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Style: Role Playing Strategy
# of Scenarios: 1
Version: AoM
Kamos has sent his cronies to murder Arkantos and his frieds on his birthday...
You must lead Arkantos and Ajax to find Kamos and slay him...... Hopefully.....
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battlestar000 Couldn't u put all 3 maps in 1 zip? this is a campaign after all, and there is an update feature.

[Edited on 12/02/03 @ 10:24 PM]

File Author
There r more than 3 maps and yes I could have.... but I want to keep u in suspence and put the last one out on Xmas day as a prezzie.

P.S. Along with comments, could u tell me what u thougt of the map itself...

Thanks for commenting tho.
Atlas12888 This map was weak. It was to straightfoward and not indepth. Keep working though. You'll get it
File Author
thankyou for ure truthful comment. I appreciate it.
I would however like to think I did better with the others.. The start is always the hardest.
kebax735 I played all of your kamos's map but I think it sucks! I'm just saying the truth because the map is so boring. Try and make it more exciting. It's a big map wasted plus its really hard in the beginning. Also, I played all the other maps but it's better than this one. Try and make it long and exciting to win the map. Don't try and make it short and boring like these maps. Although your works are boring, I feel impressive of you for being able to do something that's better than my other works. Great job and try to do better. Also, there's a file you could download that helps make campaigns. It's also easy to use so use it to make campaigns instead of separate maps.
File Author
I knew it wasn't that good but ouch.
However, I'm going to say again. the others r better. Like 7, It's amazing! All my m8s say so. Also, I did make 1 as one of my first maps... I only just published it cos I never thought I'd continue the series and I never changed it. It's been in my hard drive for about a year and a half now......

I hope that you'll download the rest of the series and just for you, I'm holding back the publishing of 4 to make it more supremecyish than straight to the point.

thanks for the comment
File Author
However, this does not mean don't download the map... It's a vital part of the story.
auron 2
Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
Little playability. not many enemies. the only thing you gotta do is walk and encounter few(if any) enemies.

Balance: 3
There was actually some balance during the game. but, since you are granted bolt power, i just casted upon Kamos and it messed up the whole story since it says that they must find kamos when is already dead. There are no instructions which made the game really hard. the only thing you know is that you must find Kamos and kill him.

Creativity: 2
There was actually few creativity. Terrain was painted with one color. No hints, objectives, spotlight/background story, camera tracks were horrible. no cinematics. The reason why they are kind of bad is because on the intro camera track, it all went smooth. but then, suddenly at twich comes to the camera track which makes the camera track looks horrible. the ending camera track didn't focused on the characters. also, you get a towncenter for no reason at all.

Map Design: 3
This was worth of a 2 rating. but since i see you are kind between rook and noob at creating scenarios, i decided to give you a point extra. You should have painted the scenario with more than just one color. There was no mountains, only a flat terrain. few areas of the map weren't even used. the little towns didn't really had any special details such as flowers, bushes, grass, pots, rugs ETC. however, i liked the idea of putting the buildings facing different directions. And about reading the Sign was a very good idea. i dunno if you took it from my eyecandy scenario. but anyway, to make it readable more than once, do this:

Trigger: Run inmmediately and Loop
Effect: Message
Condition: Unit Selected(sign)

also, highlighted the object so that people could know that is important to click on it.

To highlight units forever do this:

Trigger: Run inmmediately and Loop
Effects: Highlight Unit(select the unit you want to highlight)
Condition: Always

This idea of highlighting was actually from one of Guardian_112 single player scenario.

Loop makes a triggers effect work over and over again. but if you put this into some effects, it might messed the effect. I really don't know how to explained it.

The sign you put could only be read once. and next time, if you are gonna use Play Dialog, use it when you have Cinematic mode ON.

Story/Instructions: 1
No objectives, hints, spotlight/background story.

Additional Comments:

I recomment to do Single Player scenarios. A campaign is really a lot of work for a rook or beginner at map making. it is more easier to make a single player scenario since you can focus all of your ideas on one map. but on a campaign, you have to work as twice as hard since you have to come up with more ideas for every separate scenario.

Next time, put Grant Godpower, Set Tech status(if you used it), Camera track, or Cinematic mode to run inmmediately. you should have worked on it a little more.

[Edited on 12/15/03 @ 07:03 PM]

Hugor Hey Archie!
This map is so funny! Good idea!
But there is no map design :-( except a woman who drown in a lake.
Nevertheless i had fun playing it.
A Question:Why did u give the player a TC?
File Author
Thanks for the trigger info!
I'm gonna say again, this map is 1 and a half years old or so....
If you had read the rest of the comments, you would have realised that the other maps are better.


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