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Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 1
Version: AoM
After being captured by Kamos's collosi, you have been waiting behind bars for 3 months. It's only a matter of time before Kamose takes you away to watch your hometown get destroyed by his massive mythical army. WHAT CAN YOU DO!?
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SoD_Bich Playability: 3
The play is good when you leave out of jail

Balance: 2
It runs ok

Creativity: 3
Its great

Map Design: 3
Needs more work but its ok

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was great in this one

Additional Comments:
Sorry for my brother saying suk suk suk suk on all of them and I a cool map

[Edited on 01/04/04 @ 08:17 PM]

File Author

[Edited on 01/05/04 @ 08:35 AM]

SoD_Bich Its a ok map

[Edited on 01/04/04 @ 03:06 PM]

EazY_Ben SoD_bitch if you think it suks then say why.... what an unfair, unprofessional, immature rating. You sould be banned.
SoD_Bich Hi I'm SoD_Bich THE real SoD_Bich it just my brother he is 11 and he is messing around people and I got back from Swisserland
CheeZy monkey Review Retracted
auron 2
Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
It had some good playability. however, too easy. At the beginning, there are a group of dwarfs that you can convert as soldiers and fight your way out of jail. finding the transpotship was a piece of cake. I think it lagged on the small amount of enemies on land. but in water it was okay.

Balance: 1
Sorry but i had to give you a one on this one. It is almost impossible to loose since you get about 5 prisioners. and prisioners are neutral to every unit and building. so while i was playing the game, i could attack the enemy with the prisioners without having the risk of getting damaged.

Like I said above, it lagged on Enemies on Land, it was very easy to break out of jail.

Also, you get some godpowers from destroying some temples. it doesnt explain where the temples came from or why are they enemies temples. and as soon as you destroy a temple, you get a godpower for no reason. you should have included a little chat after the temple was destroyed like:"our god has blessed us with blah blah blah...."

Creativity: 3
I think this one has a little more creativity than the scenario 1 of the campaign. the way you formed words with rotting logs and made out the jail. also, it was kind of cool the effects you used when arkantos ajax and the prisioners broke out of jail. you included a sound on this effect but it couldnt be heard.

There was also a biiggg problem. player three units(the Dwarfs which join arkantos and ajax to destroy Kamos) are just standing there doing nothing. you should put them to work or move from one side to another.

On the beginning of the game, a dialog is played, which is a bad thing to do when the cinematic mode is off. play dialogs when is only in cinematic mode ON. the dialog stayed there for the entire time. you should have at least canceled it by doind another dialog with the two period(:). This was kind of a big problem since the icons that are located by the dialog box couldnt be selected because of the dialog. Next time, try to use the Effect Message, Send Chat and those similar effects. use Play Dialog when the cinematic is ON. oh, and there were a couple of camera tracks which you made but you didnt include them on the game? why?

There is also a problem when you brake out of jail. at the begginning you really dont have to do anything. you just have to wait untill the boldier brakes so you can scape.

I didnt like much the ending part. after the units are teleported to the part where the jail was, i didnt even noticed. then while you are fighting, the game just simply ends!! and a message and a black screen shows up saying "Next campaign scenario?" while the game still playing eventhough you cant see it because of the message (effect you win). next time, use the effect "END GAME".

you included an effect BRANCH SCENARIO that said "Scape!!". when i said no, it got me out of the game. but if i said yes, the game would go on. I really dont understand what the this effect is about. but i think is just useless in the way you used it. it wasnt really neccesary to use it.

Map Design: 2
Really big problem on this one. the entire map is just flat. no mountains, no rough terrains, terrain was painted with at least 3 different terrains in total. but the entire scenario is mostly painted with one color. buildings faced the same direction. not many eyecandy details like rocks, markets stalls, grass, bushes, ETC.

But on the good side, there were some good design like i estated above with the rottin logs and the prison and the towers putted in the water.

Story/Instructions: 4
The entire story is good. you made a description on the spotlight kind of short but good. the objectives were short and easy to understand. and the hints come in handy for those people that dont know what to do next.

Additional Comments: I think the scneario was kind of good. it needed some more work on the map design. The game was kind of short which was a bad thing. it took me less than 10 minutes to beat it.
File Author
Thanks. I know what you mean by putting "our god has blessed you with blah blah blah" but I'm soooo tempted to put those exact words the next time I do something like destroying temples for GPs :)

The camera tracks not included in the game were fails that threw about like the one in the first episode. I simply didn't delete them.

Also, the sound that couldn't be heard is in my Worms Armageddon Taunt pack. It's extortion, you have to download it to get full efect on this map. lol.

I'm sorry about the branch scenario. I was really just mucking about with triggers to see what I could get out of them. It's meant to be a note that Ajax gets given from a prisoner who knows the dwarfes but I stupidly forgot to put it in the Background thingy of the objective window.

I didn't put market stalls or any other nuteral/peaceful village buildings because.. Well it IS on the outskirts of a prison run by an evil genious and a dwarven village with nasty ships that are close to useless in the game! :)

Thanks a lot for your review. Your very kind and understanding to those of us that aren't up to full standards making maps.

Have you downloaded 3?

[Edited on 01/07/04 @ 02:55 AM]

auron 2 you are welcome. and about the dwarf little town, if it was an outskirt of a prision, then you should have made Tents instead of houses or towncenter in my opinion. and yes, i have downloaded part 3. i downloaded all your campaign at the same time.

[Edited on 01/07/04 @ 03:04 PM]

File Author
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Map Design2.0
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