bandits camp), I just pumped units and had a 100 unit army. If you maybe reduce the pop limit a bit, or make the mountain city stronger, it would be just fine.

Creativity: 4
Nice work. I liked the trigger ideas. The camel charge of the main city looked so natural, well done.

Map Design: 4
It all looked very natural, but there wasn't any revolutionary eyecandy in it. The city looked very nice though. I really felt right at home in the map :) Oh and the mummy-grave thing was nice too.

Story/Instructions: 4
All instructions were totally clear, but I don't really feel like I understood the whole story. Athyr has some... dreams about his future? and uh... the city is about to be attacked, but then you have to attack the mountain city instead, and win with ease? Well, maybe that's more a balance thing.
Over all, good job on this point.

Additional Comments:
A nice scenario :) So, everyone: dowload!
auron 2
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
dude, this is one of the best maps i have ever played. in order to win this scenario, you have to think carefully and not just going on a straight path. The map was full of action and entertainment. it took me about an hour to beat it on Titan Level.

Balance: 4
It was almost a perfect balance. but in some parts i thought the enemy had some advantages. and also, the Pharaoh get killed too easy. you should have made it him more stronger

Creativity: 5
This scenario deserves a perect score. Good Story, Cinematics, and cool Sounds that made the scenario kind of unique. the story was really good. the names in which the characters and cityes were named, weren't so bad. But I found a problem with the first dialog that i think no one has noticed. The first Dialog from the Pharaoh at the beginning of the intro cinematic is too long to fit on the black dialog box. the Pharaoh first dialog finish on the letter "the". then after that, the other character (Setna) starts talking. so the player won't be able to know the last part of the pharaohs dialog.

Map Design: 4
Well made scenario. I really liked the way you mixed the grass and rocks making it look so colorful. there was just eyecandy everywhere. terrain well painted with different colors, and the entire scenario contained little details like flowers, bushed and that kind of stuff. And the Citied were just amaizing.

Story/Instructions: 4
I had no trouble understanding the objectves. they were short and helpful.

Additional Comments:

And AoM NL, The intro-cinematic is supposed to be black. thats how the designers decided the intro cinematic would look. I don't think you'll get builders to repair buildings. or else it would be too easy.

[Edited on 03/31/04 @ 11:53 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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